Auspicious days for manicure in September 2020

The manicure lunar calendar for September 2020 will help determine the most favorable days for procedures. After all, every woman wants to have attractive and healthy nails. By following the recommendations of astrologers, you can not worry about the result, because a beautiful and attractive nail art is guaranteed.

Influence of the lunar phase

When choosing a day to write to the master, you should pay attention to the phase of the Earth’s satellite, as well as what sign of the Zodiac it is in.

Astrologers say that those girls who want to accelerate the growth of nails need to plan a trip to the salon for the growing phase. Indeed, during this period, the nail plate will grow in parallel with the Earth’s satellite. However, there is an unpleasant side – you will have to go to the master more often for correction.

For the waning phase, experts advise getting rid of cuticles, calluses, performing procedures with ingrown nails, and doing pedicures.

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In September 2020, the growth phase is characterized by the 1st day, as well as in the period from September 18 to 30. Be sure to take care of your nails these days. Any procedures associated with shortening the length will strengthen the nails, and will also allow you to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

The waning phase will take place from 3 to 16 September. During this period, there are also days suitable for procedures. However, shortening the nail plate during this period can significantly reduce the rate of nail growth. But this also has its positive aspects – nails need correction less often, cuticle growth also slows down, which means you can save on frequent trips to the master.

The full moon in September will fall on the 2nd. Despite the fact that astrologers advise caution on the days of the full moon, nail art is not prohibited. You can safely go to the master for new experiences.

September 17 is a new moon. During this period, astrologers recommend trying and starting something new. However, this does not apply to nails. If you are going to go to the salon on this day, it is better to do something familiar, as there is a high risk of injury and a decrease in overall immunity.

The influence of the position of the night star

As for the position of the night star, the best period for beautiful and durable nail art will be the time when the Moon is in Virgo or Capricorn.

Next, let’s talk in more detail about favorable and not very days for manicure in September 2020, depending on the sign of the Zodiac:

  • 1, 26, 27, 28 – these days will be under the control of Aquarius, so you should not do the usual edged manicure. It is better to try something new and interesting, to make a reality what you have long dreamed of. For example, grow your nails, make nail art of an unusual shape, experiment with the design.
  • 2, 3, 29, 30 – the days will be under the sign of Pisces. It is better not to deal with nails or sign up with a trusted specialist. But the pedicure should be abandoned completely. Otherwise, the risk of obtaining a negative result is high.
  • 4, 5 – these days the satellite is in Aries. It is not worth making an appointment with the master in advance for these days. This sign loves everything spontaneous and unexpected. Therefore, if the desire to decorate the nails arises unexpectedly, then it is worth obeying. In general, going to the salon these days is not prohibited.
  • 6, 7, 8 – the days will pass under the auspices of Taurus – an excellent time to restore beauty. You can pamper yourself not only with stylish nail art, but also with a pedicure, haircut, make-up. Fresh nail art will certainly improve your mood.

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  • 9, 10 – days in the sign of Gemini. This period should be devoted to nail care procedures. Moreover, it is not necessary to do this in the salon; you can also do hand beauty at home. Experts advise giving your fingernails a break from varnish. Whereas it is possible and even necessary to do a pedicure, only with a trusted master.
  • 11, 12, 13 – the period under the control of Cancer. You can do nails, but only do wellness baths and hand care procedures. Creating a charming nail art is better to postpone.
  • 14, 15 – these days are ruled by Leo. During this period, any experiments with the shape of the nail plate, as well as the color and design of the coating are allowed. Also, experts recommend building, especially if you have long wanted to do it. Nourishing baths and healing enamels will also bring the desired result, the nails will become strong and stop peeling. You can take a close look at your nails.

  • 16, 17 – a great period to visit the salon. The satellite is in Virgo. Any nail art will bring satisfaction and pleasure, a fashionista will enjoy an attractive result for a long time. These days are so suitable for going to the salon that you can not even be afraid to turn to a novice master.
  • 18, 19 – it is allowed to contact only proven masters. Otherwise, the patrons of the days of Libra will have an adverse effect on the result, which will bring disappointment and frustration to the owner.
  • 20, 21 – the night luminary in Scorpio. Nail art made during these days of the lunar calendar will have a positive effect on the general condition of the nails, strengthen them, improve overall well-being and increase the body’s defenses. Also these days you can ask the master to remove the cuticle, cut off calluses and corns, do a pedicure.
  • 22, 23 – pay maximum attention to care procedures. During the patronage of Sagittarius, pamper your hands with nourishing baths, cover your nails with strengthening enamel.

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  • 24, 25 – satellite of the Earth in Capricorn. The patronage period of this sign is considered the most suitable for carrying out any procedures related to the beauty and attractiveness of the pens, in combination with the growing phase, this is the most successful period for going to the master. Nail art made these days will please not only with its attractiveness and durability, but also with a positive effect on the whole organism as a whole.

The effect of the lunar day

Together with the phase and the sign of the Zodiac, the result of the procedures is significantly influenced by the lunar day. Therefore, you should carefully study the information provided and choose the most suitable day for making an appointment with the master.

So, favorable days for manicure in September 2020 will be:

  • 5, 6 and 7 days, they will start at 11:34 on the 21st and will last until 15:34 on the 24th;
  • 10 days according to the calendar – from 17:05 on the 26th to 17:31 on the 27th;
  • Day 20 – from 20:56 on the 7th to 21:12 on the 8th.

For nail extensions in September, astrologers recommend making an appointment with the master on the 16th day, which lasts from 20:09 on September 3 to 20:20 on the 4th.

Creating a design using gel polish is best scheduled for the 28th day, which falls on September 16th. The coating will last a long time and will delight with its beauty.

Day 13 – September 1 – will be a great day to try something new and original in nail art.

24 days fall on September 12 – a great day for procedures aimed at improving and improving the condition of the hands and nail plate. In addition, going to the master will increase overall immunity, improve health.


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