Autumn fashion 2021 for obese women

Thanks to body positivity, the fall fashion of 2021 paid special attention to collections for obese women. Parameters 90-60-90 have long gone out of fashion. Now the sense of style and the construction of a harmonious image are more appreciated. The material contains basic things for the fall and tips on their selection.

The main trends of autumn fashion 2021 for obese women

This season, stylists recommend taking a closer look at the following clothes.


The basic element in the autumn wardrobe is the coat. Designers have created many different models that fit well on curvy shapes. Choosing a fashionable coat, you do not need to reach for baggy models of an incomprehensible shape. They visually distort the proportions, and make the body awkward.

For plus-size girls, classic medium-length options are suitable: with / without a belt, single-breasted / double-breasted, etc. A belted style is perfect for those who want to define their waist.

A double-breasted product without a belt is considered universal. For example, grab an A-line coffee coat by the knee. It will look good with both skirts and trousers. Fashion trends for autumn 2021 for obese women will help hide the belly and sides.

Poncho and capes

One of the new outerwear trends are different capes, ponchos and capes. Such products sit freely on the figure, without squeezing in unnecessary places. Most modern models have cutouts for the hands, which increase the level of comfort while wearing.

Havelock style capes will be the most relevant this season. Such clothes assume the absence of sleeves, instead of which a cape is used. Such a cut favorably emphasizes curvaceous curves and hides flaws. A beige cape is a versatile option for everyday looks. It can be worn with both bright things and black ones. The material will not only look stylish, but also protect from rain.


Fall fashion 2021 includes knitwear. There is a lot of controversy about knitwear for curvaceous ladies. Some believe that the material visually adds extra centimeters. However, stylists are sure that such clothes are perfect for creating a cozy outfit for the fall.

Sweaters, cardigans, and even dresses are considered relevant. For a walk in good weather, a knitted sweater in a large horizontal strip is suitable. You can wear a black shirt under it, add trousers, a light bag and sunglasses.


Dresses are the leaders in the list of clothes for obese women. Properly selected style makes girls visually thinner, creates a proportional figure. Eminent designers create many options for products for different events.

Solid A-line or wrap dresses are suitable for every day. For special occasions and official meetings, you can take products by the knee or by the bone. To emphasize the waist, choose a cut with an elastic band around the belly. For example, a dark purple dress with long voluminous sleeves and a large white pattern. The image will be complemented by light pumps and a black clutch.


With multiple options, overweight women can easily find the right skirt for fall. For owners of magnificent forms, models with a smell or a slit, pencil skirts, straight cut and A-silhouette will be relevant.

Choose a length that covers your knees. Pair your chosen skirt with a blouse, loose sweater or shirt for a fall look. For early autumn, a plaid skirt and a black short-sleeved blouse are suitable.

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Straight-cut trousers with arrows are considered traditional for obese women. Flare pants and printed fabrics should be avoided as they add volume to the legs. To make the trousers slimmer, choose standard colors: gray, black, brown, etc. For example, gray trousers with a white blouse, as in the photo.

For every day, you can take skinny trousers with a high waist, which will lengthen the legs. They can be worn with T-shirts, cardigans and sneakers.


Jeans are another must-have item in your fall wardrobe. Girls with a large physique will not fit products with a low fit, with holes or scuffs. Colored denim is also not the best option.

Give preference to light or dark jeans without decor and patterns. You can use boyfriends, moms or skinny models. Completely denim looks look good: jeans, a shirt and a jacket, complemented by pumps.

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A business suit slims and gives the image of status, confidence. For obese women, the classic version of a trouser suit is suitable: skinny trousers with a high waist and a single-breasted jacket that covers the hips.

For work, it would be appropriate to use products in black, blue or brown. For official events, you can take a bright option. For example, saturated red.


For a warm and cozy autumn, you should look at a variety of cardigans. It is necessary to choose products from a dense textured material that will not sit in a sticky. A straight and free cut will be relevant. For example, a checkered cardigan to the knee over a skirt with a shirt.

Autumn fashion in 2021 offers a variety of models for obese women that will hide extra centimeters and emphasize dignity. Use the tips, create stylish bows, and feel your best even in rainy weather.

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