Autumn images 2020 that look younger

In this article, your attention is presented to the fashionable autumn images of 2020, which are young. We firmly believe that you can look attractive, fresh and stylish at any age, and we are actively promoting this theory to the masses!

Top tricks

oversized coat

In order for a woman to look stylish this fall under any circumstances, she should start her journey with the selection of trendy outerwear. Stylists suggest that a coat with a fairly loose cut is a win-win option for all ages. Such outerwear can be presented with a belt to accentuate a beautiful figure. The main thing is that the coat does not constrain movements and does not look too tight – this is the last century.

To make the bow with a coat even younger, you can combine this outerwear with casual shoes – for example, with sneakers, sneakers or lace-up boots.

pastel colors

In the fall of 2020, any woman can try her hand at creating looks with pastel accents that are superbly youthful and refreshing. Checking with the current trends of the season, we can state the popularity of lemon, pistachio, sky blue, powdery, lavender and mint shades. All these colors are great for women of elegant age and enhance their natural attractiveness.

If you want to get the most out of the pastel palette, you can use several of its representatives in your fashionable look at once. So, if you embody a combination of similar shades, then repeat the current monochrome bow, which masterfully slims the silhouette.


Stylists recommend that women who want to look younger use trendy jeans as an alternative to boring conservative trousers. It is this bottom that can make the image more stylish, dynamic and modern.

So, in the 2020 season, slouchy jeans with a fairly loose fit turned out to be at the peak of popularity. For autumn, it is better to prefer a dense denim model in discreet dark blue, chocolate, olive, black or gray colors. This bottom promises to look advantageous in an ensemble with a sweatshirt, turtleneck, jumper, cardigan or sweater. If you want to beat slouchy jeans for office outfits, embody the combination with a light-colored shirt, a blouse with a bow or a trendy jacket.

For stylish everyday life, a woman may prefer a combination of trendy jeans and a leather jacket. Do not think that such a tandem is suitable only for young girls – it also allows a lady in 50 to look like she is in her 30s!

leather texture

While some women worry about the numbers in their passports and wrap themselves in nondescript old-fashioned outfits, others are happy to experiment with current trends and are on the same wavelength with modern fashion. Now guess which category of ladies looks younger and more attractive? The answer is obvious.

If you want to visually shed the load in the form of several years, you can adopt such a fashion trend as leather texture. Despite stereotypes, leather items are a winning solution at any age, only after 40 years is it better to rely on a matte texture of discreet colors.

So, in the 2020 season, you can replenish your wardrobe:

  • high waisted black leather trousers

  • caramel jacket with a belt,

  • burgundy pencil skirt

  • daring emerald leather shirt.

You will see, with such novelties, familiar images will be transformed beyond recognition!

As for the winning combinations of leather textures, tandems with embossed knitwear, denim, chiffon and silk come to the fore in the 2020 season.

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Emphasis on the waist

One of the leading trends of the fall season 2020 can be called an emphasis on the waist. It is this trend that can make any figure more attractive and collected, and the image as a whole more youthful, stylish and feminine. To embody the emphasis on the waist in autumn outfits, you can stock up on several leather belts in various colors. Mix this accessory with loose knit dresses, jackets, sweaters, tunics and even coats.

You can also wear high waisted jeans, trousers, or skirts to accentuate your waist. This feature of the cut visually slims and lengthens the legs, and also embodies a feminine, toned silhouette in the image. The waist bag is also too early to discount!


At the heart of a stylish look for autumn 2020, which is young, a feminine flying dress can also lie. Such a model mercilessly resets up to ten years and enhances the natural attractiveness of any lady. As a guide for the ideal model, we recommend using the midi length and the current loose fit – this is exactly the style that is successfully combined not only with pointed ankle boots or high boots, but also with rough boots or sneakers.

flowy skirt

For a feminine and rejuvenating effect in an outfit, a free flowing skirt can also be responsible. When choosing such a novelty, we advise you to ensure that its edge ends at the thinnest point of the calf – this trick will visually slim the silhouette.


A cropped cardigan with buttons in a loose fit will also be an excellent investment in the autumn wardrobe of 2020. All designers agreed that such a model is a real must-have of the season. The secret of the wild popularity lies not only in the actual look, but also in excellent versatility – a stylish cardigan looks cool with high trousers, jeans and skirts, as well as with midi-length dresses. Are we armed?

Sweater uplifting

The basis of the basics of the autumn wardrobe is a cozy and practical knitwear. We dare to assume that you already have sweaters in basic black, gray or beige shades in your closet. Then is it worth supplementing this company with identical products? Perhaps it is better to dilute the autumn capsule with a bright and invigorating sweater?

So, in the 2020 season, blue, yellow, pink, green, red and orange shades were at the top of popularity. A sweater in any of the proposed colors can successfully make friends with basic jeans, trousers or a skirt and make everyday look more expressive and youthful.

It is worth noting that women who know a lot about current trends today rely on the relevance of oversized sweaters with a comfortable loose fit. Such a model looks most advantageous when tucked in in the company of a more fitted bottom.

Accent sleeves

To make an ordinary bow more stylish, structured and young, you can dilute it with a novelty with accent sleeves. For example, such a decorative technique was present in the 2020 season on dresses, sweaters, jackets and blouses. To make such silhouettes look harmonious, stylists recommend complementing them with adjacent clothing.

colorful cage

Fashionable autumn look that makes you visually younger,…

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