Autumn images with jeans for full ladies

What to wear with jeans for overweight women in autumn to visually correct the figure and look stylish? We know the answer!


Which model to choose

  • Jeans with a high waistline are a definite must have of the last seasons. Fashionistas rely on this style due to its ability to stretch the silhouette, emphasize the waist and visually lengthen the legs.

This model is easily combined with almost all things in the autumn wardrobe. It is important to fill the top to emphasize the highlight of the model.

  • But the low waist, with its ability to emphasize the belly and sides, has not yet painted any fashionista with plus size parameters.

  • The ideal style for women with any build are straight jeans. Their main trump card is that such a cut slims and stretches the legs.

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If this style is combined with a high waist, then it additionally tightens the stomach and corrects the sides.

  • Skinny jeans are only suitable for owners of an hourglass or rectangle figure.

With pronounced fullness, stylists advise combining this model with a cardigan, jacket or fitted tunic. It is desirable to pick up shoes on a high rise.

  • A great idea for autumn would be flared jeans with an extension of the cut just below the knee. This style will balance the waist and hips, and also allow you to create many stylish looks.

  • Girls with an average build can afford a trendy boyfriend style that perfectly hides flaws.

Despite the sporty mood, these pants are combined not only with sneakers, but also with elegant ankle boots or sandals.

  • White, pastel and any warm shades have an undesirable property – they create an emphasis on fullness.

Therefore, the matte dark colors of the pants, which kindly hide a few centimeters, will be a win-win option. But it is worth noting that there are pleasant exceptions to this rule. If a girl has beautiful legs, she can afford light jeans.

With a shirt

In the wardrobe of a modern lady, there are usually quite a lot of shirts, and she first of all combines them with trousers and skirts. But no less stylish ensemble can be paired with jeans.

For such a bow, you can choose a plain or printed shirt. But stylists recommend choosing jeans with a high waistline. The only exception is an image with an elongated shirt that hides the fit of the pants.

Curvy girls are advised to unbutton the first few buttons on their shirt, creating a V-neckline. This technique is able to emphasize the neckline, stretch the silhouette and add harmony.

With multi-layer composition

A stylish combo of jeans can be combined with a trendy layered combination. For example, you can take an example from the blogger in the photo. The girl successfully combines a shirt, pullover and coat. But several layers do not fill at all due to subtle textures and well-chosen colors. Take note!

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With a tunic

Stylists will not tire of repeating about the need for a tunic in a plump woman’s wardrobe. The ideal style is a combination of a fitted cut, mid-thigh length and a high waistline. This model is designed to emphasize beautiful breasts and at the same time disguise the tummy and hips.

Women over 50 like to wear jeans in combination with a tunic. This look is comfortable and versatile. When choosing current models of tops and bottoms, a compiled bow will help you look stylish and practical on weekdays.

With denim

In the 2019 season, the total look is especially popular, which can be embodied in the unity of color, texture, or two characteristics at once.

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In early autumn, a combination with a denim jacket or shirt will be not only stylish, but also comfortable, because you can use your favorite sneakers as shoes. But dainty sandals will work too!

If a denim total bow assumes a match in the color of the top and bottom, it visually stretches the figure and adds harmony. A win-win option would be a dark palette of such an image.

With jacket and t-shirt

Do you think that the image with a jacket is suitable only for working days? But try pairing a formal jacket with a printed T-shirt and ripped jeans, and the formal element will take on a completely different mood. This bow will be a great idea for walking or meeting with friends.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! If you complement this outfit with fashionable lace-up shoes and rim, then you will definitely fall into trends.[/stextbox]

Such a bow looks good not only with sandals, but also with comfortable sneakers.

Instead of a jacket, a bright jacket can also act, which also goes well with a T-shirt. Both top options are great for slimming, because they hide the sides and create the necessary vertical lines in the image.

To look fashionable, you can repeat the trend that appeared in many shows in the image. Designers in the 2019 season offer jackets and jackets (preferably oversized silhouettes) to combine with a belt at the waist. Such a stylistic trick will correctly place accents, make the silhouette feminine, and the figure proportional. Use on health!

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Full women with a belly are recommended to choose an elongated jacket or a jacket with a semi-loose cut that hides the problem area.[/stextbox]

With a sweatshirt

On chilly evenings, you can combine with a sweatshirt that combines relaxation and style. The free silhouette of such a top perfectly hides flaws, therefore it is recommended for overweight fashionistas. You can also wear jeans with a laconic sweatshirt for over 40 women who prefer to look stylish and modern.

With ethnic blouse

An appropriate blouse will help create an original bow with an ethnic mood. It can have embroidery, ornament or flirty tassels. Depending on the model, such a top can be tucked in or left straightened.

With long outerwear

When autumn comes, the question of stylish warming always arises. Stylists recommend that ladies with curvaceous parameters give preference to elongated outerwear options that visually lengthen the silhouette and mask the sides.

For early autumn, a stylish trench coat or an elongated jacket is perfect, which looks the most advantageous when unbuttoned.

When the weather is still quite favorable, you can experiment with looks with elongated cardigans and light capes. The girl in the photo showed how to get the most out of this combination. To do this, you just need to pick up the top layer with a vertical pattern or knitting direction.

With a turtleneck

A typical fall look is pairing jeans with a noodle turtleneck. In such…

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