Autumn looks with a midi skirt 2020

What fashionable autumn looks can be created with a midi-length skirt in the 2020 season to make it warm, comfortable and stylish? We will talk about this right now.

Current models of midi skirts, and what to wear them with

A mid-length skirt that reaches to the knees or mid-calf is a versatile item for all occasions. You can go shopping in it, go on a date, and successfully fit into the office dress code. And in the fall, such a model will be completely indispensable, because it is easy to combine it with outerwear, any styles of shoes and related accessories. And it will provide comfort even in the most dank weather. So, boldly add a midi skirt to your everyday wardrobe, and learn from us how to create trendy bows with it.

But before we get to the style recommendations, let’s find out which mid-length skirt options are considered the most popular today.

  • Pleated. The pleated skirt, which returned to the fashion pedestal a few seasons ago, is breaking all records of popularity today. And this is not surprising, because even on the grayest autumn day, she will give the image of femininity and a bit of romanticism. A hit of the season are pleated A-line skirts below the knee in soft pink, brown and metallic shades. It is recommended to combine them with high boots, the edge of which will hide under the hem, as well as flat sneakers, ballet flats or strict boots. For the top, choose medium-sized knit sweaters, a straight-cut coat, a jacket to match the skirt, or a leather jacket.

  • Leather. Genuine or eco leather is one of the most popular textures today. She adds a little boldness, rigor to the image and perfectly emphasizes the slender silhouette. If we talk about midi-length skirts made of leather, then the trend is a straight-fitting cut, A-line and dullness. You can successfully combine such a model with almost any top from silk blouses to oversized sweaters and classic coats.
  • Denim. A denim skirt is relevant for wearing at almost any time of the year, and autumn is no exception. It allows you to feel comfortable in any weather and get stylish everyday bows. This model should be combined with denim shirts, plain t-shirts, tight-fitting turtlenecks, jumpers and even lace blouses. For shoes, choose stylish ankle boots, sneakers, ankle boots or high-heeled boots.

  • Velveteen. Until recently, velvet fabric was considered a relic of the past, and today it is again at the epicenter of fashion life. For example, corduroy midi skirts are beginning to enjoy great popularity, which in the fall of 2020 will allow you to create a non-trivial look for every day. Designers recommend choosing basic colors if you have a classic style, or brighter options if you are not afraid to draw attention to yourself. It is worth combining this model with soft textures, for example, knitwear, velvet, suede.

  • Cell. A medium-length checkered skirt made of dense matter will also be very popular in the coming autumn. In fact, this is a universal thing that will allow you to easily get a stylish bow. The main thing to remember here is one rule: to combine midi-skirts in a cage is worth only with a plain top. Moreover, the image should be created in such a way that this laconic thing turns out to be its brightest element.

  • Pencil. Over the past few seasons, the pencil skirt has become a real classic. And its presence in office and business bows is especially relevant. She looks very restrained, and visually makes the silhouette slimmer. For the autumn season, it is recommended to choose knitted, suede or tweed pencil skirts, which will be successfully combined with voluminous sweaters, tight-fitting turtlenecks, crop tops and plain t-shirts. And as outerwear, give preference to cardigans or coats.

  • Black A-line skirt. Yes, this is a rather simple thing, however, in 2020 it will be considered one of the main fashion trends of the season. It can also be safely called a Must Have of a women’s autumn wardrobe, because no matter what image you create with this skirt, it will turn out to be very stylish. Fashion trendsetters advise combining this model with light blouses, denim or plaid shirts, tight-fitting sweaters and sweatshirts, cropped leather jackets.

[tds_note]Dear ladies, remember that an exquisite midi-length skirt should be emphasized by beautiful shoes. Ideal for this occasion are ankle boots that open the ankle, high boots with a tight-fitting calf top, laconic plain sneakers with flat soles, and, of course, ballet flats and pumps for warm, dry weather..[/tds_note]

What to wear with a midi skirt in autumn 2020: recommendations from stylists

As we said a little earlier, creating a trendy look with a midi-length skirt is quite simple. To do this, you just need to be able to correctly combine the basic things in your wardrobe. Here are some interesting combinations for you.

With a blouse or shirt

If you want to create a trendy autumn look with a midi skirt for the office in 2020, then you will not find anything better than the classics. Choose models of blouses in discreet shades, or with laconic prints, so that they fit perfectly into the environment. A good solution would be the familiar and beloved by many combination of white top, black bottom. And you can complete this business bow with a strict jacket or a classic coat.

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With a sweater

You may have noticed that in our today’s selection of sweaters are very common. And this is no accident, because most models of sweaters are really well combined with medium-length skirts. And yes, there are several ways to wear it. For example, if the sweater is not large, then it can be tucked under the belt of the skirt. However, at the same time, it should have a dense texture and a high fit. If you don’t like this style, then wear a sweater tucked into the belt only in the front part – this is the trend today.

And, of course, do not forget about the most popular way to wear a sweater – loose. Moreover, both oversized models and ordinary classic styles will look appropriate here. It is also a great solution to choose an asymmetrical sweater, for example, with a shortened front.

With a jumper or turtleneck

You can get trendy autumn looks with a midi skirt for obese women in 2020 by combining it with a tight-fitting turtleneck or jumper. At the same time, the skirt itself should have a dense texture, a flared cut, a high fit and not too catchy colors. All this is necessary in order to cover the stomach and disguise massive hips. A tight-fitting top will help to focus on the most important advantage of a magnificent figure – the chest, which will divert attention from any shortcomings. As outerwear for this look, you should choose a cropped leather or denim jacket.

With a cardigan

The cardigan is one more thing…

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