Autumn manicure for short nails

Short nails are one of the main trends of 2018, which smoothly migrated to the autumn fashion trends in the manicure segment. Therefore, today nail art masters have presented many original designs designed for owners of short nails, among which absolutely every girl can find her own. We have given the most interesting and unusual of them further in our article.

Fashionable manicure for short nails

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Fashionable autumn palette

This season, natural colors are in trend, which is also very versatile, as it looks harmonious on short nails. Nevertheless, among the entire assortment offered by designers, one can single out the top “royal” colors, which, in relation to the rest, are considered the most relevant.

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  • Burgundy. Now absolutely all shades of burgundy are in fashion, ranging from lighter to rich deep tones. It is better to combine this color with simple nail art techniques such as a moon design or a solid color design. But complex ones should be abandoned, since the manicure as a result turns out to be clumsy.

Stylish burgundy manicure

  • Golden palette. This season’s trendy color scheme, which completely identifies the autumn season. Gold, copper or bronze coating on the nails can be achieved both with ordinary varnish and decorative rubbing or foil.

Beautiful golden manicure

  • Yellow and orange. Not a single autumn manicure is unthinkable without these flowers. Warm deep and rich shades will harmoniously fit both into a monochromatic design and in various combinations with other palettes and nail art techniques.

Fashionable yellow-orange manicure

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  • Berry. Wine, raspberry, blueberry and rowan are the top colors of the fall season. They look perfect even in a monochromatic manicure, and the nails in general give a sophisticated and expensive look.

Stylish manicure of berry shades

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Important! No less attention should be paid to the shape of the nail plate. On short nails, a soft square, oval and almond-shaped will look most harmonious.


Actual ideas for a stylish autumn manicure on short nails

Although on short nails there is no opportunity to bring complex nail art ideas to life, you can still create many fashionable manicure designs in 2018 on them, including using regular or gel polish, as in the examples of the photos presented in the article . The best of them are the options below.

  • “Nude” lunar. This fall, it is better to abandon the complex designs of the moon manicure in favor of more conservative solutions, in which the base of the nail is painted over with a solid color coating, while the lunula zone remains transparent.

Fashionable moon manicure

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  • simulated raindrops. In addition to yellowed foliage, autumn is also associated with rainy days, which can also be embodied in the design of a manicure. A “rainy” design can be obtained both with the help of ready-made stickers, and with the use of a transparent gel, thanks to which the manicure will also turn out to be textured as a result.

Fashionable manicure with drops

  • Minimalism. Fashion trends of the current season dictate us to create one or two accents in the design of manicure. A few dots, stripes, randomly scattered pebbles or one uncomplicated pattern will create a truly alluring and spectacular design.

Manicure in the style of minimalism

  • Velvet. Full coverage of short nails with flock powder looks rough, but using this decor as a small accent in this case will be just right. Velvet will look most harmonious in combination with geometric patterns, as well as with drawings depicting animals or fallen autumn leaves.

Velvet manicure design

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  • colorful. This is a novelty that appeared on the Instagram network and quickly became one of the main trends of the autumn season. The essence of this design is that the nails are painted in different colors, including contrasting ones. As for the combinations themselves, they can also be completely different, ranging from the standard 3 + 2 to the full 5.

Multicolored manicure

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Idea! A multi-colored manicure can be even more diversified if you highlight one nail with a geometric pattern or abstraction.


  • Metallic craquelure. An original and at the same time simple design that can be obtained using decorative foil. One has only to re-shoot the ornament from a small piece of tape to a previously prepared nail with a sticky coating and then fix everything with a top.


  • french. This manicure looks beautiful on short nails, both in the classic version and in a modified format, as can be seen in the photos in the article. As for fashion trends, in the autumn-winter season 2018-2019, the color jacket is in trend, in which the smile line is highlighted with a gold coating, while the base is painted in a dark and saturated color. Another option is to experiment with the shape of the smile. In addition to the standard in the form of a crescent, you can also make a flat or V-shaped one.

Stylish and always fashionable jacket

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  • Volumetric drawings. Volumetric design always looks original, unusual and expensive, so it has become another “favorite” this fall. Figurative modeling depicting fallen leaves, umbrellas and animals is in fashion. But especially impressive is the modeling imitating a knitted pattern, which can be used to decorate both one or two fingers, and the entire hand.

Fashion drawings for autumn motifs

  • Mirror rub. A manicure shimmering with metallic or iridescent highlights is found in most photos posted on social networks. After all, despite the ease of application, rubbing transforms even the most ordinary design, making it bright and unusual.

Beautiful manicure for short nails with rubbing

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  • painting. On short nails, it is also acceptable, although not in such a voluminous amount as on long ones. Small leaves, images of animals, monograms, hearts, dots, lines and other geometric patterns will fit perfectly into the autumn manicure design.

Fashionable painting on nails

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Important! Do not forget about accessories. Colored rhinestones, sequins, shimmer and glitter will be a great addition to the autumn manicure, whichse helpgut not only to create a bright design, but also to cheer up.



The fashion trends of the autumn season of 2018 are quite diverse and allow you to create a lot of original ones on short nails.

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