Autumn manicure – new design

Autumn manicure in 2019 is significantly different from last year’s options with its colorful and rich color palette, which fully meets the fashion trends of modern nail art. Therefore, despite the fact that summer is still in the yard, it’s time to think about the basic nuances of designing an autumn manicure. This is what we will talk about with you later in the article.

Original manicure for autumn

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Shape and length

In 2019, the short length of the nail plate is considered the most relevant. Indeed, in addition to the fact that such a manicure looks feminine and well-groomed, short nails are also very practical in everyday wear.

Beautiful manicure on short nails

[stextbox id=’info’]The maximum length of the free edge of the nail plate should be no more than 5-7 mm.[/stextbox]

Women’s almond-shaped nails

As for the shape of the nails, in the coming autumn season it should be as feminine as possible. Therefore, square or overly sharp nails should be abandoned in favor of an oval or almond-shaped shape.


Fashionable color palette for autumn manicure

Autumn manicure pleases lovers of nail art with its colorful and multifaceted colors, which are characteristic only of this period of the year.

Bright autumn nail art

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It includes the following colors:

  • burgundy. Deep and rich shades of burgundy already look beautiful in their own monochrome design. And if you still want to diversify such a noble manicure, this can be done by highlighting one finger with gold stickers in the form of falling leaves.

Beautiful burgundy nails

  • Gold. It is rightfully considered the basic color of autumn, which can be achieved on nails with the help of decorative accessories in the form of foil or glitter, as well as varnishes with golden mother-of-pearl.

golden marigolds

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  • Yellow and orange. Without these colors, it is simply impossible to imagine the design of an autumn manicure. The main thing is to use an exceptionally warm and pigmented range of shades.

Yellow-orange manicure

  • Blue and blue. Cold and deep tones are just right for later autumn. They look beautiful in a monochrome design, or in combination with various nail art techniques.

Trendy blue manicure

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Features of the fashionable design of autumn manicure

The fashion trends of the autumn-winter 2019-2019 season brought to the manicure design both classic solutions and rather non-standard nail design options that can be brought to life with the help of ordinary or gel polish.

Fashionable nail design for autumn

After studying photos with examples of such designs, we chose the most relevant, which include the following:

  • Gradient. Fashionable this year and unusual manicure, which combines several colors at once. Unlike summer, in the autumn gradient it is better to opt for a combination of tones that are close to each other, so that the stretch is smoother and softer.

trendy autumn gradient

  • Velvet. Matte manicure has long won the hearts of modern fashionistas, but velvet or as it is also called “fluffy”, today is a fashionable novelty of the autumn season. This coating looks advantageous not only in monochrome, but also in the form of various ornaments on a glossy top.

Trendy velvet manicure

  • Foil craquelure. An original design, the essence of which is that the desired pattern is achieved by randomly removing pieces of foil glued to the top coat for gel polish with a sticky layer.

Manicure with special foil

[stextbox id=’info’]The craquelure technique looks most impressive in black and red with a matte finish.[/stextbox]


  • french. This is one of the most beautiful manicure design techniques, which will also look advantageous in autumn design. In addition to classic white, you can also play with the palette and textures. A striking example of this is a dark French manicure with a matte finish. But as for the “smile”, this year it is better to pay attention to the graphic V-shape. Also, do not forget about the decor in the form of rhinestones and glitter.

Dark jacket with a matte finish

  • plain. He is the undisputed leader among the fashion trends of nail art. After all, thanks to the rich and deep palettes proposed for creating an autumn manicure, the design of the nails turns out to be spectacular and catchy. The combination of glossy and matte textures in one design, so fashionable today, will help make it even more original.

Solid manicure for autumn 2019

[stextbox id=’info’]A glossy top in a monochromatic manicure can be replaced with a rub.[/stextbox]

  • Lunar. In the fall, manicure with holes, thanks to new techniques for applying varnish in a duet with a rich color palette, acquired a completely new and spectacular design. Volumetric accessories in the form of colored stones or 3D modeling will help to complement it.

Lunar manicure – autumn version

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  • With drawings. In the autumn manicure, you certainly can’t do without them. Often, one or two nails are decorated with painting, while the rest have a monochromatic glossy or matte finish.

Autumn motives

As for the artistic direction of the painting, in addition to standard geometry, abstraction and animal motifs, autumn-themed drawings in the form of falling leaves, rain, umbrellas, or solid works of art are also welcome. You can see examples of such work in our selection of ideas in the photo below.

Autumn nail design

  • Star. An absolute novelty in the nail art segment, which is rapidly gaining its popularity. Drawings or stickers in the form of bright stars, as well as the presence of a space theme in the design, will make the autumn manicure bright and unusual.

Space beauty manicure

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As you can see, even on short nails, a beautiful and fashionable design of autumn manicure is obtained, which is fully consistent with the trends set in 2019, which can be seen in the photo with examples of the work of top nail art masters. We hope that the ideas we have proposed will also appeal to you, and you will definitely use them in the coming autumn.

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