Autumn wardrobe 2020 for short women

Wardrobe for women of short stature for the fall of 2020 – what should it be like to match fashion trends and body type? We are happy to answer this question and provide ready-made examples of successful ensembles!

Stylish novelties and images


Fashion for autumn 2020 invites short girls to use practical jeans as the base of their wardrobe. A win-win option is classic skinny or a universal straight cut. Fashionable color – blue, black or blue.

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The list of taboos includes models with a low waistline, as well as too loose baggy styles. Cropped jeans can also play a cruel joke – such a cut can only be worn in combination with high-heeled shoes.


The most fashionable cardigan in the fall 2020 season is presented with large vertical buttons. This novelty is definitely able to take its rightful place in the wardrobe of a low fashionista, because it not only successfully corrects the figure, but is also easily combined with many things. For example, you can pair a stylish look with jeans, a skirt or trousers, or throw a cardigan over a feminine dress.

high fit

Girls of short stature definitely benefit from the relevance of styles with a high waistline. This cut in the 2020 season can be seen in stylish trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. Great if the oversized fit is mixed with a vertical pattern, buttons or ironed arrows.

This trend can be a real salvation for women of short stature with a belly. The fact is that the combination of an overestimated waist, a fairly loose cut and a dense texture skillfully hides flaws in the problem area. To create a winning look, you can choose a stylish button-down cardigan, blouse, shirt or turtleneck in a duet with oversized trousers or a skirt.


Overalls, presented in a single color, fit perfectly on girls of short stature. Such clothes are beautiful in their self-sufficient design – to create a stylish bow with them in the lead role, you can even get by with a minimum of accessories.

With this type of figure, it is better to avoid voluminous overalls with patch pockets, but you can pay attention to concise models with an oversized fit and a belt. Under this trend, you can pick up almost any autumn shoes – from boots and ankle boots to your favorite sneakers and boots.

Leather clothes

Leather is also a hot trend for fall 2020. Stylists explain why such novelties look advantageous on short girls. The fact is that this texture makes the image more adult, bold and expensive. And for many petite girls, this is the association that they want to embody in autumn looks.

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The central style-forming element of the autumn wardrobe can be a sundress with a wrap and a V-neck. Young girls are advised to choose mini-length products, and ladies over 40 are better off staying at a more conservative mark. A stylish sundress is beautiful for its versatility – choosing various blouses, shirts and turtlenecks for it, you can look stylish in a new way every day.


Fashionable look for short women for fall 2020 may include different models of sweaters and V-neck jumpers. Stylists emphasize that such an up-to-date cut is perfect for petite fashionistas, as it contributes to the visual correction of the silhouette.

To fashionably beat this up, you can complement it with a shirt according to the principle of layering. Also a stylish idea would be to add an elegant pendant or pendant to accentuate a beautiful neckline.

Volumetric decor

In the 2020 season, various options for tops with decor are very popular. Feathers, voluminous sleeves, ruffles, bows and frills are appropriate in the image of a miniature girl, but in small quantities – otherwise, you can visually land the silhouette.

Stylists recommend, for greater safety, to combine the specified top with a bottom that stretches the silhouette. For example, pleated trousers and heeled ankle boots are a great companion for a bow blouse.

Two-piece suits

In order not to puzzle over the eternal female question “I have nothing to wear”, you can replenish your wardrobe with a trendy two-piece suit. Such ensembles in the 2020 season are represented by combinations with both trousers and a skirt. Any model can be used in completely different variations. For example, you can experiment with the base layer by choosing a knitted top or sweater instead of the usual shirt. Also a stylish idea would be to add a leather belt to the jacket.

[tds_warning]For obese women of short stature, two-piece suits in a dark matte texture are best suited.[/tds_warning]

Emphasis on the waist

Girls of short stature should ignore the oversized cut, which visually lands the silhouette. But a stylish accent on the waist is definitely their trend! With the help of various belts and belts, it is easy to emphasize the fragility and beauty of such a figure. Moreover, this technique can be used not only in outerwear, but also in the main images.

In addition to classic belts, you can use more original belts with a false peplum. This stylish accessory will help to dilute the usual bows and allow you to create a feminine silhouette.

Pleated dresses

Pleating has been popular with short beauties for several seasons in a row, as it allows you to appear visually taller. But bad luck – many fashionistas are already bored with skirts in this design. If you are one of them, take a look at fashionable pleated dresses. They look more non-trivial, and at the same time contribute to the visual lengthening of the silhouette.

For a stylish look for petite women, you can base the pleated dress, complement it with boots with a stable heel, and complete the look with an elegant pendant and a stylish bag with a structured shape.


The main must-have for short women in the fall of 2020 is a checkered print. Such a motif should be presented with contrasting vertical lines that will slim and visually stretch the silhouette. It is easy to achieve maximum effect with the help of a ready-made suit, in which the top and bottom are presented with a checkered motif.

color blocking

To add brightness and dynamics to the autumn look, you can use the power of color-blocking print. But at the same time, it is worth making sure that individual elements in the motive have a strictly vertical or diagonal direction.


The basic wardrobe for women of short stature for the fall of 2020 can be formed according to the principles of minimalism. Pleasant natural shades, a minimum of decor, laconic silhouettes – all this will testify to your excellent taste and impeccable knowledge of fashion trends….

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