Bags 2023: fashion trends of the season

Women’s handbag is the most important accessory, because no fashionable bow can do without it. For their images, ladies can choose practical large or original miniature models. Fortunately, the modern fashion industry is able to satisfy any needs of fashionistas. Moreover, stylists recommend having several different models in the collection at once for any occasion. What women’s bags are worth looking at in the 2023 season? We list the main trends that appeared at the shows of famous designers, and not only.


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Fashion bags 2023: main trends and novelties of the season

In the segment of handbags for 2023, a pleasant variety reigns. Fans of the classics can still include elegant handbags, leather habo and versatile rectangular toes in their outfits. Girls who prefer their hands to always be free should look at models on a long chain instead of handles. If you are a fan of originality, then you should definitely have at your disposal stylish bags with unusual designs, such as the dove clutch from JW Anderson or the sunflower from Thom Browne.



Handbags for women in 2023 will differ from each other not only in appearance and size, but also in textures. The trend is voluminous models made of nylon, transparent plastic with perforation, textile, beach wicker, elegant frame, delicate silk, draped and, of course, diverse models made of high-quality eco-leather, as well as faux fur for the winter. In this vein, we recommend paying special attention to the clutch bag from the Max Mara brand.


Among the most popular prints: animalistic, cage, multi-colored color blocking. For the summer, you can pick up a handbag with an unobtrusive floral pattern. As a rule, such a pattern is found on silk and textile models.


Next, we consider the popular models in more detail.

  • Soft blown nylon. In another way, this model was called pillow». And for good reason, because the nylon bag has no handles, and in shape and softness it really resembles a pillow. Very interesting models from this category were presented in the Bottega Veneta collection as part of Milan Fashion Week. Pillow bags look very original, but keep in mind that they will always have to be carried in your hands.


  • Paired. Fashion bags for the 2023 season are not necessarily novelties. Some trends inherent in the collections of past years will also remain relevant. For example, a duet of two bags. In this case, it is assumed that you will carry one large bag with you, and a small one on top of it. Moreover, handbags can differ from each other in color, shape, texture, print, and even have different handles. How practical this is is up to you.


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  • Decorations. Small jewelry bags are a must-have for every avid fashionista in 2023. We are talking about handbags decorated with pearls or crystals, on thin elegant chains. They can be worn as a pendant around the neck or in the traditional way in the hands and on the shoulder, complementing your evening or cocktail look. Often the size of the handbag does not exceed the size of the wallet, so you can’t put much in it.

  • shopper. This model is the complete opposite of the previous trend. The bag-shopper fully justifies its name, having excellent capacity. That is why she can often be seen in fashionable images of students, business women, housewives. In 2023, the trendiest shopper will have a square shape, wide handles, minimalistic design. Relevant models of denim, textiles and even wicker.


  • dumpling bag. Not the most representative name, but the model itself is stylish. In 2023, soft textures and fuzzy shapes will be in trend, so a dumpling bag will come in handy here. Stylists advise to buy it for the summer. She will create an excellent tandem with a light long dress made of flying fabric, which will successfully fit into a business summer look. Models made of soft eco-leather, suede, draped are in trend.


  • “Envelope”. Women’s bags-2023, fashionable next season, may well have simple shapes that ladies have long loved. Among them is a simple “envelope”. This model has a characteristic rectangular shape and a fairly compact size. The bag can be worn as a clutch or on the shoulder. Both flat and voluminous envelope bags made of blown nylon are in trend. Include them in your business outfit, you won’t regret it.


  • unusual shapes. Despite the fact that fashion 2023 is more inclined towards minimalism and restraint, extraordinary bag models continue to be on the list of trends. Among the TOPs are triangles, such as, for example, Prada. You can still include a saddle bag, which became popular a few years ago, in fashionable looks. Pay attention to the models in the form of children’s toys, the original “bucket”, asymmetric.


  • Fur and plush. An excellent choice for the autumn-winter season. Of course, preference should be given to faux fur, if you do not want your image to be considered bad manners. First of all, look at the short pile. Colors for fur bags can be both natural, pastel, and bright. To create a bow with a teddy coat, choose plush handbags that are suitable in style and texture.



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Among the fashion trends continue to be: a baguette bag, a belt model, a backpack bag, a pack, a chest.


Fashionable women’s bags in the 2023 season are solid trends that will transform your look, make it original and recognizable. Study the photos presented in the review to get to know the new products of the coming year closer.

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