Baked powder: what is it and how to apply

Every woman tries to look attractive, dreams of having beautiful and healthy skin. This can be achieved only through regular care, using various cosmetics. Today, cosmetic companies offer a wide variety of such products.

Increasingly popular among women when creating makeup is baked decorative cosmetics – these are shadows, powder, blush. High-quality makeup using these tools can be performed even by a non-professional. The delicate texture of baked cosmetics protects and mattifies the skin, carefully cares for it.

Women of all ages enjoy using baked powder to set makeup and protect skin from environmental aggressors.

Manufacturing technology of baked powder

The innovative technology for the production of baked powder is that the dry and liquid components of the powder are mixed and simultaneously sintered at a temperature of about 60 degrees. This happens for quite a long time in special ovens. This technology allows you to save moisture and all the healing properties of the substances that make up the product. Baked powder thus acquires an unusual texture, becomes compact and crumbly at the same time. This technology does not require the use of a large amount of artificial flavors and fragrances. At the same time, the natural smell of the product is preserved, which allows the use of baked powder for the most sensitive skin.


The main feature of baked powder is the double effect of its use. It is easily applied to the skin during makeup, thanks to the finest, delicate texture. Gives nourishment and constant, gentle skin care, thanks to the preserved healing properties of plants and minerals in the composition of the powder.

The texture of the baked powder is very light and delicate. It lays on the skin in a thin layer, like a reflective veil, giving the skin a flawless shimmering hue and providing a natural, healthy and radiant look. The powder does not crumble, lasts a long time, mattifies the skin and protects it.


Natural minerals in the composition of the powder, give the effect of glowing the skin from the inside. And, despite this, makeup with baked powder looks very natural, almost invisible, and speaks of a woman’s wonderful taste.

Available in matte and glossy baked powder. They differ in the quantity and quality of shimmering microparticles in their composition. In the glossy powder there are more large bright sparkles, in the composition of the matte powder there are very small invisible grains of sand. In makeup, they are evenly distributed over the skin and make it radiant or matte, depending on the desired effect.

Benefits of baked powder

  • delicate texture;
  • UV protection;
  • skin hydration;
  • applicable to all skin types;
  • mild skin care
  • good durability;
  • mostly hypoallergenic;
  • has many tones and shades.

The main advantage and difference of baked powder is the fine grinding of the texture. The presence of natural minerals in the composition of the baked powder allows it to slightly polish the skin, making its surface perfectly even and. The convenient compact form allows you to always have your favorite tool at hand.



  1. The main disadvantage of baked powder is the difficulty of applying it to very oily skin. Mixing with sebum, the powder turns into a greasy mask, creating a favorable environment for the nutrition of bacteria. This can lead to acne and pimples.
  2. When updating makeup with a sponge, the powder can also roll into lumps, so it is better to correct the makeup with a special, wide powder brush.
  3. The fine texture of the powder does not hide the peeling of the skin, but emphasizes it. Therefore, on dry skin, before applying the powder, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer or foundation.
  4. In daytime makeup, baked powder seems too bright, radiant, so it is recommended to use it more in evening makeup.
  5. Baked powder does not hide large skin defects. It only makes the skin visually well-groomed and fresh.

Makeup artist tips for application

  • When buying baked powder, the main thing is to accurately match it to your skin tone.
  • To make the makeup look natural and natural, baked powder should be applied on the tonal base. It is good if these products are of the same brand or from the same series.
  • The light texture of baked powder does not require thorough shading. It is applied to the skin with light circular movements without strong pressure on the brush. The main thing is to gently distribute it on the skin.
  • Light pink or pink powder is recommended for fair women with white skin; light peach or pale beige is suitable for light brown hair; brown-haired women with dark skin are better off using beige, peach or dark pink powder; dark peach or beige powder is suitable for dark-skinned brunettes.
  • The dark shades of baked powder are used as blushes and to correct the shape of the face, they give the skin the effect of a light tan or a delicate, radiant blush.
  • Baked powder can be used instead of foundation. If the skin is dry, the powder should be applied over foundation. If the skin is oily, then it is better to use a matte tonal foundation first, then a powder of the same shade.
  • You can apply powder on the face, neck and décolleté. It is not recommended to apply on the eyelids and hands.
  • It is better to use a wide hard brush or sponge for application.
  • Powder can be applied both dry and wet. In daytime makeup, apply it in a thin layer using a dry method of application with a brush. For an evening rich make-up, it is better to use a damp sponge disk.
  • Baked powder should be removed from the skin of the face at night, using special products for this. This will help avoid clogging the pores.


Benefits of Baked Powder Makeup

  • healthy looking skin;
  • matting effect;
  • hides fine wrinkles;
  • evens out the skin, hides small imperfections;
  • cost-effectiveness and durability of makeup;
  • natural makeup;
  • convenient application.

The results and effect of the application largely depend on the composition of the baked compact powder, each cosmetic company adds different components to the composition of the powder.

The ranking shows baked powder as one of the top 10 most used color cosmetics products. Women actively use it every day at home, makeup artists in beauty salons for holiday makeup. Thanks to its soft texture, any baked powder will be the perfect finishing touch for both day and evening makeup, helping to keep the face fresh for a long time. With baked powder, every woman’s look will be radiant all day long.


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