Balayage coloring for dark hair

Well, what woman does not want to look bright, spectacular and beautiful in any situation and in any case. And in order to constantly draw attention to their person, many often change their image and often start with hair.

One of the common ways to change your hairstyle is coloring, the technique of which is now very common. And modern methods of hair coloring are very diverse, they help to achieve various effects, while the effect of paints will be very gentle. Well, for those who do not want to change their hair color radically, the “balayage” hair coloring technique will be suitable.

A little about the technique of “balayage”

The name, of course, of this technique is original, but there is nothing supernatural here. Balayazh is a French word that in translation sounds like “free brush”. Now this word is called a special way of dyeing hair. Thanks to the “Balayage” technique, the hair is given the most natural look due to the contrasting coloring of the ends of the hair in relation to the base color. Coloring can be done not only in two colors, if you need a smoother transition from one shade to another, the master can use three colors.

Paint with balayage is applied far from the roots of the hair in separate strands. Due to the fact that the paint is not applied to the roots, the hair will look more natural and well-groomed after dyeing and even after it grows back. When the master paints with this method, brush strokes are carried out horizontally. Vertically, painting is carried out only with the tip of the brush, and only along the top layer of hair. With this coloring, you do not need to go to the hairdresser too often to update the color, just a few visits a year are enough.

These coloring styles have been around for more than five years and are still an integral part of many stars. But the ideas of such coloring are changing. If earlier balayazh was done more naturally with a smooth and soft transition, then recently there has been a tendency to use brighter effects and sharp contrast transitions, and the execution technique has risen to a higher level.

Applying balayage on dark hair

Balayazh looks gorgeous on hair of any length. However, it will look truly impressive on long curled strands. Thanks to the play with light and color, the curls will look healthier, more voluminous and flowing.

The ideal basis for classic balayage is natural dark hair. It is dark hair that allows the master to make the most of his imagination, using both light colors and unimaginably bright shades on them. In contrast, if gray or dull hair is taken as the basis, then initially it is necessary to use tinting or dyeing in order to bring the hair color as close to natural as possible.

Balayage color variations for dark hair

To date, there are many variations of balayage on dark hair. Coloring for long or short hair, colored tips of different lengths and much more. Each girl will be able to find exactly her own version of painting.

Balayazh painting can be divided into the following main ways:

  1. photo balayazh is the main trend of this coloring. This is a complete hair balayazh, in which the tips are lightened all over the head by several tones, and not white. With this staining, a smooth and imperceptible stretch of color is made;
  2. facial hair lightening. Those who are not completely sure whether a new look will fit can safely choose this particular balayage variation, because. It is this method of coloring that is the most gentle and gentle. Initially, you can try to lighten the strands near the face, and if you like, later on throughout the head. Such painting will draw attention to the face, soften its features and hide minor skin imperfections;
  3. gradient balayazh on dark hair. This coloring involves giving the ends of the hair an additional shade. But this is done carefully, creating a more subdued and elegant effect.

Traditional balayazh, when dark hair acquires light golden tones at the tips, is ideal for dark-haired beauties. The most extraordinary and extravagant brunettes should turn their attention to red or bright copper strands.

On dark hair, dyeing with the balayage technique is done much more often than on light hair. This is due to the fact that the effect of the burnt color on blond hair is not as noticeable as if it were highlighting or coloring. But dark hair is the ideal basis for such a case.

On dark hair, all types of coloring will look as impressive and great as possible. Light brown and caramel shades are ideal for dark hair. But they will decorate with overflows and make dark hair more lively coffee and golden tones.

Contrasting balayazh on dark hair can be done in several variations. Painting can be carried out closer to the roots of the hair or near the center line. The first way is often chosen by American women, preferring a more daring style. The Russians, on the other hand, fell in love with the second method of coloring, in which only the ends of the hair are dyed in light colors, and the strands up to the chin are left with the natural hair color.

It will look no less impressive on dark hair and colored balayage. The use of shades such as blue, lilac, blue, red-orange will help the owner of the balayazh to realize the most daring and vivid fantasies.

A fairly current trend of this season is flames framing dark hair. Long hair with a cascade haircut will look very beautiful with this coloring. Such a balayazh will look irresistible both on straight hair and on chic curls.

Benefits of balayage coloring

What is so good about this staining method? Can burnt tips and regrown roots be beautiful? “Yes they can!” – said fashionistas all over the world. And there are a lot of advantages of the balayage technique:

  • the use of the balayazh technique visually gives the hair additional volume and density due to color transitions on the strands;
  • if a girl does not dare to radically change her hair color, it is balayage that is ideal for all kinds of experiments;
  • without losing her main color, each girl gets the opportunity to try new shades and get a new, fresher look;
  • balayazh is suitable for both owners of straight hair and curls;
  • when using balayage dyeing, hair can be dyed much less often, because. regrown roots will look more natural and natural;
  • Due to the rarer coloring, damage to the hair is significantly …

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