Balayazh for short hair

Short hair is the perfect canvas for creating various trendy colors, and balayage at such a length looks especially expressive (the photos from our article will convince you of this!). If you want to transform and refresh your image with the help of this technique, read more about its features and fashion options in the 2019 season!


What’s happened

Balayage is a type of highlighting that has gained popularity so rapidly that it has become an independent staining technique. This procedure gives the hair volume and color depth, decorating them with a play of natural tones.

This is the most fashionable way to add zest and novelty to a boring look, to make it more modern without drastic changes.

Such a trend will give the effect of a strand burnt out in the Mediterranean sun. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that this amazing effect is just the result of coloring. Another great news: a professional stylist can choose a range of shades that individually suit your appearance and transform it.

The undoubted advantage of this technique is that the roots do not spoil the hairstyle as they grow, but look neat and tidy. I am also glad that with such coloring you will not have to visit the salon often – to maintain the color, one visit every 3 months is enough. If the haircut is too short, sometimes you have to update the shade more often.

[stextbox id=info]Interesting! Modern stores began to offer paint that allows you to make balayage at home. However, this technique is most difficult to perform precisely on a short hair length and it turns out beautiful only in the hands of a professional master.[/stextbox]

Who suits

  • This technique is most expressive on dark hair. Such staining will be easier, because with it there is no need for preliminary toning and darkening of the roots. However, the trend is also the use of this technique on light brown, blond and red hair.

  • Coloring individual strands with a smooth transition of shades can be a godsend for those who want to make the image more interesting, but are not ready for drastic changes and serious damage.
  • Balayazh is an ambulance for weak and thin hair that is in desperate need of extra volume. A beautiful game of shades of individual strands 100% copes with this difficult task.

  • Another wonderful property of this technique is that it is able to soften facial features. That is why girls with an angular face shape often resort to balayage.

  • This technique makes wide cheekbones, chubby cheeks and a massive chin less noticeable. If you want to smooth out these features, now you know what to do!

  • This coloring perfectly masks gray hair and visually rejuvenates the image. In addition, it has no age restrictions and looks great on a lady both in her 20s and in her 50s.

Hair color matters

  • Balayazh on short blond hair looks especially good. The palette of shades is quite rich. Girls with a cold color type are recommended to choose silver, mother-of-pearl or ashy tones. A warm color type is an argument in favor of beautiful honey, nut and wheat coloring shades.

  • To preserve the structure, beauty and health of red hair, it is not recommended to use balayage with strong lightening. Dissonance with complexion will create blue, crimson, dark or silver tones. Girls with a spring or autumn color type will be even more attractive with balayage coloring in bronze, copper or amber shades of various saturation.

Bright color

  • The most daring women of fashion decide on outrageous coloring. For example, balayage in red tones on dark hair looks very extraordinary. Green or blue strands on black hair also look stylish.

Coloring for bold fashionistas

[stextbox id=info]Note! Black hair combined with bright strands not only make facial features more expressive, but also emphasize wrinkles. In addition, such staining creates an emphasis on the pallor of the skin.[/stextbox]

  • Ash balayazh on dark hair pleases with a variety of shades that richly reveal the natural color of the hair. In the 2019 season, completely ashy hair is already an anti-trend, but balayage in this design is still at the peak of popularity. However, this style is not suitable for girls with a yellowish skin tone.

  • Light overflows of balayage create a natural effect on light hair. A common headache for blondes is brittle, dry hair with a lack of volume. The main task of the master in this case is to create the effect of healthy strands with a feeling of density and volume. The current shades in 2019 for this are creamy and burnt blond. You can also play with contrasts and perform balayage with coffee or caramel tones.

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  • We admire fashionistas who decide on pink balayazh on platinum hair. This is a really bold move that looks stylish and is in line with the latest fashion trends. Such coloring always makes the girl more cute, attractive and young.

  • Balayazh in fashionable shades of “strawberry blond” is a bright way to express yourself. The main palette for such coloring is soft peach and pink tones. Usually, such an idea is embodied on light hair, but in the 2019 season, experiments on light brown and red hair are also in trend. Please note that this technique is only suitable for girls with light pink or peach skin.

Combinations with short haircuts

  • A classic or extraordinary square is an excellent basis for experiments in the balayage technique. This coloring emphasizes the beauty of the legendary haircut, gives it more chic, and at the same time makes the hair more voluminous.

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  • For fashionistas with an elongated bob haircut, we advise you to take a closer look at the balayage technique on the ends of your hair. This is a softer and smoother coloring that refreshes the hairstyle without drastic changes.

  • Textured and layered bob in tandem with balayage is an amazing combination that makes the hairstyle more dynamic and interesting.
  • In the 2019 season, it is important to do hair coloring in the balayage style for short hair with a cascade technique. This technique will emphasize differences in length in a haircut and double the volume of hair.

  • Balayazh looks great both with bangs and without it. Fashionistas have 2 options: highlight the front curls to the maximum or leave the bangs in natural color and focus on the side strands.
  • Fashionistas also held in high esteem the extraordinary coloring of only bangs. This method looks amazing on haircuts in which the front strands are the main accents. For example, partial balayazh goes well with a stylish pixie.

Actual Options

If you want to protect your hair…

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