Ballerina Nail Shape: Design

If you prefer the ballerina nail shape, then you know that their design should always be impeccable. And first of all, because such nails look very catchy. It is almost impossible to hide any flaws on them. Any flaw in the design or processing of the plate will immediately become evident. That is why the “ballerina” must be looked after especially carefully. And not only behind the coating itself. The handles on which this unusual manicure will flaunt should also always be perfect. Perhaps this is the only condition that must be strictly observed. In all other respects, this nail-art is a pleasure to wear.


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Features of the “ballerina”

Want to learn more about this nail shape? Then the next section is for you.

  • Ballerina manicure can hardly be called a novelty. For the first time in the nail industry, he appeared back in the nineties. Then this form was simply wildly popular with all fashionistas in our country. And she stayed on the fashionable Olympus for a long time.
  • For a long time, this nail-art was unclaimed. But now he is again ready to break into the minds of modern fashionistas and even push the square manicure that has already become a classic.
  • “Ballerina” is considered a universal form of the nail. Young ladies especially love her because she visually lengthens her fingers and makes them graceful. Absolutely all women can afford to wear such a manicure, regardless of age and social status.

  • Pointe shoes include several features of the more familiar nail shapes. So, for example, an oval is clearly traced in the length and smoothness of the plate. The tip is slightly narrowed like a triangle, and at the base of the nail one can unmistakably see a square. And of course, the shape got its unusual name thanks to the sawn off sharp corner.
  • Currently, there are many varieties of “ballerinas”. So you should not be afraid that this stylish manicure will not suit you.

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Important! In order to give the nail the shape of “pointe shoes”, it is necessary to have a plate of sufficient length and strength. In other words, on short and thin brittle legs you will not succeed in such beauty.


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fashion design

Creating a beautiful design on the shape of ballerina nails is quite simple. In 2019, the Internet was literally replete with photos showing the most original ideas for this nail-art. We will share the best of them with you now.

  • Classic french. Needless to say, a French manicure, coupled with a ballerina, will look just amazing. French is always relevant. It does not go out of fashion, emphasizes the accuracy of nails, easily “gets used” to any image – in a word, it is perfect. This means that decorating them with “pointe shoes” will be the right decision.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! When applying a jacket on a “ballerina”, you can use not only the usual pastel shades. A brighter color palette would also look quite appropriate here, especially since this is now a real trend.[/stextbox]

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  • Gothic direction. Unusually, this shape of the nail can be decorated if you paint it in jet black. Nail designers humorously call this decor a coffin, and it hardly makes sense to explain why.

The manicure looks in this design, of course, non-standard and gloomy. It is difficult to call it everyday. But for Halloween or some theme party, it is just right, especially if you draw white skulls on a dark background.

Stylish “coffins”

  • Pastels and nudes. If you are drawn to something beautiful and feminine, then by all means decorate the “ballerina” in delicate pastel colors and always with rhinestones. She loves it very much. In general, in fairness, it should be noted that “pointe shoes” in discreet nude shades and with restrained decor look much better and more interesting than with an aggressive design.

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Important: If you want to add luxury to your image and draw the attention of others to your nails, then decorate your fingers with rings. Moreover, the more of them, the better – now it is also fashionable. And your manicure will only benefit from this.


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  • Ombre. Another idea for creating a trendy manicure. Making an ombre (or gradient) is quite simple and at home. To do this, you need to stretch several types of color along the nail at once. Although, in the case of a ballerina, there is one “but” – the color should not be chosen bright, but among the aforementioned nude shades. Moreover, there is enough space at a good length to make a truly beautiful transition from, for example, pink to milky.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Sequins will help you transform the above nail-art even more, which will give your nails a simply luxurious splendor.[/stextbox]

  • Glitter design. The shape of the ballerina nails is perfect for a brilliant design, moreover, such a manicure will be a great solution for the New Year. There can be many options here.

Only one or two nails are covered with glitter, either only the tips or the hole, or even some intricate pattern is depicted with the help of glitter. In any case, whatever you choose, it will look great, as “pointe shoes” seem to be made to decorate them.

The perfect nail design for any Christmas look

  • Matte ballerina. In fact, in this manicure you will combine two incredibly fashionable trends at once. The angular shape of the nail, covered with matte varnish, will look very soft and feminine. And in this case, it is not at all necessary to give preference to exceptional pastel colors.

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As the main color scheme, you can choose the colors that are popular today: burgundy, dark blue, dark green, berry shades, purple. Rhinestones will look very impressive on such a manicure. And to add luxury to the image, plant one large crystal on the nail, which will create the composition.

  • Volumetric decor. 3D drawings on long nails always look special. Made with gel polish, they create an incredible composition on the nail plate. Therefore, if you are a bearer of the shape of ballerina nails, be sure to try to depict a three-dimensional pattern on them.

It can be anything: flowers that will be especially relevant in summer and spring, festive, themed decor, just meaningless patterns – in a word, everything.

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Important! When decorating a manicure with pebbles, remember one rule: the longer the length of the nail, the less scattering of crystals should be on the finger.


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