Ballet flats 2021: trends and novelties of the season

Fashionable ballet flats 2021 are stylish and original shoes that can easily complement any trendy look. Stylists offer girls a large selection of various models, bold experiments with color and decor. In this article, we will talk about which ballet shoes will be especially popular this year, as well as how and with what to wear them to look irresistible!

What ballet flats will be in fashion in 2021

Ballet shoes became popular in the middle of the 20th century and since then they have not been willing to give up fashionable positions. During this time, only readings of favorite shoes have changed. Ballet flats are firmly entrenched in the wardrobe of women of all ages. And all because they are incredibly comfortable, practical and at the same time feminine and elegant.

In 2021, ballet flats got more graphic forms. Designers also relied on original and eye-catching decor. Considering fashion trends, when going shopping, special attention should be paid to the following models of ballet flats:

  • with a pointed toe, models with a cape in a contrasting color are welcome;
  • with a square toe;
  • soft matte leather
  • varnished;
  • suede;
  • supplemented with decor in the form of chains, ribbons, buckles;

  • from lace material;

  • with transparent inserts.

It should be noted that this season, designers have relied on originality and the desire to emphasize their individuality, while maintaining conciseness and impeccable appearance.

Ballet flats 2021: trendy colors and prints

The most elegant and stylish look are black and beige ballet shoes, as well as models made in noble deep shades of burgundy, emerald, blue. Such shoes will emphasize the luxury of any image, instantly attract attention.

Another fashion trend for spring-summer 2021 is ballet flats with a contrasting toe. This is a rather successful design move that will make the shoes as interesting as possible, and in addition, it will visually reduce the length of the foot.

You can not ignore the bright, and even neon models of ballet flats. If last season fashionistas flaunted in raspberry, lemon and acid green shoes, this year purple, orange and bright green models have been added to them.

As noted above, ballet flats made of matte and patent leather are in fashion. At the same time, designers pay special attention to ballet shoes with animal print: under the skin of a python, leopard and others.

What is fashionable to wear ballet flats in 2021

Ballet shoes are versatile shoes that can easily fit into any trendy women’s bow, make the image practical and attractive. Let’s talk in more detail about what and how best to combine ballet flats in 2021.

With skirt and maxi dress

Fashionable bows in casual style can be obtained by combining ballet flats with floor-length skirts. Such a tandem is perfect for women of any complexion. To make the image more proportional, give preference to skirts and dresses with a high waist. Otherwise, the image may turn out to be a bit heavy. Such a tandem is also not recommended for short women.

As for the ballet flats themselves, for creating images with long skirts, models of contrasting shades that will not merge with the hem of the clothes are better suited. Also, do not forget about balance: if the clothes are bright and colorful, the shoes should be calmer, and vice versa.

With skirt and midi length dress

A set with ballet flats and a mid-length skirt looks luxurious and very feminine. This look is perfect for tall ladies who cannot always afford a platform or high heels.

With trendy mini skirt

Fashion trends in 2021 draw the attention of women to a stylish tandem of ballet flats with mini skirts. This combination is perfect for everyday looks. However, women of fashion with short legs should use such sets with caution so as not to visually shorten them even more. It is best to combine ballet shoes with short skirts, dresses and sundresses of the A-line style, as well as select models with a high waistline.

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With jeans

Jeans and ballerinas – endless scope for creativity. After all, such shoes are easily combined with any trendy styles of jeans.

  • Long-legged ladies can look at the stylish tandem of ballet shoes and skinny.
  • Ladies with full calves can wear flats with straight jeans and trendy boyfriends.
  • Flared jeans in combination with bright ballet flats are suitable for girls with large hips.

Such images will perfectly fit into everyday looks, will be a great choice for walking, shopping, going to work or school.

With culottes

The combination of culottes and ballet flats looks attractive on women of different ages and builds. The main condition for such a tandem is that the trousers should fall below the middle of the calf, so the image will look as harmonious and attractive as possible.

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With shorts

These looks are just perfect for summer. Any model of shorts can be combined with ballet shoes: denim, linen, bright or restrained tones. Whatever model you choose, the image will turn out stylish and beautiful.

Stylish shoes with a flat sole have long been a must-have item in the wardrobe of every representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Fashionable in 2021, ballet shoes bribe the hearts of women with their practicality and presentability, and the photos presented in the article are a vivid confirmation of this.

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