banana diet

All girls who watch their figure have ever resorted to diets. Someone is constantly looking for and trying one diet after another.

Of course, there are a lot of disadvantages in losing weight of this kind:

  1. this negatively affects the internal organs;
  2. impairs metabolism;
  3. reduces the level of activity;
  4. the pounds you’ve lost on a diet tend to come back as soon as you stop sticking to it.

But there are situations when you need to look perfect, for example, in a week at some official event. If you have a couple of extra pounds, but you want to look your best, then, in this case, the diet is indispensable. Its advantage is that you can throw off a few pounds in a very short time.

It would be wonderful if, after this event, the kilograms did not return and did not take a few of their friends with them. In this case, the banana diet will be the most appropriate.

Banana diet is that during the whole day you eat only bananas and nothing else. Instead of black tea, it is better to drink green tea, as it also promotes weight loss. You need to stick to a banana diet for about a week. You can eat an unlimited number of bananas per day.

What are the benefits of the banana diet?

The pounds you lose while dieting are coming back because you are consuming very few calories on a particular diet, and once you start eating normally, your daily calorie intake will increase, resulting in weight gain. If you stick to a banana diet, then you can avoid this, because:

  1. bananas are very high in calories. One banana contains about 100 calories, so if you eat 10 bananas a day, then the daily calorie intake will be 1000, which is the norm for people who follow their figure.
  2. bananas are carbohydrates, which means that by consuming them, you will have enough energy and strength to lead a normal life
  3. a banana is a sweet fruit, so your body will receive sugar and you will not walk around angry and irritated
  4. if you don’t start eating haphazardly after you stop sticking to this diet, and also consume 1000 calories a day, no longer bananas, of course, but other foods, then it will not be difficult for you to continue to reduce your weight. Remember – the main thing is not to break down, but to continue the process of losing weight.

After the banana diet, do not start eating starchy, sweet, fatty foods. You can eat eggs, cereals, dairy products, meat. And most importantly, count how many bananas you ate per day and, accordingly, how many calories you consumed, and after the diet, make sure that this figure is not exceeded. Gradually, if everything is done correctly, then you will return to a normal diet without gaining the lost kilograms.

Of course, each body reacts differently to a particular diet. For some this diet will work, for some it won’t. Someone can easily withstand it, and someone will break in a couple of days. But if you follow a banana diet for a week, then on average you will lose about 4-5 kg. A very important criterion for the described diet is the love of bananas.

If you do not like this fruit, then do not start dieting, you do not need to eat through force, especially what you do not like. Well, banana lovers who decide on this diet will have to immediately prepare for the fact that after 7 days, you will hate this fruit, at least for a certain time.

If you like the banana diet, then you can repeat it regularly. For example, once every three months.

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