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Basic summer wardrobe 2020: “male” models with a female character

The times of cardinal differences between men’s and women’s wardrobes are long gone, and the boundaries of images inherent in different sexes have long been erased. Modern dandies and fashionistas are now freely expressing themselves, combining many different elements of clothing, regardless of gender. In search of fresh and relevant ideas for women’s images, stylists and fashion houses have looked into the wardrobe of men for the first time, and inspiration from masculine images has become one of the peak trends of the season.

Basic summer wardrobe

Today we will look at 5 attractive summer 2020 trends, in which the contrast of masculine and feminine forms an incredible intrigue of the female image, emphasizing its elegance and sophistication.

Black trench coat

A great classic for any season. In the summer of 2020, a more dramatic variation of the classic sandy trench coat is in trend – a black long trench coat with the most masculine silhouette. At the same time, it can be worn not only as outerwear, but also as a dress. For summer evening walks, models with original decor are ideal – from folds to a destructured cut, disassembled into parts.

Black trench coat


A light sweater, cut in the manner of a sweatshirt, was first used by athletes. Then sweatshirts became part of the everyday men’s wardrobe, and then entered women’s fashion. Oversized jersey keeps you warm on chilly summer nights, while lighter, thinner sweatshirts can be worn in hot weather. Pastel and bright colors at the same time allow you to turn this type of clothing into an expression of lightness and sophistication.


Classic shirts

White shirts of a male cut have confidently become part of the female image. By the way, we advise you to buy such clothes in a men’s clothing store according to your size. The fashion for white shirts is especially relevant in the summer season of 2020, but the light has not converged on white shirts: unique and creative looks can be combined with flannel men’s shirts in checks or stripes.

Men's shirts

Polo T-shirt

The famous polo shirt was invented by English aristocrats for a sports game and was intended exclusively for men. Fashion trends this season create unexpected options for using polo in a women’s wardrobe: shirts are suggested to be worn with office pencil skirts, with a vest or pantsuit.

Polo T-shirt

Daring bombers

Fashion houses call this season to give free rein to your inner “boy” and purchase a men’s bomber jacket in retro style. The focus of stylists is oversized options, leather models with patch pockets and a laconic cut.

bomber jacket

bomber jacket for summer

A bomber jacket will allow you to create all kinds of daytime and evening ensembles, organically fitting into almost any look.

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