Basic wardrobe 2022: top fashion essentials

The basic wardrobe of 2022 consists of a list of simple items that will go well with each other, plus it will save you from having to buy unnecessary clothes. We offer you a more detailed overview of trendy capsule models for all occasions.

Trendy basic wardrobe 2022

To look stylish and fashionable, it is not necessary to buy tons of clothes, after which you have to think about what goes with what. To create a beautiful image, it is enough to have a capsule wardrobe, which greatly simplifies life and really saves money.

Jacket and jacket. Perhaps these are the things that everyone must have, besides, they are demi-season. In recent years, layering has become popular and is suitable for any season. A fashionable basic wardrobe in 2022 is not complete without an elongated jacket, blazer, which can be combined not only with classic shirts, but even with tops, T-shirts or turtlenecks. Jackets have long ceased to be considered office wear, because under them you can wear sneakers and boots, jeans and a dress. As for the cut, it is better to choose a straight line, calm colors will be relevant – brown, milky, powdery, gray. It’s safe to say that this is a versatile item in the wardrobe of 2022.

Coat. Practical outerwear, which is also considered capsule by many stylists. The coat is suitable for office and street style. Regarding the length, you can choose any, it all depends on the height and shoes for the overall image. Pastel colors are also welcome here. The acquisition of a basic coat will be a win-win solution for replenishing a basic wardrobe.

Leather jacket. It is not surprising that leather jackets are timeless, they were relevant, both in the 90s and today. Aviators, which have already filled the collections of famous designers, are in special demand. With such a jacket, any look will look stylish, besides, under it you can wear pants, jeans, dresses and leggings. Leather jacket goes well with sweaters, shirts and tops, so it can be called a demi-season thing.

Jeans. Such a thing will serve as a good base, with it you can create dynamic images and stylish bows.

Sweater. In the cold season, you want to look no less beautiful than in summer or spring, so having a cozy sweater is a must. In addition, today there are many sophisticated models that are able to emphasize all the advantages of the figure. In 2022, monochrome beige, white and dairy products will be relevant.

Turtleneck. A stylish turtleneck with a high neck must be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. This top looks great on its own or paired with a vest or jacket. If you want to look sophisticated, you should get a pair of turtlenecks in classic colors to complete the capsule.

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Trouser suits. The relevance of trouser suits only intensifies every year, women choose timeless classics that emphasize the elegance of the bow. In addition, such a set has long ceased to be exclusively office, designers offer informal styles, of which the street style has become a striking example. Noble shades, conciseness and simple cut make the women’s suit versatile, practical and so necessary.

Pants. There should be several styles of trousers in the wardrobe, which are in the list of things for the capsule. Straight cropped products with a high waist are considered trendy, flared and bananas, as well as wide trousers, are returning to fashion. This thing is suitable for any season, it is enough to choose a harmonious top and add accessories to complete the look.

Jeans. No one can do without them, and in 2022 retro style returns to fashion. With such jeans you feel carefree and light, besides, they emphasize femininity. Slouch, bell-bottoms and turn-up pants will also be popular.

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Skirt. Capsule wardrobe includes skirts, they are suitable for any age, configuration and image. Stylish midi looks great in everyday outfit, you can pay attention to short denim and leather skirts.

Basic dresses. The dress is the basis of any woman’s wardrobe, you just need to find the right accessories, and you can go out. 2022 is notable for the demand for mid-length sheath dresses, but young girls can choose short products with long sleeves. Linen style is also welcome, you can beat it in an original way and go to a festive event or just to a restaurant.

Shirts and blouses. A stylish white shirt should be in the closet of every fashionista. This is a versatile model that can be combined with trousers, jeans and even shorts.

T-shirt and T-shirt. Over the past few years, we’ve seen tops and tank tops become part of the capsule wardrobe, and most stylists are advising to complement their looks with just such things. There are a lot of options for shades, the same applies to styles.

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As you can see, putting together a basic capsule wardrobe for 2022 is not that difficult if you study the trends and recommendations of stylists.

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