Basic wardrobe for a 50 year old woman

50 years for women is the age when you need to think about updating your basic wardrobe. But this does not mean that mature ladies should wear shapeless faded hoodies, as was previously customary. Guided by the recommendations of a well-known fashion expert, in this article we will tell you about how even at 50 you can be stylish, fashionable and extraordinary.

Basic rules of beauty and style

According to Evelina Khromchenko, a woman should look neat and elegant at any age, even if she is already over 50. To do this, you just need to follow the recommendations below.

  • Do not repeat other people’s images, as they may not look so impressive on you. Find your own style.

  • Go for classic colors like black, red, beige, green, pink, blue and burgundy. They are universal and have no age restrictions.

  • Never forget about accessories, as they will help transform the image, making it catchy and memorable.

  • Choose clothes with a straight or fitted cut, with which you can emphasize the dignity of the figure and thereby make it visually slimmer.

Ideas for evening dresses from Evelina Khromtchenko

  • Try to keep the image in one color palette, as too colorful sets on older women will look comical.

  • Wear items made from smooth fabrics such as silk, linen or cotton. Unlike textured ones, they do not focus so much on age-related changes and visually rejuvenate.

  • Avoid short-sleeve shirts and t-shirts. The best option in this case would be products with a sleeve length ¾.

  • Fill your closet with versatile items that will then be easily combined with other representatives of the basic wardrobe.

  • Forget retro clothing. On ladies of venerable age, it will look old-fashioned.

  • Dilute the image with colorful scarves. They will not only make your bow stylish, but also refresh your appearance and hide a wrinkled neck.

  • Destroy all colorful robes, because even at home you have to be stunning.

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What should be in the wardrobe?

If we talk about the basic wardrobe, below we have presented the top universal things that are ideal for both thin and overweight women over the age of 50.

  • Dresses. You must have several of them. For special occasions, you should buy a plain sheath dress or a straight cut. For everyday looks, the option in the form of an elongated shirt or tunic made of denim, cotton or linen is the best fit. And of course, a simple black dress that will be appropriate in any situation.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! When choosing a dress, give preference to models that are seasonedm in soothing colors. But options with prints are not worth buying as a base.[/stextbox]

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  • Skirts. There can be an unlimited number of them in the wardrobe. The length of the skirts must be medium and not go above the level of the knee line. As for the design, preference should be given to products with a minimalist design without decorative elements such as flounces, multi-layered layers of ruffles and overly colorful ornaments. The choice of style depends already purely on your taste. Women over 50 are allowed both straight-cut models and pleated options, and even with a smell.

  • Shorts. This element of the wardrobe is suitable for those women whose legs are not prone to varicose veins. But even in this case, only models of a straight cut are acceptable, which in length reach the line of the knees and below.

  • Jumper. A solid cashmere V-neck jumper is a staple top for fall. You can wear it on your naked body with a simple scarf or worn over a cotton shirt.

  • Jeans. Ideally, it should be a simple model of a straight or flared cut from the hip in blue. But if you want to diversify your wardrobe, options designed in lighter or, conversely, dark colors will help you with this.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Forget about jeans with embroidery, scuffs, all kinds of stripes and holes, as this is the prerogative of the youth style. [/stextbox]

  • Trench. The classic beige trench coat has been an impeccable trend for several seasons now. This is because this representative of outerwear not only warms in cool weather, but also fits well into absolutely any image.

  • Shirt. As in the case of dresses, there should be several of them at once. For starters, this is a white cotton model with a straight or fitted cut. You can’t do without it, because it always looks very elegant and elegant. Therefore, it is recommended to wear such a top, both with basic jeans and elegant evening skirts. Second place goes to a denim shirt. It also succinctly fits into an office or everyday outfit. In addition, with it you can create a fashionable denim total bow today.

  • Blouse. It is better to forget about transparent models sewn from flowing chiffon, as they will look vulgar and out of place on older women. It is best to choose blouses made from fine viscose or silk. In terms of tactile sensations, they are no different from chiffon, but the finished bow will turn out to be more elegant and sophisticated.

  • Costume. In your arsenal, it is desirable to have two styles at once: skirt and trouser. However, if it is not possible to purchase both, the choice should be stopped on the trouser version. The jacket should be elongated and semi-fitted. As for trousers, they need to be chosen based on your height. For short women, straight styles with arrows are suitable, and for tall women, flared ones from the hip. The color palette should also be kept in soothing colors. In addition to black, gray, beige, or dark blue would be appropriate.

  • Shoes. In this case, it is important to find the “golden mean” and purchase the model that will not only be comfortable, but also look beautiful on the leg. For example, shoes must be heels. A hairpin for older women will already be uncomfortable to wear, but a stable wide heel is just right. The same applies to sandals. The color palette should also be treated with no less caution and shoes should be chosen in exceptionally calm and wearable tones.

  • Accessories. Sunglasses are a must for every lady in her wardrobe. Ditch the overly bulky, overly embellished options for simple, laconic aviators or cat-eyes. From jewelry, bracelets of different widths, watches, as well as earrings and pendants are allowed.

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