Basic wardrobe for a woman 40 years old

How to successfully and stylishly compose a basic wardrobe for a modern woman of 40? What can be worn, and what is better to put away? How to choose things according to the figure? These and other very important questions will now be considered.

Lovely women in 40 and clothes

If a forty-year-old lady believes that the time has come for long skirts and shapeless sweaters, or, for a youthful effect, you need to dress “younger” – then this is not at all the case. This is the age when you should return to the classics and be guided in the selection of clothes by the following principles:

  • elegance;
  • minimum decor;
  • a varied selection of shades;
  • good, high-quality cut of things;
  • taste and sense of style.

Many fashion trends in 2019 fully meet these points, but ladies over 40 most often already feel and know for themselves what is worth wearing and what is not.

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Clue. To create new successful images, first you need to make a revolution in your closet: scrupulously and boldly go through things, and put away those that do not wear, do not fit, do not combine.


You can see photos of successful basic wardrobe looks for a 40-year-old woman to get inspired for new looks.

Culottes are in fashion right now.

What to give up:

  • rhinestones, sequins, cheap jewelry and other things that are inexpensive and suitable only for young glamorous girls;
  • “careless chaos” in the image – even if there is naturalness in modern fashion, then let a lady at 40 have it elegant and classically adjusted;
  • black color – many stylists talk about black as one that “slims”, but also one that “ages”. The first effect can be achieved anyway due to dark fabrics (dark blue, dark brown, dark green, burgundy, chocolate), but the second moment is very unpleasant. But black can be safely combined with other shades and it will turn out very impressive – look at the photo;

  • military style, rough boots with embossed soles and other elements of a deliberately “masculine” character no longer carry that charm and originality, as in 20 or 30 years. Kosuha, too, would be time to put aside. Although there were very elegant images of ladies over 40 in a leather jacket. So it’s all about the sense of style.

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Advice. Do not forget about neatness and accuracy. Dirty shoes, arrows on tights and wrinkled skirt at all. Not to mention the shabby manicure and cheap cosmetics that do not last more than two or three hours.


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Choose according to shape

Women over 40 should definitely make sure that things fit well, fit the type of figure and refresh the image. And if at the same time they brighten up the flaws in appearance and rejuvenate by 5-10 years, then these are ideal things.

Figure type:

  • ladies with a pear figure have a thin waist, beautiful hands and a graceful neck. This must be emphasized: be sure to fit things or a belt, original sleeves and an open part of the neck. But wide hips can be brightened up with tulip or pencil skirts, A-line dresses, loose trousers. The hem of a skirt or dress should be at or slightly below the knee. If the legs are slender, shorter options are allowed, but not mini;

  • “hourglass” is considered the ideal figure. Here women can choose their favorite things, but no defiant, vulgar or too youthful elements;

  • with an apple figure, ladies are often inclined to be overweight, skirts and trousers with a high waist will suit them. You should not strongly accentuate the top, although it is worth emphasizing (but not exposing) the chest. This can be done with a scarf or a brooch. Choose colors carefully and avoid large prints and horizontal stripes;

  • a rectangular or “boyish” figure requires rounded lines, oval cutouts of blouses or sweaters, you can try a skirt or trousers with a low waist;

  • inverted triangle – mask the broad shoulders, add volume to the hips. Laconic top, can be accentuated on the chest. We emphasize slender legs.

In any case, when choosing new things, you should spin well in front of the mirrors, examining yourself from all sides. Unfortunately, not all fitting rooms allow you to see yourself in full growth, but you should first consider the whole image in order to decide on a purchase.

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Full ladies

With the luxurious size XL, ladies can look feminine and beautiful. The main thing is to follow these rules:

  • nothing tight, especially overly tight. Any thing should sit comfortably and be in shape;
  • no mini length;
  • if there is a waist, it must be emphasized, but if the waistline and stomach are a problem area, then you need to choose straight styles that do not focus on this part of the figure;
  • no decors, stripes and prints that draw attention to figure flaws. You can take a print, but small.

It is worthwhile to carefully and honestly decide what needs to be masked in the figure, and what can be emphasized, and select clothes accordingly.

Basic wardrobe of a 40-year-old lady

Having acquired or collected a control set of basic things, you no longer have to worry that there is “nothing to wear”. It will be easy and quick to get dressed in the morning for work, and a sudden trip to the theater or to a restaurant will not take you by surprise.

The wardrobe should have:

  • trouser or skirt suit laconic cut and color for the office. Even a dark outfit can always be diluted with a light or interesting shade of a blouse. The fabric should be good, and the silhouette should fit and emphasize the figure;

  • business dress with minimal decor. A variety of modern styles will allow every fashionista to choose the best model for herself. And if you add bright accessories and elegant shoes – in such a dress you can safely go to a meeting or a restaurant in the evening;

A-line dress

  • Evening Dress – without it, nothing. Choose luxurious, elegant, well-fitting models. It is better to take a more concise dress, without excessive decor and pretentiousness, and add a string of pearls and an interesting handbag;

  • skirt-pencil, tulip skirt, flared – any suitable option for the office. Try light shades, for example, beige skirts are in fashion now;

  • blouse and shirt – it is worth stopping at a more strict style, which is the most versatile. It is best to have 2-3 in your wardrobe, one must be white, the rest in light solid colors. But an elegant blouse with interesting sleeves or a neckline can be purchased as a “going out”, but this is optional;

  • trousers should be too. Straight, can be with arrows or slightly narrowed, if the slimness of the legs allows. Shortened versions are in fashion, but this should already be chosen at the request of the fashionista;

  • jeans – such a versatile thing that it would be a crime not to include it in the basic wardrobe. But ladies over 40 should choose more classic styles and less decor in the form of holes, scuffs and other raggedness. Jeans can be safely combined with a jacket – it has long been proven that it is elegant and comfortable.

Should women over 40 wear jeans?

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