Basic wardrobe for autumn-winter 2020

The basic wardrobe for autumn-winter 2020 focuses not only on the actual fit and modern trends, but also on its famous versatility. In this article, you will get acquainted with the key positions of the capsule for the cold season, which are perfectly combined with each other and create a practical and at the same time stylish wardrobe.

Top things of the season

Knitted cardigan

It will be very easy for a fashionista to tame current trends, because many of them are distinguished by excellent comfort and practicality. A typical example is a trendy, yet extremely comfortable knitted button-down cardigan. For such a model to look relevant, it must certainly have a fairly loose fit. Stylists also recommend choosing a cardigan of a standard length so that it can be easily tucked into any bottom in accordance with current trends.

You can wear a cardigan with buttons literally with anything. For example, a fashionista can embody a combination with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses in the 2020 season. This novelty perfectly reveals itself in multilayer ensembles. Another idea to think about is stylish asymmetry. Focusing on this trend, a fashionista can lower the cardigan over one shoulder, fasten it unevenly or tuck it in completely.

Denim skirt

Until recently, we saw denim skirts exclusively in spring-summer collections, but now everything has changed, and designers insist: such a model can also be included in the basic wardrobe for autumn-winter 2020 for women. The main must-have with excellent versatility is a midi-length denim skirt with a slit in the front. Such a model will be indispensable in the preparation of stylish casual ensembles.

If your intuition tells you that a denim skirt won’t fit into your pod for the cold season, you can go for a stylish leather alternative. This bottom perfectly transforms office everyday ensembles.

For example, a fashionista can combine a leather skirt in a duet with:

  • oversized shirt,
  • turtleneck,
  • button cardigan,
  • jacket,
  • hoodie or sweatshirt.

There are many ideas, the main thing is to have time to realize them all during the cold season!

Wrap skirt

In addition to straight denim and leather skirts, in the 2020 season they plan to be at the peak of popularity and wrap models from various dense textures – for example, suede or wool. Such novelties kill two birds with one stone – they beautifully emphasize the female figure and correct it if necessary, and are also combined with almost any top. When choosing shoes, you can also give free rein to your imagination, but still the duet of a midi wrap skirt with high boots with steady heels will look the most advantageous and stylish.


A jacket definitely deserves to be included in the unshakable base of a modern fashionista. Stylists recommend choosing the perfect model depending on the features of your figure and personal style. For example, in the wardrobe of some fashionistas, jackets of a free cut, as if taken from a man’s shoulder, will ideally fit in. The other camp of women will certainly take the side of models with a belt or belt at the waist. Fortunately, the two sides will not quarrel, because now both styles are in trend.

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We will not sing laudatory odes to the compatibility of a turtleneck (although we really want to!), But we will only clarify that it 100% justifies its presence in the basic wardrobe for autumn-winter 2020.

If you plan to use a turtleneck in stylish layered ensembles, you can use any model. However, women who prefer to wear such a top in a self-sufficient way are advised to head for fairly loose silhouettes that are dictated by the fashion of the 2020 season.


The basic wardrobe for autumn-winter 2020 in the current style of minimalism may include a plain, laconic sweatshirt. If desired, a fashionista has the right to replace it with a hoodie of a minimalist design – here something suits someone.

Such models have now proven themselves not only in sports ensembles. Stylists are sure that a sweatshirt or hoodie, at least in a single copy, is vital for any fashionista. The fact is that these top options are perfectly mixed not only with jeans and joggers, but also with feminine dresses and skirts. In a word, these participants of the basic wardrobe 2020 give a huge scope for stylish experiments.


If for some reason your wardrobe is missing a basic shirt, you can always make up for this omission. Stylists suggest that the main must-have for all seasons is a white model made of thick cotton with a fairly loose fit. This version of the top is the most versatile and variable, and in the cold season it reveals itself best in multi-layered compositions.

Knitted dress

Of course, it’s hard to imagine a basic wardrobe for the cold season without a cozy knitted dress. In the 2020 season, any fashionista may prefer a versatile straight cut, but it should not sit tight on a figure. If you want to add a drop of femininity to autumn and winter looks, bet on a model with a smell.

A stylish alternative for a knitted dress can be a set of a jumper and a skirt from a similar texture. This option is especially practical, because it combines 2 things at once, designed for stylish experiments and cozy bows.


It’s hard to imagine a modern fashionista’s wardrobe without jeans, isn’t it? So stylists willingly include these clothes in the capsule for autumn and winter. A win-win option is invariably a straight and at the same time fairly loose cut with an oversized or medium fit. This model can be successfully combined with any top and shoes. Speaking of the latter, in the 2020 season it is incredibly fashionable not only to wear jeans with the usual boots and sneakers, but also to tuck them into high boots.

The colors of the base denim deserve special mention. Focusing on current trends, a fashionista may prefer a light palette, but it may be difficult to combine with it. Therefore, the same deep blue, black and gray tones will be a more advantageous solution.


You can also include trousers in your basic autumn-winter wardrobe, because such clothes can now be combined in everyday ensembles. Modern fashion expresses a preference for wide and free styles, but not all fashionistas can make many sets with such a model. Since the basic wardrobe is, first of all, a story about versatility, it will involve the choice of laconic trousers with excellent practicality. Many women recognize such signs in a model with an oversized fit and a straight cut.

If you want to give expressiveness to your autumn-winter outfits, you can pick up not banal trousers, but a novelty from some interesting texture, for example, leather. Subject to restrained colors and concise…

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