Basic wardrobe for fall 2019

Creating a basic wardrobe for fall 2019 for women is getting rid of the purchase of unnecessary things and the problem code-named “I have nothing to wear.” All things are successfully combined with each other and correspond to fashion trends.


Main principles

  • In the basic wardrobe there is no place for a sweater that will disappoint with pellets after the first wash. Value for money is what matters when creating a fashion capsule. In order not to be mistaken, always evaluate the percentage of natural fabric on the label.

  • It is worth thinking about compatibility, which means stocking up on things in neutral shades. It’s not just about black and white. Pastel and deep noble tones can also come to the rescue. When buying a thing, always imagine what clothes from your wardrobe it will be combined with – it should be at least 3 details.

  • Mixing polar styles is interesting, but not practical. Stick to about the same mood when creating a wardrobe, and then it will please with its versatility.

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The main landmark of relevance and versatility is the midi length paired with a straight cut. Favorite coat can be single-breasted or double-breasted, does not give up its position and the feminine style of the smell. Such a cut will also adorn obese women, as it will hide flaws and create an emphasis on the waist.

The basic wardrobe for autumn 2019 from the recognized fashion expert Evelina Khromtchenko suggests the presence of a coat in camel or beige. It is light shades that suit every woman, rejuvenate and ennoble the image. In addition, the aristocratic beige palette never causes problems with the combination.

trench coat

The main mission of the trench coat is to make any familiar bow stylish and spectacular. Of course, this will only work if you choose an actual style – now it is a combination of midi length and a straight silhouette. And about the shortened trench coat with a sun skirt, you should forget for now.

Stylists advise giving preference to a beige trench coat – such a model is neutral in style and color, which means it can deservedly take a place in the basic wardrobe.

Leather Jacket

A real hit of any autumn is a leather jacket. You can make a win-win choice in favor of leather jackets. This model perfectly corrects the figure, slims and is combined with almost all wardrobe.

Leather biker jacket and skinny jeans are the trending look of 2019

Essential clothing


The leading position in popularity is occupied by jeans with an oversized fit and a slightly shortened length. This style is not only distinguished by excellent versatility, it also visually corrects the figure – the waist looks visually thinner, and the legs are longer.

Basic jeans must certainly meet the main criterion – versatility. For this important indicator, a laconic design, lack of decor and a uniform color without scuffs will be responsible. As for the current colors, blue and deep blue tones are now in trend.

In combination with different shoes, you can experiment. Not only sneakers are perfect, but also sandals and boots. Paired with jeans, trendy ankle boots also work great. For example, “Wow-effect” is guaranteed if you prefer white shoes.

Loose fit shirts

Even if you are not bothered by office work, you will definitely need a minimalist shirt with a loose fit. Now the priority is pastel and deep noble tones, characteristic of autumn.

Stylists predict that such models intend to replace the usual white shirts. They can also be combined with trousers, jeans and skirts, but they look more interesting than the classics. Minimalistic jewelry looks great with such shirts.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! If you want to define your waist, tuck your shirt into high-rise pants. If you want to visually lengthen the neck, create a triangular neckline with unbuttoned buttons. Tucked-in sleeves, in turn, will create an accent on beautiful wrists.[/stextbox]

Cardigans and sweaters

The basic wardrobe for this fall should include 2-3 sweaters and at least 1 cardigan. These things will give a stylish rebuff to the cold and allow you to create many interesting and comfortable bows. Focus on a fashionable palette (these are mainly pastel colors) and on the current coarse knit.

A universal novelty in the world of cardigans is a short model with large buttons. The length below the hip is also in trend, it will make any girl taller and slimmer.


Not only classic straight trousers, but also a stylish flared model will be an excellent choice. You can also cheat and initially buy a trendy pantsuit.

Such an investment is perfect for both women over 50 and young fashionistas. This season, you can be inspired by the fashion of the 70s and 80s and choose a suit a la from the male shoulder.

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A dress will be a stylish addition to your autumn wardrobe. Now the trend is a universal sweater dress, a wrap model and a straight cut. For evening outings, you can purchase a luxurious velvet dress with a neckline.


Stylists this season offer to look at 2 relevant and practical styles – a pencil and pleated. The length should be chosen according to your preferences, but you can rely on the trendy midi mark.

You can use a personal example to dispel the myth of the impracticality of a leather skirt. Such a stylish model is able to make friends with any basic top and make everyday look more interesting.

In addition to the classic black color, you can pay attention to the color of eggplant – it is also combined with almost all colors. Beige, chocolate and burgundy tones will also be a great choice for skirt colors.


The current turtleneck in the basic wardrobe is presented in a free relaxed style. It no longer tightens and chokes the throat. Designers offered fashionistas a non-tight cut in combination with a wide neck.

The practical color palette starts with cream, milky, black and gray tones, and ends with a nude and deep palette.


Now in fashion are jackets and cardigans that are not limited to business style only. Modern models successfully dilute casual sets with them, because jackets rhyme perfectly with a turtleneck, sweatshirt, sweatshirt and T-shirt.

The choice of shoes is also huge – it starts with sneakers and ends with elegant ankle boots. In a word, a jacket is a universal investment in an autumn wardrobe that will justify itself for several more seasons.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Squeak of the season is a loose jacket in an extended version. Such models are perfect even for a woman of 45 years old.[/stextbox]


Undoubtedly, the cage has become the favorite of the autumn season among prints. This motif can be placed on a universal coat, jacket, trousers or skirt.

The set looks incredibly stylish, in which several options are mixed …

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