Basic wardrobe for summer 2023

Fashion for the summer 2023 season has created a basic wardrobe in which trendy new items are combined with each other according to the principle of the designer and create stylish looks. Choose which items deserve a place in your closet!


In the summer 2023 season, stylists offer to replace the usual T-shirts with interesting and trendy cropped tops. Trendy combinations are easy to get with trousers / jeans, shorts and skirts from a flying texture.

If summer 2023 looks a little too daring, jump into the trend with layered ensembles, such as an unbuttoned shirt, suit, jacket or cardigan. The potential of the crop top in 2023 is inexhaustible: it is really easy to create a lot of stylish and expressive looks with the novelty!

Pleated dress or skirt

Skirts and dresses for the summer of 2023 look sophisticated and feminine with pleating elements. The versatility of the cut is on top, so he plans to stay on the list of fashion trends for a long time – a great investment!

The design of fashionable dresses for summer 2023 also reflects other trends of the season: elements of asymmetry, transparent inserts, all kinds of cuts and cutouts, bows and emphasis on the shoulders.

Cargo pants

In the spring-summer 2023 season, stylists suggest remembering the iconic cargo pants and using a convenient novelty in a wide variety of combinations. The criteria for actual pants are unchanged – this is a low rise, an abundance of pockets and a free cut.

Fashionable looks for summer 2023 with cargo pants in the lead role can be sporty, daring and even feminine. For example, as a stylish experiment in the new season, you should try a combination with a romantic blouse. Comfortable tandems with basic long sleeves and T-shirts are also not cancelled.

White shirt

The must-haves for summer 2023 include a simple white t-shirt, the potential of which is inexhaustible in everyday looks. Pair the trend with the same cargo pants or mini skirt for a mix of fashion and comfort.

Suit with shorts

One of the key fashion favorites for summer 2023 is a suit with shorts with amazing versatility. Do not be afraid to choose juicy colors (red, pink, green or orange tones) – the sets are ready-made winning images, so they do not need complex combinations.

Tiered sundress

Summer 2023 fashion for women draws attention to the romantic tiered sundress. The novelty looks feminine and elegant.

Mini skirt

In the summer of 2023, fashionistas will not hesitate to introduce miniskirts into their looks. A win-win model is a trapeze cut combined with a fairly dense fabric and an oversized fit – this skirt sits on almost any figure.

Oversized jacket

Women’s clothing for the summer of 2023 for the city is significantly different from the beach capsule. If you do not plan to sunbathe by the sea for all 3 months, feel free to introduce a loose jacket made of light fabric into your wardrobe. Such a must-have is easily combined with your favorite summer dresses, shorts and skirts, adapting the looks to the urban style.

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Sandals with thin straps

In the line of fashionable women’s shoes for the summer of 2023, sandals with thin straps are leading in popularity. Such a model pleases with practicality and brings a touch of romance to any summer bow: does this mood suit you for the hot season?

herbal color

The trendy color of summer 2023 is a light and carefree shade of grass green. The trend is a fresh and muted tone, which is easily combined with basic white, beige and black allies, as well as with pastel things. To transform the summer capsule 2023, introduce one novelty in a grassy shade and combine the trend with the usual things – you will definitely like the effect!

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The fashion trends of summer 2023 offered stylish new items for the basic wardrobe that will allow you to look stylish without extra costs and tricks. Get inspired by photos of current looks, make your own shopping list and be the most fashionable in the new season!

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