Basma for hair: how to dye at home

Every girl wants to change her image. Most often, a woman goes to the salon and changes her hair color. Everyone knows that dyes do not spare the hair follicles and the overall condition of the hair. Like many ladies take care of their health. After dyeing, the hair looks lifeless and dull.

Some girls have discovered a great option for changing their image without harming the condition of their hair – basma. The best part is that this type of coloring not only does not spoil the luxurious hair of women, but also heals hair. Just the perfect option and the dream of any woman.

In fact, under the frightening word “basma” only natural and gentle products are hidden, namely, dried indigofer leaves, wax pigments, resins and vitamin “C”. It gives the hair a dark shade and pleases the girls with beautiful and shiny, and most importantly – healthy hair.

As with any hair care product, it is important to know how to use it properly. Otherwise, the result may not be quite the same as originally envisioned.

Before proceeding directly to dyeing your hair with basma, you need to find out some of the nuances and facts about this miraculous product that helps women be beautiful.

Preparation for dyeing hair with basma

Before you start coloring your hair, you need to weigh all the pros and cons of using a natural dye and consider what result is desired. To avoid an unnecessary shade, you should not dye your hair with one basma. The ideal option is to mix basma and henna. So, before buying a dye, grab a couple of sachets of henna.

When all the necessary ingredients have already been purchased in special stores, you can proceed directly to the main preparation of the hair for the dyeing procedure. Initially, you need to wash your hair with a shampoo that is most suitable for your hair type. It is not necessary to use masks and balms, although you can if you wish. Let your hair dry naturally, that is, put the hair dryer in a drawer for a few days.

Washed hair, by the time of incomplete drying, you need to comb wet hair well. Divide them into strands of uniform strands.


black hair color

In order for the hair to acquire a charcoal shade of curls, it is worth buying basma and colorless henna for hair. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the hair: length, density and thickness of each hair. The owner of long curls needs to buy three to four packs of basma and two colorless henna.

Put the kettle on the fire and wait for the water to boil. Cool it to eighty – eighty-five degrees.

Separately prepare a vessel, preferably, which is not a pity. Basma stains dishes, sinks and clothes very much, so accuracy will not be out of place in such a situation. Mix herbal henna and basma powder, mix. Add chilled water to the composition and mix thoroughly until a more or less homogeneous composition is obtained. The consistency should resemble liquid sour cream.

Cover the bowl with a plastic bag. Leave in a dark place for at least twenty minutes. The mixture for dyeing hair with natural dyes black is ready.

Apply to hair along the entire length. Cover with a plastic cap and a warm terry towel. Keep the mixture from half an hour to three hours.

Brown hair color

In order for the hair to acquire a chestnut hue, you need to buy three components in the store – basma, colorless henna for hair and regular henna. For long hair you will need: two packs of basma, two packs of henna and one pack of colorless henna. The mixture preparation procedure is identical to that described in the previous section. The only difference in the staining technique is that the mixture of henna and basma must be kept on the head for at least two hours.

It is worth considering the peculiarities of the health of the hair follicle. You can even turn to your own master for advice on whether a girl can achieve the desired result with the help of basma at home.

Washing your hair immediately after coloring is not recommended. It is better to wait three to four days to consolidate the effect and achieve the desired and beautiful shade.


Medicinal properties of natural dye

  1. Basma does not burn hair.
  2. Repairs damaged hair. Penetrates the scales and fills them.
  3. Due to the action described in the previous paragraph, the hair becomes thicker.
  4. A healthy glow appears.
  5. Great for covering gray hair.
  6. The product does not cause allergies.
  7. Affordable cost for everyone.
  8. Basma can return a healthy shade to your hair even during pregnancy.


Basma hair dye is a great hair treatment option, but only if used correctly. It is worth following a number of specific tips:

  1. From time to time, the roots grow back, and they have to be tinted periodically. Persistent dyes spoil hair with frequent dyeing, so women try to re-tint only regrown roots. Basma, on the contrary, has a healing effect, so it is recommended to re-dye the hair along the entire length with each repetition.
  2. The frequency of tinting hair with basma is two to three months.
  3. It is recommended to add oils to the composition of the solution of basma and henna: Burdock, castor and others.
  4. Instead of warm water, you can add herbal tinctures, this will make the action more effective.
  5. Basma can not be used by owners of light curls. The color can turn out to be the most unexpected shades: bluish and greenish.

It is worth remembering that during painting you need to protect exposed skin. Basma is a fairly strong coloring pigment. You need to wear only old and unnecessary things and, of course, use plastic gloves.


If the finished basma mixture gets on an open area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin, it should be washed immediately if a person does not want to walk for a couple of weeks with bluish spots. It is better that the staining process is carried out by another person – a female master. So there will be no gaps and it will provide a uniform and beautiful color.

Too often dyeing hair with natural dyes can lead to an undesirable result, namely, the hair becomes too dull and lifeless. The ideal periodization is three months. If the hair grows too fast, then the minimum period of painting can be reduced to two months.

For a long time, women have given their preference to natural dyes. This method has been tested for centuries and always leaves the fair sex in awe of the effect that is reflected in their silky curls.

Many experts in the fashion and beauty industry talk about the benefits of basma. The biggest perk of this drug is that it absolutely does not…

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