Bath with soda: benefits and harms, recipes for weight loss

What kind of sacrifices and experiments are lovely ladies ready to make to gain the desired attractiveness and harmony?! All possible debilitating diets, chemicals, dietary supplements and more. This list can be continued for quite some time, but the real, simple and absolutely affordable methods of keeping yourself in shape sometimes go unnoticed.

For example, a bath with soda is quite capable of becoming a reliable tool that, in combination with a healthy diet and moderate physical activity, will quickly allow you to achieve the desired result.

The essence of the effect of soda baths

Almost without exception, methods of losing weight when using soda baths are based on the property of baking soda to remove fat from the surface and prevent its absorption inside. However, contrary to a fairly common misconception, baking soda in no way contributes to the breakdown of fat directly in the cells of your body, because its molecules are not able to penetrate through the rather thick tissue walls.

Soda acts exclusively on the uppermost layers of tissues in no way penetrating deep into. But this effect is very fruitful and effectively helps in the fight against excessive fat accumulation.

Benefits of a Baking Soda Bath

  1. While you are basking in hot water with food yourself, your body will experience increased sweating, as a result of which you may well lose about 1 kg of weight and several centimeters of volume at a time.
  2. Soda promotes the removal of toxins, and, consequently, the acceleration of metabolism and, as a result, weight loss. In addition, due to this property, a soda bath is extremely useful for various kinds of poisoning: food, alcohol, and even radiation.
  3. Due to penetration into the deep layers of the skin, soda cleanses them, which creates an anti-cellulite effect, which can be enhanced by adding a few drops of essential oils to the water.
  4. Soda baths relax the body, soothe the nervous system and wonderfully clear thoughts, especially after a long and difficult day at work.
  5. In the presence of any inflammation and irritation, a soda bath will perfectly soothe the skin, help get rid of annoying dermatitis and fungus.
  6. Makes the skin much more delicate and silky, softens roughness on the elbows, knees and heels.
  7. Helps relieve swelling, normalizes the process of venous circulation.


Possible contraindications

This procedure is not recommended for people suffering from skin ulcers, diabetes, varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, any colds, including acute respiratory viral infections, in acute or chronic form.

It is also better to postpone for some time attempts to lose weight with the help of soda baths for pregnant women.

With excessive use of this procedure, some side effects may occur, such as swelling, redness, peeling and dry skin.

The essence of the procedure for taking a soda bath for weight loss

In order for a bath with soda to benefit your body, and you personally enjoy the effect, and not cause deterioration of health, inflammation and irritation of the skin, you should clearly follow a few absolutely simple rules.

  1. Reception of soda and salt-soda baths should take place in courses. Each course includes 10 procedures, which must be performed daily or every other day. The duration of each procedure should be about 15-20 minutes, but not more than half an hour. Taking a bath is best after a short walk in the fresh air and a warm shower.
  2. When taking a soda bath, do not try to make it hotter, the water should be at a comfortable temperature of + 35 + 37 Celsius (to measure the water temperature, stock up in advance with a special water thermometer), a higher water temperature can adversely affect your health. For 200 liters of water use 200 g of soda. Initially, the total amount of soda is separately dissolved in several liters of warm water, which is then added to the already collected bath of the appropriate temperature.
  3. A soda bath is taken, usually sitting, it makes no sense to immerse yourself in it entirely. Usually the bulk of body fat is found in the abdomen, legs and buttocks, so partial immersion in water will be enough. If you still want to use a water-soda solution on other parts of the body, then pouring from a ladle will be enough for you.
  4. In the vastness of the Boarding School you will undoubtedly find information that a soda bath is more effective, the higher the temperature of the water. This is undoubtedly true, the process of losing weight will go much faster, but will it generally benefit your body ?! After all, taking a hot bath is more likely to harm your health, you should not take such risks, it is better during the procedure to simply maintain the constant temperature of the water indicated above, adding a little hot water as it cools.
  5. The best time to take a relaxing soda bath is in the evening. Ideally, it will be if you manage to adjust your daily routine in such a way that after the procedure, you can afford to immediately go to bed and fall asleep. In addition, remember one important point, after taking a soda bath, you should not wipe yourself dry – just wrap yourself in a towel, lie down in bed and cover yourself warmly. After all, soda will continue to improve your figure, even when you sleep.
  6. After completing the ten-session soda bath course, take a significant break of at least 2 months before starting over.


Simple yet effective baking soda recipes

In addition to the method already described above, we offer you two more simple and time-tested recipes that will undoubtedly help you improve skin condition and reduce unnecessary internal fat deposits.

  • Recipe #1

This recipe is considered the most effective in the fight against excess weight. In warm water (+36+38 Celsius) it is necessary to dissolve 200 g of soda and 300 g of sea salt. These two ingredients must be dissolved a little in advance in a small amount of warm water, carefully placing and waiting for the salt crystals to completely dissolve.

  • Recipe #2

The second recipe we proposed will help to effectively cope with such an unpleasant and not loved by all girls phenomenon as an orange peel, or cellulite. Soda and sea salt are dissolved in warm water, in the same proportions as in the previous recipe, after which 2-3 drops of lemon and grapefruit essential oil must be added to the water. Such a bath will not only …

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