Be seductive or open season (autumn/winter 2010/11)

Get on the podium!!! Winter is coming to the territory of Russia with bold steps, ready to take positions for a few more months. The designers came up with ideas and released mini-style collections. How can we, in our difficult climate, shine and keep up with fashion?!

Everything is very simple, we remember the grandmother’s saying: “Beauty requires sacrifice.” Consider that this season is just a test of beauty. Grit your teeth and be patient. Stay tuned for new collections.

Mini dress from Atos Lombardini bare shoulders and black inserts peeking out of the dress will scream that you are the most seductive today. The model is made of white fabric, it has a lot of undercuts, emphasizing all the charms of your figure. The pockets are made in a different layer, they fall from the waist down by twenty centimeters. Such a dress can be worn both in the morning for work or study, and in the evening for a party, using different accessories.

During the day, a measured look, which can be obtained using VicMatie high over the knee boots in gray suede, with a straight heel (15 cm). A gray leather clutch bag and an elegant CalvinKlein watch. And in addition to the daily style, the FaithConnexion mini black jacket is contrasted with the white dress, which makes the look businesslike and serious.

Evening elegant, but at the same time boldly seductive look can be obtained by complementing the dress with Adami ankle boots. The shoes are made of soft natural black leather with high heels (20 cm). Wolford nylon tights have leopard spots in black, which adds wildness to the overall look. Braccialini bag in soft leather, embellished with studs and metal coins with folds. Rose metal earrings from FBR. Two bracelets in black: one from FBR with large studs and the other from SimpleShopping.

Two completely different looks. Fantasize and invent your own seductive images from branded items. Stay tuned for podium updates! Be in fashion!

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