Beach fashion – 2019

Each girl plans her vacation in advance, or rather her summer looks, and so that they are really stylish and beautiful, we have prepared a short review beach fashion trends 2019.

And if you want to look spectacular this summer, then let’s create a cool one together. look according to all the rules of modern trends.


What are the fashion trends of this year?

Beach fashion 2019 – it’s not only clothbut also bags, accessories and shoes. Without all this, it simply will not work to create a holistic image. But the designers did their best and offered modern fashionistas a huge scope for their experiments.

So, for lovers of classics and elegant looks, swimwear in retro style was presented. With their help, you can create not banal and playful bows. But for brave girls, modern and slightly extravagant models with deep cutouts and mesh inserts were created.

Yes, and the color palette allows you to experiment. In addition to the always relevant and trendy colors of the sun and the sea, the following will also be popular:

  • Coral.

  • Powdery.

  • Citrus color.

  • Pink.

But the beach image does not have to be monophonic, bright, unusual ones are also welcome. prints:

  • Stripes.

  • Peas of various sizes.

  • Fantasy on the theme of floristry.

  • Ethnic drawings.

  • Leopard spotting.

  • Abstraction.

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Note! An interesting image will turn out if you combine two different print or pattern. The main thing is that it looks harmonious, and not like a carnival costume.


In 2019, the main beach fashion trends offer not to ignore the beautiful and unusual decor (see photo). photo) in the form of fringes, applications, tassels. He is able to addwow zest in the image, make it memorable.

In trend and lacing. This technique looks especially interesting on swimsuits.

Stylish swimwear

Well, what beach fashion can do without swimsuits. After all, it is this element of the wardrobe that allows you to show the female figure from the best side.

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Previously, we have already considered the current models of swimsuits. Now we just recall that at the peak of popularity this year there will be such styles:

  • Monobikini with decorative inserts in the form of a mesh, lacing or sexy cutouts. As a rule, such swimwear come in a single color.

  • One-piece swimwear. Here, the designers gave free rein to their imagination and created models with an incredibly beautiful top, just look at photolooks wonderful, doesn’t it?

  • High-waisted retro swimwear. In this case, there is nothing to say. Stylish and elegant style that suits all girls without exception, regardless of their body type.

  • bando – An interesting, but not practical option. Therefore, if you are planning an active holiday, then give preference to swimsuits with ties or a top in the form of a top.

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The top of the swimsuit with sleeves looks very stylish. This is the best choice for girls, who do not like to sit in one place.


Shorts for the beach: what to choose?

In this regard, fashion stylists also took care of modern girls. This summer, the following models will be relevant:

  • Bermuda is a great option that will be appropriate not only on the beach, but also at cafes and parties. These shorts are somewhat reminiscent of cropped trousers.

Great choice for the beach

  • Are you an active and athletic girl? Then we recommend that you buy dolphin shorts for the summer. They, like no other, will be appropriate on the beach. And due to the free cut, it will be convenient to play sports in such shorts.

  • Denim shorts are just a classic that all self-respecting fashionistas should have. After all, this is a universal option that is suitable not only for the beach, but also for city walks with friends.

Stylish look

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Shorts from denim It doesn’t have to be the color of the jeans. You can choose white or colorful, bright options.


  • Culottes or skirt shorts are another mast have this summer. These styles will help you create a great set, both for a beach holiday and for hiking. V cafe.

By the way, fashion trends 2019 beach fashion they say that all these models of shorts are perfect and for full girlsand therefore give up stupid stereotypes and be sure to get yourself a fashionable cutter. And to make the image look harmonious and stylish, choose the right size shorts. They shouldn’t be too tight. Better if they are slightly loose.

Summer sundresses

If you still don’t know what to take on vacation, then a sundress is exactly what you need. Firstly, it is convenient and practical, and, secondly, it is very stylish and beautiful.

eminent fashion-gurus recommend paying attention to models with a high waist, with an asymmetrical hem or floor length.

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It is best to give preference to those sundresses that are made from quick-drying materials. After all, most often they are worn on a wet body.


In terms of color, fashionistas open up a huge simplyR for fantasy, as all bright and summer colors are relevant. For example:

  • Turquoise.
  • Citrus color.
  • Delicate pink shades.
  • Sky blue.
  • Sunny yellow.

Do not neglect fashion prints: polka dot, geometric pattern, all kinds of flowers.


Well, where are we in the summer without pareo? Moreover, such beautiful and unusual models were presented this season. And if it seems to you that there are no rules for choosing, then you are deeply mistaken. After all, if a swimsuit is made of dense fabric, then pareo should be appropriate, but the transparent option would be completely inappropriate.

In the photo you can find some interesting options.

Beach tunics

Another must-have summer outfit. They are light, comfortable and practical, and therefore ideal for relaxing.

main feature tunics in that it is suitable for any type of figure and, if necessary, will help hide a few extra pounds. This year, designers have prepared special novelties that will delight every modern fashionista.

Beach shoes

Here you need to think not only about fashion, but also about convenience. That is why pay attention to shoes with flat soles. It is perfect for a beach holiday.

Which beach novelty do you like?

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Today on fashion-Olympe are sandals on a flat sole with plain ties. Their feature is versatility, as they will be appropriate in any image. Do not lag behind them espadrilles on a rope corrugated sole. Also, we recommend to pay attention to:

  • Clogs with interesting finishes.

  • Sandals with a strap between the fingers, made of eco-leather.

  • For a special occasion, sandals on the platform are suitable.

Stylish sunglasses

Brighter, less modesty and more fantasy when choosing fashion…

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