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If you are planning a seaside vacation in the summer of 2021, then the issue of beach fashion is more relevant than ever for you. Sunbathing on the beach, swimming or just strolling along the seashore, you also need to be stylish, so check out the main trends of the summer season.

Beach fashion 2021: fashion trends of the season

When analyzing beach fashion, first of all it is worth mentioning swimsuits. This is the main attribute, without which the sea is simply indispensable. Often girls spend a lot of time looking for the very swimsuit that will fit perfectly. This summer they have plenty to choose from:

  • Top in the form of a sports top. This model can be called quite restrained, because the top in it is closed. Such swimsuits are often complemented by a geometric print.

  • Monokini. This model is characterized by the fact that it has different details that originally connect the top and bottom. That is, the back and stomach are not completely closed, as in a one-piece swimsuit, but are only decorated with mesh, ropes, ribbons and other elements.

  • Retro models. In the most popular models of this type, the bottom has a high fit and can also be complemented by belts and buckles. This swimsuit occupies an important place in the beach fashion of 2021 for obese women, because it is able to hide flaws.

  • Strapless. In the summer of 2021, swimwear without any ties and straps will also be at the peak of popularity. This includes the bandeau swimsuits, beloved by many, in which a wide strip of fabric plays the role of the top. They are suitable for bright girls who like to be in the spotlight.

  • Deep cut. If you want to buy a piece swimsuit, then pay attention to the trendy model with a deep neckline. In especially bold models, cutouts can reach almost to the navel.
  • With tassels. A popular model that gives an image of playfulness, originality and rejuvenates a woman. Tassels can decorate the top and bottom, or only one part of the swimsuit.

  • Tankini. This swimsuit can be called a suit, because the place of the bodice in it is occupied by a long T-shirt. If you do not want to expose some parts of your body, then you can choose this type of swimsuit.

  • Asymmetrical. Asymmetry is present in both separate and one-piece swimsuits. One bare shoulder makes the look more interesting and attractive.

Studying the fashion trends of this summer, you can see that the most popular colors for swimwear will be delicate white, natural beige and classic black. Among the bright models, yellow, pink, turquoise and blue are most often found.

Beach fashion 2021 for women is represented, of course, not only by swimwear. Pareo is also an important attribute. It is used to cover exposed areas on the way to the sea, put on for walks along the coast. Among the most relevant pareo options, one can distinguish a mini model, which is simply tied into a knot on the side.

Classic pareos are sewn from light, translucent fabrics and can be of any length. For example, a long pareo to the ankles can slim and make the silhouette more sophisticated. Modern models are often complemented by fringe, lace, and may look like a grid.

Separately, it should be said about shorts, many models of which are relevant for the beach. When choosing shorts, consider how harmoniously they will look with the top of your swimsuit. Always relevant are short denim shorts, as well as wrap shorts, which at first glance are difficult to distinguish from a skirt.

On the beach, you will also definitely need a light summer sundress. Differences sundresses for the beach from urban models are that they can be ultra-short and translucent. On vacation, it will look more than appropriate. These 2021 beachwear trends come in very bright colors like red, blue, yellow, with unusual prints, embellishments like ruffles, flounces and bold cutouts.

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Shoes and accessories for the beach

On the beach it is very important to choose the right shoes. Any options from your wardrobe that have heels are best left for another occasion, because walking in them on the sand is, to put it mildly, uncomfortable. Choose flat sandals or pick up beautiful flip-flops that will look harmoniously with your swimsuit. In addition, flip flops and sandals are also suitable for the beach. This year, a lot of options for beach shoes were presented in bright colors and with beautiful decorative elements.

An important attribute for the beach is a hat. And it performs not only the role of a beautiful accessory, but also protects your head from the sun’s rays. Straw maxi hats, mischievous panamas, sophisticated hats and caps are in trend today.

The last beach attribute that I want to talk about is a bag. A bag that can hold sunscreen, a bottle of water and a towel should be not only comfortable, but also stylish. At the peak of popularity are wicker bags, string bags, bag bags, which indicate the desire for environmental friendliness.

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In the photo you can see the most trendy attributes of beach fashion in 2021. We hope that now you know how to get ready for a vacation, and what things to pay attention to for a vacation in the first place.

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