Beach shoes trends 2021

Fashionable beach shoes in 2021 are considered an integral part of the wardrobe. For relaxation, girls need several comfortable pairs of shoes that will successfully complement the image.

Beach shoes: summer season trends 2021

This season, stylists offer different options for summer shoes. It is suitable for ladies with thin and full legs.

Flip flops

Designers are now creating multiple models of flip flops: with different styles, colors and decor. This option will look good with dresses made of light fabric, cotton or linen trousers, shorts and even pareos. With the help of unusual decor or bright colors, you can add zest to the bow and stand out from the crowd.

For comfortable movement, choose shoes with rough or grooved soles. Thanks to it, injuries can be avoided. Also, such models endure water, sunlight, are easy to clean and maintain a well-groomed appearance.


This type of footwear is considered the most common in the summer. Sandals can be used not only on the beach, but also on the promenade or in the park after work. When choosing, pay attention to the straps. They should fit snugly on the leg, but not press. The sole with a small heel makes it easy to move on the sand.

You can choose laconic models for everyday wear. Or more frilly models if you want to show off on the beach. Designers even offer options that resemble closed shoes. These will not contain sand. Sandals are successfully combined with short dresses, tunics and shorts. If you do not like to mess around with fasteners, we recommend choosing shoes of a different model. Beach shoes have a large assortment, so the fashion trends of 2021 are presented in different variations.


This model was actively in demand among European workers. Now clogs can be seen even at the shows of famous designers. Modern options are not made of wood, so they are comfortable to wear. A heel, a small platform and an open heel are the components of summer clogs. The upper of the shoe is created from leather, synthetic materials or textiles.

In 2021, experts created models with bright colors, original materials and unusual decorations. Visually, such shoes make the legs longer and thinner. The style is suitable for the beach, because it does not need to be constantly fastened / unfastened.

For fashionistas, stylists offer options with straps, embroidery, beads, rhinestones and other design elements. For convenience, it is better to choose models without a heel. The toe can be open or closed.


Another trendy beach shoe for a full and thin leg in 2021 is crocs. This style was invented back in the 2000s. Closed slippers are made from a special foamed polymer. The last and small heel follow the natural curves of the human foot, so they do not fall off and do not hinder movement.

Classic crocs visually resemble a crocodile face. There are also options in the form of flip flops, flip flops and slates.

Under the influence of sunlight, such shoes take the shape of the foot. The material protects the skin from harmful bacteria, evaporation. This is especially important while on the beach.

To diversify your look on vacation, you can choose crocs with decorations. For decoration, manufacturers use plastic jibits. These can be faces of cartoon characters, camouflage emblems, flowers and other images.

The unique composition presents shoes in different colors: from neutral whites to catchy neon.

On a wedge

The option is suitable for extravagant young ladies who want to look sexy even on the beach. Now designers create both slates and wedge sandals. She gives the bow femininity, elegance. At the same time, it does not cause discomfort like, for example, a heel. Due to the even distribution of the load, the foot does not get tired while walking.

For summer, wedge shoes with interesting details or bright colors are suitable.


Beach fashion 2021 includes shoes with a lot of straps. The famous “gladiators” were originally worn by warriors in the Roman Empire. They were made of leather and featured many weaves and rivets.

Due to the textured sole, rough lines, these sandals emphasize the elegance of women’s legs. This year, designers have presented deliberately rough and more elegant options. You can choose short models to the ankle or shoes with straps to the knee.

flip flops

Flip flops are a classic option for beach relaxation. They are comfortable to wear, easy to remove and look attractive. The jumper after the thumb is a distinctive feature of this model. Now there are options with fabric and rubber uppers. The latter is better suited for relaxing near the water.

Thanks to the open top and the absence of straps, the skin is ventilated and does not rub. And the flat sole guarantees long walks. Flip flops are suitable for sandy beaches, for pebbles it is better to choose sandals or crocs.

Fashionable beach shoes are an important part of the wardrobe in 2021, the photos show a variety of models. Choose the right one and enjoy your summer holidays.

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