Any woman is worried about the question: how will she look, on the beach, during the open water season? Slender beauties dream of gracefully walking on the warm sand, driving the male part of the vacationers crazy, thanks to open swimsuits.

Allowing you to see all the beauty of a naked body. Older ladies dream of picking up a kind of beachwear that would hide figure flaws. Along with women, men also try to keep up.

When choosing clothes for relaxing on the beach, you must remember that beachwear is not only an open or closed swimsuit or swimming trunks, but also a headdress. A cape will also be relevant, in which you can effectively walk along the embankment or sit in a summer, cozy cafe with a cup of ice cream and a glass of juice. And for a women’s beach suit, you also need an original handbag and carefully selected jewelry.

Of course, the main accessory of beachwear is a swimsuit. Swimsuit can be both open and closed. With hard or soft cups, normal or low bottom line. Leading designers this season offer customers a choice of a large number of styles, both classic and swimsuits trimmed with a variety of frills and lace.

Lingerie store “Undercolors of Benetton”, for example, in its new collection presented swimwear with a simple coloring in small cells. And along with this, a collection of swimwear with an unlimited range of colors and expressive images. But it must be remembered that the thongs that went out of fashion last season will not become relevant now.

The main accessory of beachwear – a swimsuit is selected. Now you need to take care of the rest of the wardrobe. It can be light sweaters, and colorful sundresses, and tunics and shorts that hide figure flaws. Last season, designers paid a lot of attention to Poreos. Now, this is not a piece of fabric tied up by each owner in her own way, but a complete composition that separates each copy in a certain style.

An important component of beachwear is shoes. The notorious flip flops were replaced by flat-soled sandals with elegant Greek-style lacing. And for those who like to walk on water, transparent boats without a heel, somewhat reminiscent of galoshes, are suitable.

When dreaming about a pleasant time spent in the sun, one should not forget about a headdress. And this is not only a fashion accessory for beachwear, but also an item necessary for maintaining health during the summer heat. Straw hats, wide-brimmed fabric hats, and plastic visors are also suitable here.

World brand “Koton” presented its new collection spring-summer 2011. Where charming hats and mini shorts were exhibited, which are back in fashion in the new beach season.

As for the colors of beachwear, it can be any, and you should not forget that the brightness of an individual accessory is not so important as the selection and balance of the entire ensemble.

Happy holidays!

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