Beads 2021: trendy models and how to wear them

Fashion beads are a fairly versatile accessory, so we recommend that you add this jewelry to your looks in 2021. There are a lot of types of beads – they differ in size, length, arrangement of beads. And each model is better suited for a particular outfit. Let’s figure out together what beads are in fashion, as well as how and with what to wear them.

What beads are in fashion in 2021

Beads can be a good addition to a large number of images, because they look beautiful in many styles. They can complement everyday images, business, evening and many others. A wide range of colors allows you to select beads for each individual bow so that they look as appropriate as possible in it.

The most fashionable beads of 2021:

  • Pearl. Pearls are in trend this season, so fashionistas should add pearl beads to their wardrobe. You can combine beads of different lengths together, as well as wear jewelry with beads of different sizes. Black and white pearl beads look beautiful. Another option is long pearl beads that can be worn full length, or wrapped a couple of times around the neck.

  • Boho style. The boho style is very recognizable, and many girls simply adore such jewelry. The features of this style are the use of large elements and rather unusual combinations. Jewelry of this type are made of leather, wood, textiles, suede and various natural materials. Often these accessories are made by hand, for which they are even more valued.

  • From rock crystal. Rock crystal is an incredible crystal that is most often transparent. It may also have a green or blue tint. The most expensive is white crystal. Rock crystal beads look very attractive and luxurious.

  • Multilayer. Multilayer beads are very diverse. They can consist of a different number of levels of any length. Also, designers often use beads of different sizes and colors in such jewelry. In general, very original accessories are obtained that attract a lot of attention.

In the cold season, you can wear knitted or felt beads that look great with knitted items. They look very original and thanks to the material they are made of, they are ideal for warm clothes.

In the photo you can see examples of the most fashionable beads of 2021 that are worth your attention. The color of the jewelry can be completely different, because the main thing is that the beads fit well into the overall color scheme.

Features of the selection of beads for outfits

Beads, like any other accessory, need to be matched to certain outfits. In this case, you need to consider their style, size and color. We will share with you some secrets related to the choice of beads:

  • Don’t overload your look with beads that are overly bright or multicolored. Try to match the beads to the overall color scheme.
  • When you wear an outfit in soothing colors or even total bows, then beads in a contrasting color can become a bright accent.
  • Beads of bright colors look very nice against the background of white clothes.
  • Do not combine beads with jewelry made of precious metals.

Materials for the manufacture of beads use completely different. The most fashionable jewelry is those made from natural stones. These are lapis lazuli, amethyst, aquamarine, turquoise and others.

If you are looking for trendy beads for the summer of 2021, then check out the multi-colored models. Such bright jewelry will perfectly complement the colorful summer looks. You can wear them to a party, to the beach, or even wear them to a business look.

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How fashionable to wear beads in 2021

As already mentioned, beads are suitable for almost any outfit. The main thing is that the decoration fits well into the whole image and is combined with its details. The cutout on the clothes is important:

  • If the garment has a boat neckline or a high neck, then a long piece of jewelry is best suited to it.
  • When a dress or blouse has a deep neckline, they need to take beads with several levels.
  • Square necklines and off-the-shoulder blouses look good with asymmetrical beads and formal jewelry.
  • If the cutout on the clothes ends at the level of the neck, then you need to pick up medium-sized beads for it.
  • In tandem, an accessory made of small beads will suit the V-neckline.
  • Do not forget about the choker model. It goes well with sleeveless and strapless clothes, as well as shirts.

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Are you going to wear beads with a dress? Here, too, there are secrets that you should follow if you want to look stylish:

  • With solid colors – especially with black, white and gray – beads of bright colors look good. As an example, you can see the combination of red beads and a gray dress.

  • A red dress looks best with white pearl or opal beads.

  • A long accessory can be tied into a knot and thus create an original bow.

In the next photo you can see how to match beads with different necklines. As an example, single-layer beads, a choker model, as well as a multi-layer decoration.

Listen to the fashion trends of 2021 and boldly introduce stylish beads into your bows. Such accessories are ways to radically change the perception of a holistic image, make it more original and much more interesting.

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