Beads 2022: trendy models

In 2022, fashionable beads will become an important element of any stylish look, because this versatile jewelry is effectively and originally combined with clothes and shoes of various styles.

What beads are in fashion in 2022

This season, both bright large jewelry and elegant items made of precious stones and minerals will be in fashion. Let’s find out which beads will be in trend in 2022:

  • African. Decorations in this style are large in size and rich in colors. Bright beads covered with ethnic patterns look very impressive. In 2022, designers offer fashionistas to pay attention to wide jewelry that covers the neck and most of the chest. This accessory is suitable for energetic women leading an active lifestyle.

  • Large. According to the fashion trends of 2022, it will be possible to make an interesting accent in the image with the help of large and long beads. The trend this season will be both monochrome and multi-colored products. An important nuance – such beads should be worn with caution by miniature women of fashion who are prone to fullness.

  • From rock crystal. This semi-precious stone will become very popular this season. The iridescent mineral is ideal for creating spectacular jewelry. Rock crystal beads are feminine, elegant and stylish. In addition to white, you can find blue, black and green products.

  • Boho. Gypsy style in 2022 will become very fashionable. The trend will be not only bright clothes, but also jewelry made from natural materials. Unusual boho beads, made with your own hands from improvised means (textile, leather, suede, wood), will help you create very original images.

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  • Multilayer. This season, stylists recommend wearing jewelry of different lengths. In 2022, multilayer beads made of metal, wood, and precious stones will be in fashion. Fashionistas will also like jewelry made from natural minerals – turquoise, coral, amber, agate.

  • Pearl. Fashionable hit of the season will be jewelry made from this natural mineral. Pearl beads perfectly complement business, casual and evening outfit, adding femininity, tenderness and elegance to a fashionable look. Especially popular will be long beads that can be wrapped around the neck in several layers.

  • Plastic. Modern technologies make it possible to create stylish and original beads from artificial materials. This season’s favorite jewelry will be plastic jewelry. To the attention of fashionistas, leading brands offer a wide selection of transparent, matte and mother-of-pearl beads of various shades. The trend will be blue, gold, lilac, orange, red and turquoise products. The main thing is to choose beautiful jewelry for the chosen outfit.

In the cold season, a stylish look will be decorated with knitted or felt jewelry. Such beads can be combined in an original way not only with warm sweaters, cardigans, woolen dresses, but also with outerwear. Stylists recommend that fashionistas boldly wear these accessories with classic coats and quilted down jackets.

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How fashionable to wear beads in 2022

In order for the image to turn out not only stylish, but also harmonious, you need to choose the right jewelry for a fashionable bow. In doing so, it is important to take into account several key points. Firstly, fashionistas should focus on the features of their figure. Secondly, the color type to which the woman belongs plays a huge role. And, thirdly, the most important thing is the overall style of the chosen clothes, because the accessories should not be dissonant with the outfit worn.

Let’s study the tips of stylists on how to wear beads in fashion in 2022:

  • It is important that the jewelry does not stand out from the color scheme of the created image. Bright beads will be a great addition to the total bow. They will help to make an interesting and beautiful accent in a monochrome look.
  • Fashionable coral beads are best for dark-haired girls and swarthy blondes. Red-haired beauties should give preference to amber jewelry.
  • The right solution for fashionistas who prefer a convenient and comfortable casual style is multilayer beads. They will look great with a summer blouse, as well as a warm turtleneck or a knitted dress.

  • Jewelry made of pearls and rock crystal is beautifully combined with classic and business style clothes. But African and gypsy beads will look best in combination with summer dresses, flying skirts and long sundresses.
  • Lovers of sports outfits (t-shirts, shorts, leggings and knitted suits) will also be able to treat themselves to beads. Plastic, metal and glass products are well suited to clothes in this style.
  • For an evening dress, consisting of a dress, trousers or a skirt with a blouse, beads must be selected very carefully. In 2022, stylists advise decorating a festive look with accessories made from natural stones or precious metals (gold, silver, platinum).

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What beads will be fashionable in 2022 can be seen in the photos posted on our website. Using this tip, every fashionista will be able to create a bright and unforgettable image with the help of stylish jewelry.

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