Beautiful and multifaceted rubbing on the nails

Rubbing on the nails in our photo selection rightfully takes its rightful place among the new products of 2018. Fashionistas are fed up with the classic jacket, they are bored with the monochromatic coating, they are not even pleased with the drawings and rhinestones on the nails. Then a stylish idea for a brand new manicure comes to the rescue – a luxurious rub. Read in our article what it is and how to use it. Of course, we didn’t forget to talk about the main trends!

Beautiful and fashionable manicure with rubbing

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What is it

Rubbing is a special acrylic powder for nails. Among other decor, you can easily recognize it by miniature particles in the composition. The rub got its name because of its technology of use. A miniature pigment is literally rubbed into a sticky layer of varnish. It is quickly and reliably attached to the nail plate and, when fixed, remains for a long time.

Beautiful manicure with rubbing

Fashionistas simply adore rubbing for the incredible effect that it creates on the nails, economical consumption and affordable cost. This manicure technique can even be implemented independently, and it is wiped off the nails as easily as it is applied.

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So that you do not get confused in the store assortment, we advise you to study the types of rubbing in advance and decide which one suits you best.

  • Fans of a chic manicure with a mirror shine are delighted with rubbing with chrome. The most popular today are gold and silver rubs, and you probably guessed why. The fact is that they create an incredible metallic sheen that is relevant this season.

Gold rub for nails

  • The showiness of these colors can also be compared with fashionable mirror rub blue, purple and red colors. Masters of the nail industry take them as a basis in space manicure.

Fashionable red rubbing

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Note! Any mirror rub instantly reveals all the flaws. Irregularities of the nail plates or inaccurate application of varnish will be very noticeable. Therefore, in this type of manicure, we advise you to devote more time to the preparatory stage.


  • Pearl powder reminiscent of the mother-of-pearl luster of the jewels of the same name. Wedding and French manicure are perfectly combined with this decor. The classic version of this rubbing has a characteristic creamy tint, but other pearl rubbings are available today. For example, unicorn powder can become the main character of a fabulous design.

Beautiful pearl rub

  • What kind of ideas do not come to mind fashionistas to make everyone admire their manicure. Meanwhile, this can be done very simply – by using holographic rubbing on nails. The effect is obtained like gasoline spilled on asphalt, in a word, incredible and bewitching. The technique of applying this decor implies the mandatory use of a contrasting background.

Holographic rubbing

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Main trends

Fashion trends with the use of rubbing in manicure seem to hint: there is no need to be afraid of even the most daring experiments on nails, because it looks so cool.

  • Rubbing on the nails, as in the photo novelties from the leading masters of nail art in 2018, goes well with the pattern in volume. In the salon, you can create a manicure as a real work of art, with which you will become the queen of any holiday.

Manicure with rubbing and three-dimensional pattern

  • The combination of rubbing with rhinestones and kamifubuki is also in fashion. On the basis of these tandems, truly solemn and impressive designs are created.

Manicure with rubbing and rhinestones

  • Stylish nails with a mirror effect in the 2018 season are relevant in colors such as silver, gold, blue, pink, powdery and blue. However, in fact, the color palette in the choice of acrylic powder is much wider, and you have the right to use any shade you like. Any mirror manicure will look stylish and impressive.

Beautiful pink manicure

  • The combination of matte and mirror nails in one manicure is still in trend. Such a game of contrasts could not leave fashionistas indifferent and this manicure instantly became very popular.

Manicure with rubbing and matte varnish

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  • The eloquent name of a manicure with a rub – “Maybeetle” suggests that the colors on the nails shimmer mysteriously. Only at a certain angle, the manicure acquires a mysterious purple hue. In some sources, you can find the name “chameleon” – this is also about this type of manicure.

Maybug rubbed manicure

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Interesting! Despite the unusual play of color, the rub for this manicure has an unremarkable gray-beige tone.


  • French or moon manicure using rubbing looks simply amazing. With the help of a brilliant powder, you can effectively beat a classic smile or a hole. Also, rubbing can be the basis of the base coat for these manicure techniques.

French with rubbing

  • A design with the addition of a rub can be made using the ombre technique. The mysterious transition of one color to another in combination with acrylic powder looks flawless.

Ombre with rub

  • Rubbing on nails is popular in the novelties of 2018 – manicure options using the cat’s eye technique. This design is created with black lacquer combined with magnetic sparkles.

Manicure with cat’s eye rub

  • What bright girl doesn’t love red nail polish? And how do you like the idea of ​​​​replacing a boring monochromatic coating with a rub of the same color?

Fashionable red manicure combined with rubbing

Rubbing on regular varnish

Actual nail design with the addition of rubbing is presented in many novelties of the season. The coming winter is an excellent occasion to dilute gray everyday life with a stylish manicure. Its nice feature is that the rubbing technique is available even at home with ordinary varnish.

Rubbing on regular varnish

  • This action begins with a standard hygienic manicure procedure. Perform the usual manipulations to create the desired shape of the nails and remove the cuticle.
  • Next comes the buff. With this tool, you need to polish the nails, removing all the bumps. Do not forget to remove the resulting dust after that.
  • Then a base is applied that protects the lipid layer.
  • Have you chosen your desired shade of nail polish yet? Now is the time for this. The ideal option for this manicure has medium fluidity.
  • In order for the coating to become opaque, varnish should be applied in 2 or 3 layers.
  • On the final layer that has not yet dried, apply a rub.
  • Secure the manicure with a top so that the result pleases as long as possible.


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Rubbing on gel polish

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