Beautiful and original shoes for prom 2021

Shoes and sandals are an essential attribute of a stylish and attractive look for prom 2021. At the same time, the “right” shoes must meet a number of criteria: be fashionable, comfortable and practical, and must also be in harmony with the outfit. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right shoes for graduation, taking into account the main parameters.

How to choose fashionable shoes for prom 2021

Stylists draw the attention of graduates to the fact that the choice of shoes should be started only after the prom dress is purchased. So it will turn out to create the most concise and harmonious image.

  • If the dress is bright and catchy, with a lot of decor, it is best to choose more restrained shoes. Solid pumps in nude shades or in tone with the main outfit will do.
  • Monochromatic dresses without an abundance of rhinestones, embroidery and other decor can be complemented with shiny sandals, shoes completely covered with rhinestones, with an abundance of straps and other decorative elements.
  • For a long evening dress, it is best to choose classic high-heeled shoes with a pointed toe.
  • Sandals on a neat wedge heel, tapering closer to the heel, are best suited for a flared mini-dress.
  • A trouser suit and overalls will look best with stiletto heels or closed heeled sandals.

For tall girls, it is best to refuse too high heels or platforms, otherwise, the image may turn out to be too bulky.

Next, we will tell you more about the actual shoes and sandals for graduation 2021.


Lace-up shoes are an excellent option for those fashionistas who want to emphasize their look on their feet. This option is suitable for a short dress or an outfit with a deep slit. If you want to add more originality to the bow, choose sandals where lacing is done using a satin ribbon tied to a beautiful bow.

With a lot of membranes

Graceful sandals with a lot of thin membranes or straps will become a real decoration of any prom outfit. Choose monochromatic models of classic colors: black, white, silver. Such shoes will attract attention to themselves, but at the same time will not compete with the main image.

Classic pumps

This is the most versatile style of shoes, suitable for almost all occasions. Especially if boats of discreet shades are chosen – beige, pale pink, black. Graceful shoes with a pointed toe will be the perfect completion of the image with a long evening dress, wide trousers, luxurious overalls. The only option that boats do not fit is short puffy dresses. In this case, it is better to look at sandals with heels or wedges.

Wedge sandals

For short dresses made of light fabrics, wedge sandals are best suited. Such shoes look easy and at ease, do not overload the image. In addition, this is the most convenient and comfortable option for long dances. Choosing wedge shoes, most likely, you will be able to do without interchangeable shoes.

With strap

Pumps or sandals with a strap are one of the most successful shoe options for prom 2021. They make the image complete, give the leg elegance. In addition, the strap fixes the shoe better, which makes it easier to wear it for a long time. Such a fashionable pair will successfully fit into the image with a medium-length dress.

If you want to add an outfit of originality, choose a model in which the strap located on the ankle is decorated with small or large rhinestones. Such shoes will become the main accent in the image, add luxury and chic.

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If your outfit is so self-sufficient that it doesn’t need additional details at all, then you can pick up shoes or sandals made of transparent materials that are fashionable in 2021. Such shoes will not only look original, but also visually lengthen the legs, make the image more concise.

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The most unusual and original models

Fashion trends in 2021 offer girls a wide variety of original decor options that will make prom shoes the highlight of the whole look. Therefore, if you want to attract as much attention from others to your legs as possible, you should look at models that have the following details:

  • Large bow – it can be placed both in front of the sandals and in the area of ​​torture, play an exclusively decorative role or act as a fastener.

  • An abundance of stones and rhinestones – shiny decor elements can be located both locally and cover the entire surface of the shoe, creating a bright and catchy look.

  • Unusual heel – experiments with heels are very popular with trendsetters today. The heel can be decorated with rhinestones, original print, complemented by other decorative elements. Sandals and shoes with transparent heels look interesting, fashionable and unusual. They seem weightless and make the image more elegant.

  • Original wedge – today designers continue to carry out bold experiments with this shoe detail. The high sole is decorated with rhinestones and stones, decorative cutouts, unusual shapes and curves are made.

Now you know which shoes and sandals are best for prom 2021. We hope that our material will help you make the right choice and look charming!

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