Beautiful, but at home: how to dress for the family New Year 2021

New Year is usually celebrated in the family circle. Even if a trip to a cafe or restaurant is not planned, a woman should think over her festive look. When celebrating the celebration at home, it is worth abandoning heels and long dresses with a train. At the same time, the outfit in any case should not be casual and boring.


Depending on her preferences, a woman can opt for an elegant midi-length dress or a cozy knitted sweater dress. The style in the form of a shirt is also relevant, especially if you add it with accessories and a bright belt. For the upcoming holiday, designers advise choosing tight-fitting outfits, so a sheath or “noodle” dress will help create a stylish look. Those who make a choice in favor of a mini should stop at a laconic dress with shoulder pads.

Bright skirt

Tight-fitting midi-length models are popular, which are embroidered with sequins or made of lurex. A discreet top is selected for them so that the image is not overloaded. Layered tutu skirts have not yet faded into the background and remain popular, especially when complemented with a crop top. Designers also offer A-line skirts made of heavy fabrics. In this version of the outfit, the skirt plays a major role, so the rest of the elements of the image should set it off, but not draw attention to itself.

Original blouse

The principle of creating an image in this case is a concise bottom plus a bright top. The blouse can be of different shades, but not red, since this color will not be to the taste of the symbol of the year – the Bull. Lantern sleeves, draperies, bows, beads and sequins decor – all this will be appropriate. If the blouse is voluminous, then the trousers or skirt should be tight-fitting. The top can be tucked in or let out, but in this case it is advisable to use a belt to accentuate the waist. Metallic silver or gold glitter is also welcome.


Pants are comfortable, and overalls are also beautiful. The fitted top and wide legs have not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. The sleeves and bodice can be embellished with intricate draping. For a minimalist outfit, you should choose earrings that visually elongate the neck area. The bottom of the jumpsuit does not have to be long. Culottes or shorts would also be appropriate. If desired, tights with a geometric pattern are added to them. Since the celebration takes place at home, it is better not to choose outfits with an open back or open neckline.

Thematic clothing

New Year is a holiday of magic, comfort and homely atmosphere. For his meeting, you can choose clothes in the same style for the whole family. Sweaters with the notorious deer, Santa Claus or the symbol of the coming year – all this will look appropriate and add zest to the celebration. For lovers of costume parties, it is possible to opt for stylized outfits. It is not necessary to repeat your favorite images exactly, it is enough to take separate bright elements.

An outfit for celebrating the New Year at home should combine beauty and convenience. Clothing depends on the format of the event. In addition, all family members should dress in a single harmonious style, which will allow you to take bright and memorable photos.

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