Beautiful cocktail dresses 2019

In this article you will find photos of the most fashionable cocktail dresses of the 2019 season. We are sure that there are not many models for a special occasion, so why not treat yourself to a stylish novelty? In addition, it is difficult to resist such fashion trends.


trend colors

The fashionable palette of cocktail dresses pleases with its richness – you will definitely find your favorite color!

  • Do you have a favorite luxurious red shades? Great! Fashion trends are just very supportive of scarlet, burgundy, wine and marsala. The whole rich family of reds is a win-win for blondes and brunettes.
  • Do you want to create a delicate look? Then take a closer look at the appropriate palette – lilac, powdery pink, beige and milky.

  • The trendy option is a dress with an enchanting sheen of metal and sequins. In this outfit, any fashionista will look bright and gorgeous.

Bright sequins will make your look shine

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  • Deep blues and purples can be used to create the most chic and presentable look.

  • The magic wand for body shaping and any experiments with the image is a black dress. But in the new season, it is rarely boring and concise. Designers decided to offer fashionistas extraordinary models with a complex cut and memorable decor.

  • A bright and spectacular option is a yellow dress. All sunny shades are in trend – from lemon and rich yellow to self-sufficient mustard.

  • Fuchsia will be another great idea for a magical look.

  • The Pantone Color Institute has also announced such cheerful shades as crimson, orange, discreet green and coral as relevant. Such tones will appeal to bold fashionistas who want to be in the spotlight.

  • All your tenderness and prettiness will be revealed in a sky-blue festive outfit.

Actual decor

Stylish and exquisite jewelry – that’s what makes the dress special, and the girl confident and attractive. What decor did the designers have hopes for in the 2019 season?

  • The unequivocal trend is the exclusive feather decor, which perfectly tunes in to the festive wave. If you want to create an enchanting and unforgettable look, be sure to take a closer look at this trend.

  • The embroidery decor will not leave indifferent the young lady who loves to create feminine and romantic bows. Of course, beautiful flowers have become the most relevant embroidered motifs.

  • Gorgeous lace can also be used to decorate stylish cocktail dresses.

  • Do you want to shine at a festive evening? Then your knight’s move is a dress with a fashionable decoration made of rhinestones.

Dress with flounces and frills

Cocktail dresses with flirty frills will be responsible for your playful and romantic mood. If you prefer to actively dance and move on a festive evening, choose just such a dress – it will attractively develop with every step.

Ruffles look good on sleeves, hem or shoulders. Keep in mind that located in one place or another, they will definitely draw attention to this part of the body.

original asymmetry

An asymmetrical dress is a 100% move to create a bold and extraordinary look. There are a lot of options for embodying this trend – from an uneven parting to an open shoulder. Any differences in length and symmetry add zest to the image and turn the dress into a trendy one.

Asymmetry will emphasize your graceful forms

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[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Asymmetry is a proven way to correct your figure. The original cut can make the waist look slimmer and the hips narrower.[/stextbox]


Such a dress implies bare shoulders and a short length – what you need to look sexy and feminine. For several seasons, the bustier model has been very popular with girls. The secret of a successful image is in a perfect fit and the absence of straps from underwear.

The line of the bodice in such a spectacular outfit can be strict straight, heart-shaped or slightly curved. The straps, which playfully fall over the shoulders, enhance the romantic mood. They are often made from the same fabric as the dress, but details from chiffon, tulle or organza look more interesting.

A babydoll style dress with a high waistline will help to make the look infinitely cute and a little carefree. If you want a touch of elegance in this outfit, choose the actual midi length.

Mini length

Not just a mini, but an ultramini. Such dresses instantly conquered all the world’s podiums and made millions of fashionistas fall in love with them. This length will effectively open beautiful legs and emphasize a slender figure.

So that the image does not turn out to be vulgar, the designers made sure that the upper part of the outfit was rather closed. For example, such a model looks harmonious and stylish with closed sleeves. Various decor is also welcome – fringe, sequins, mesh or lace.

Model with a puffy skirt

Perhaps the most spectacular and feminine dress in our ranking is a model with a fluffy skirt. If you want to feel like a princess or queen on the occasion of the celebration, this outfit will be a great idea. This style of dress is ideal for an elegant and fragile fashionista.

A fluffy skirt can be made with several rows of frills or resemble a ballerina’s tutu. Such an amazing bottom will be in perfect harmony with the upper bustier.


The fashion trends of 2019 did not disregard the cocktail dresses of the feminine sheath style, as in the photo. In such a model, restraint and sexuality are surprisingly combined, and seductiveness is hidden behind severity.

The sheath dress is indispensable in emphasizing the figure due to the fitted and tight cut.

The reference point for the fashionable length of such an outfit is the level of the knees. A value slightly above or below this mark is allowed. The 2019 season trends will also reflect thin or no straps, sheer inserts, a stand-up collar or a dropped shoulder line.

The most elegant and graceful choice is an off-the-shoulder sheath dress in juicy colors. This model looks restrained, but at the same time young and refreshing image!

Transparent inserts

The most intriguing and seductive models in the new season are complemented by transparent or open inserts. You can demonstrate your beauty with the help of flirty cuts and cuts, bare shoulders or back. Such a novelty will definitely make you irresistible on a gala evening!

The most hit is the transparent details of the dark veil in a mischievous print of polka dots, a heart or stars, as in the photo.


Accessories will help to give the image of originality and completeness. We know what to prefer in the new season!

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