Beautiful costumes for girls for the New Year 2023

The most magical time of the year is approaching, which is eagerly awaited not only by small children, but also by adults. New Year is a time of miracles, long-awaited gifts, masquerades and Christmas trees. In many kindergartens and schools, festive matinees and costume balls are held, where children can try on the images of their favorite characters. What costumes for girls can you look at for the New Year 2023? Let’s share ideas of original holiday outfits for little princesses.



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Top 9 Christmas Costumes for Girls in 2022-2023

A festive outfit for a girl over 6-7 years old should be chosen based on her personal preferences. Indeed, at this age, the baby may well have favorite fairy-tale and cartoon characters, give preference to a specific color, decor and style of clothing. For example, one girl may like sequins, while the other, on the contrary, prefers to do without them, someone may feel uncomfortable in a long dress, someone in a short skirt. The choice of a festive costume for a little fashionista requires an individual approach on the part of the parents. After all, it is very important that the child is comfortable in the chosen image.


What kind of costumes can you look at for a holiday? Let’s share interesting ideas for girls of different ages.

  • Snow Maiden. Christmas tree classic. The outfit of the granddaughter of Santa Claus will suit both very little ones 4-5 years old for a matinee in kindergarten, and older girls studying in elementary school. An elegant dress in white and blue tones, embroidered with beads and with a fluffy edging, a luxurious kokoshnik and soft boots – all this is the traditional image of the Snow Maiden, which is still relevant to this day. Instead of a kokoshnik, you can decorate your head with a sparkling diadem or a hat.


  • Fairy. Instead of the Snow Maiden, a little fairy can come to the kindergarten for a matinee. Moreover, you can choose an outfit of absolutely any shade. The main thing is that the little fashionista likes it. Take a puffy ball gown as a basis, it can be long or reach to the knees. Complete the look with wings and a magic wand, which are easy to buy separately at any children’s store. The head can be decorated with a beautiful headband or cap.


  • Herringbone. New Year’s costumes for younger girls may well symbolize not only magical characters, but also a festive tree. The image will be very original. Sew a beautiful multi-layered green dress for a little fashionista, decorate it with multi-colored decor imitating Christmas toys, as well as snowflakes, sparkles, beads, tinsel, red bows or ribbons.


  • Elsa. Quite a suitable outfit for girls aged 10-12, as well as for younger ones, and for older ones. Many were captivated by the image of the main character of the cartoon “Frozen” – Princess Elsa. Her blue dress with sparkling train became the dream of girls all over the world. So why not wear it to a New Year’s masquerade ball or a matinee? And be sure to think over the hairstyle for a more accurate recreation of the image.


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  • Baby Santa. If you want to bring to life an unusual costume idea for a girl, then create an image of Santa. Only instead of baggy pants and a sheepskin coat, dress up a little fashionista in a red and white dress. You can complement the carnival look with a cape of the same color, a black wide strap, a red and white hat in the shape of a cap, boots or boots, tight red and white striped tights.


  • Princess. Every girl dreams of trying on the image of a fairy princess. So why not do it on New Year’s Eve. A beautiful fluffy outfit, decorated with many flounces and shiny elements, will delight the little fashionista. Choose bright colors so that the princess is definitely in the spotlight. And for a girl of 8-9 years old, you can look at the famous Cinderella blue dress with puffed sleeves and a very fluffy skirt.


  • Pirate. Costumes for girls for the New Year do not have to be “girly”. You can borrow a carnival image from boys. Surprise everyone around, dress up your daughter as a real pirate. To do this, in addition to a bandage over one eye, you will need: a tricorne hat or bandana, a red and black dress or a set consisting of a shirt with puffy sleeves and a skirt with a “torn” decor, a black belt with a wide plaque, and, of course , saber.


  • Candy. The bright and playful image of the candy will appeal to little fashionistas who love to attract attention to themselves. In this outfit, you can go to a matinee in the kindergarten, and to the Christmas tree in school. Moreover, with a high probability at the holiday your “candy” will be the only one. The dress can be decorated with artificial (or real) sweets, fake lollipops, multi-colored bows.


  • Chanterelle. Absolutely adorable costume for girls who are 3-4 years old. A bright orange dress with a fluffy edging, a headband with ears, a fluffy ponytail with a white tip and gloves are the main component of the outfit. A mother with basic sewing skills can easily make this simple and beautiful costume on her own.


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What other carnival costumes can you make with your own hands? The easiest is the snowflake costume. It can be made from a white dress and silver tinsel. It is easy to recreate the outfit of Little Red Riding Hood. For him you will need: a white blouse, a white apron, a red skirt and the same red cap.


Costumes for girls for the New Year can be completely different. This is the case when it is appropriate to show imagination when creating a carnival image. We hope the photos presented in the review will help you get new ideas.

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