Beautiful drawings on the nails

Today, nail art masters offer fashionistas to diversify their usual manicure by creating interesting patterns on nails using gel polish. The photos presented in our article will allow you not only to get acquainted with the current trends for the 2019-2019 season, but also to choose the perfect combination of color, shape and texture, stock up on stylish ideas.

Modern fashion is very democratic, so girls do not have to grow long nails before getting a beautiful manicure. And the trend towards naturalness opposes unnatural shape and size. Therefore, even short nails deserve attention and deserve a beautiful design with gel polish.

Beautiful manicure with a pattern

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Why gel polish? Girls have long appreciated the benefits of this miracle remedy. After all, with its help you can get a coating that will delight with its attractiveness and deep shine for several weeks!


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Fashion trends

Fashion, like a true young lady, is fickle, so each of the seasons dictates its own rules. This also applies to manicure. Having survived the extension boom, today fashionistas should take a closer look at the design that looks great on medium and short nails.

The craving for naturalness today is also manifested in the choice of color. Manicure in a pastel palette is more relevant than ever. The same goes for drawings. An exception can only be made for the animal-style ornament, which is more than ever at the peak of its popularity. Floral and ethnic motifs are also in trend.

The pastel palette used as a basis for a drawing can be different, from pale to saturated shades. The most relevant colors can be considered cream, violet, blue, green, salmon.

Dark colors of gel polishes are also in fashion. For example, red, black, rich blue, brown, purple will look perfect on short nails.

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Dark coatings are perfectly combined with patterns made in gold or silver.


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Manicure with a pattern

Gel polish has long been used not only for a monochromatic coating of the nail plate, but also for creating stylish and original drawings. As well as the base, such art retains its attractive appearance for a long time. The choice of pattern depends not only on the preferences of the fashionista, but also on the length of the nail.

For short nails, medium-sized patterns should be preferred, but do not shrink too much, as such a design risks going unnoticed. When creating a composition, it is best to use no more than three shades, while avoiding large decor and too voluminous modeling.

For short and medium length nails, a light floral print, geometric patterns and even images of funny animals and cartoon characters are perfect.

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It is quite difficult to make art painting on your own, it is better to trust the master. If there is no time to visit the salon, a manicure with a pattern can be done at home, for this you should use special stencils or stickers.


Patterned nail design goes well with today’s popular techniques. So, as a base, you can use a plain coating in pastel colors, classic, moon jacket and even ombre.


French in its classical sense has lost its position a little, but various experiments with a “smile” are only welcome today. Among the new products are a combination of a jacket with gel polish patterns, a moon manicure, as well as a festive nail design using foil. You can see how fashion trends look in real life in the photo below.

Experiments with the color of the smile are also welcome. Set aside white polish for better times, use black, gold and silver.

French ombre is perfect as a manicure for every day. A smooth gradient from snow-white to light beige looks gorgeous. You can add luxury to this design with a small amount of rhinestones, as well as a neat pattern in the form of flowers, monograms and other stylish elements.

French ombre with a pattern

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Lunar manicure

Another versatile way to decorate your nails is to create a moon manicure. This design looks elegant and differs from the usual jacket in that the emphasis is not on the edge of the nail, but on its hole. You can combine this design with any pictures, and decorate both one finger and all the nails at once.

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The ombre technique seems to have conquered the whole world. Moreover, the gradient has become firmly established not only in the design of nails, but also in hair and clothing. A manicure with a smooth transition from one color to another is self-sufficient, but it goes well with the drawings.

“Summer” ombre with a pattern

On the basis of a delicate white and blue ombre, drawings look great on both summer and winter themes.

“Winter” ombre with a pattern

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Create drawings

Of course, it is best to entrust your nails to professionals who skillfully manage not only gel polish, but also the various tools needed to create amazing designs. But what if there is sorely not enough time to go to the salon, or do you want to do a beautiful manicure with your own hands?

First you need to be patient, because not everyone succeeds the first time. Then we go to the store for one of the devices below, which help even experienced craftsmen in creating real masterpieces.

  • Thin brush. This tool is necessary for those who decide to make drawings on the nails by hand. You can buy it at any stationery store.

[stextbox id=’info’]Also, when creating a drawing, the “artist” may need a toothpick, a match, adhesive tape, dots. [/stextbox]

  • Slider. Pre-printed stickers make things a lot easier and are perfect for those who don’t have artistic skills or don’t want to spend too much time creating a manicure. All you need is to place the selected slider on the nail, smooth it and fix it with a top.
  • Stamping. A special stamp allows you to make a real masterpiece on your nails. However, in this case it is best to use special gel polishes with sufficient pigmentation.

For beginner nail art masters, we offer to embody several simple gel polish drawings on the nails using a brush. The photos below with step-by-step instructions will help to realize even the most daring ideas.


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