Beautiful hairstyles for medium hair 2022 for women

Girls with short hair spend less time trying to build some kind of hairstyle. So think those who have longer hair, and who need to have a little more imagination to put them in order and at the same time look stylish and well-groomed. But not everything is so difficult. There are many options for medium length styling, which will take only a few minutes, but will emphasize your beauty and dignity. Let’s find out which hairstyles for medium hair for women are popular in 2022-2023.


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Stylish hairstyles for medium length hair

If we talk about hair, then the choice of hairstyle largely depends not only on the style, but also on the condition – the length, color, density, health of the curls. When you don’t want to think about complex options, you can think of universal ones that are easy to do in 5 minutes. And vice versa. When you want something interesting, you can experiment a little and make a hairstyle that will have its own characteristics, but at the same time it will look advantageous on medium hair. Let’s look at a few examples of such styling.

  • low ponytail. Universal hairstyle for all occasions. The hair is pulled together with an elastic band at the bottom. Such tails are the simplest and take the least time. Despite this, the image can be supplemented and complicated: make a bouffant by gently pulling a few strands from under the elastic band. Or use an interesting hair clip. Among the trends of the season are tails with a ribbon. Ribbons can be of any color, from any material, even from silk. There are also options for a low tail for an evening out, when the collected curls are decorated with pearl thread or rhinestones.


  • Spit. Another option for a hairstyle for every day, which is easy to do with your own hands. The simplest is a three-strand braid. But, if you want to dilute the image, you can braid the braid in a different way. For example, use a weave of two or four strands. You can adjust the density of the hairstyle or give it a deliberately careless look if desired. A ribbon can also be woven into the braid, along the entire length or only from the middle. Such a hairstyle will be appropriate even for a celebration, including a wedding. In this case, the braid can also be decorated with rhinestones or pearl thread.


  • wet hair effect. Among the hairstyles for medium hair 2022-2023, there are many options that demonstrate deliberate negligence. This one is no exception. But we are not talking about just walking around the city with unkempt or not dried hair. You need to act carefully. Spray your hair with salt spray and use your fingers to tousle the strands. Or remember them with wet hands with a little gel. This hairstyle looks good with bangs.


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  • bangs headband. If you are the owner of a long bang, then try turning it into a stylish headband. To do this, you need to braid a pigtail over this forehead, and pass a strand through each weave. So the bangs will be fixed and take on the form of a rim. Get very original. However, to do this hairstyle, you need to practice a little.


  • Spit to the side. Another braid option. You simply braid the curls, but not from top to bottom, but from side to side, through the head at the crown. The remaining hair can be left loose, or also collected in a braid or ponytail.


  • Bundle. This hairstyle is suitable not only for long hair, but also for medium hair. Depending on the density, you can make one or more buns in one hairstyle, from below or in the middle. Decorate them with hairpins with decorative elements, ribbons, a beautiful hairpin and even a stylish comb. One of the most interesting options is a wave bun, when one of the strands intertwines the rest of the hair, creating a characteristic shape. Suitable for both romantic girls on a date and women over 50 for various occasions, from a festive evening to a business meeting.


  • Combinations of different styles. Among women’s fashionable hairstyles for medium hair in 2022-2023, you can find unusual options. In addition to all of the above, there are combinations, variations, references to retro. You can make a bun with braids, and a tail of plaits, and a bun in a retro style, and interesting styling, when part of the hair fits into a complex hairstyle, while the other part is left free.

  • Malvinka. The 2022-2023 season offers girls a lot of romantic hairstyles. Malvina is a variant of semi-loose styling, when part of the hair is fixed, giving the impression of a full-fledged hairstyle, while the rest of the curls remain loose. You can fasten them with a hairpin, elastic band, you can even use invisible hairpins and add volume to the styling.


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Fashion 2022 opens up great opportunities for a woman and gives her the right to choose. And even simple hairstyles that everyone is used to can look stylish, elegant, fashionable, bold. just the way you want it.

Plain options can accompany big holidays, and those that were previously considered too elegant are becoming universal. Each lady will be able to emphasize her femininity and individuality without spending a lot of time. To verify this, let’s take another look at the photos showing women’s hairstyles for medium hair for 2022-2023.

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