Beautiful hairstyles with a crab

Girls who want to create original styling will appreciate beautiful hairstyles with crab. This type of hairpin provides a secure fixation of the hair and is able to act as a real highlight of the image. Moreover, it can be used for absolutely any length of strands.

Advantages hairstyles with crab

Beautiful styling has a lot of advantages, thanks to which it is deservedly loved by many of the fair sex. Among the undoubted advantages of such a hairpin, the following can be noted.

  • Versatility. Such a hairstyle can be created for any occasion, be it a solemn event, a trip to the office, an everyday walk, a cocktail party.

  • Many design variations. Via crab you can build both very complex hairstyles, using additional decorative elements for this, such as rhinestones or flowers, and very simplefor example, just stabbing rear tail or having collected strands on top.

Varieties of hairpinscrabs

Original hairpins are presented in a significant assortment, from which any representative of the fair sex will be able to choose for themselves the option that ideally matches her taste preferences and hair density. crabs vary according to the following characteristics.

  • Size. Clips can be very small, suitable for fixing only bangs or collect thin strands on the sides. They are preferred for owners of sparse hair and in order to act as a detail of a hairstyle in which the strands remain predominantly loose. Another option would be bulky crabswhich are ideal for girls with lush thick hair.

  • Material. For the manufacture of hairpins, plastic or metal can be used. The first option is lighter and more versatile, it is practically not felt on the hair. With the help of the second type crabs you can create incredible beautiful hairstyles, but you should be prepared for the fact that the hairpin will be quite heavy.

Metal ones look especially impressive. crabsdecorated with rhinestones, stones, beads and other decorative elements.

  • Form. Hairpins can have a completely different structure, for example, be straight or curved, made in the form of a round comb. An interesting variety are hairpins, which have not the usual vertical, but a horizontal arrangement. They are designed to fix the tail, they even have a special opening through which you can thread the strands.

What hairpins-crabs are in fashion

The return to the list of crab trends is justified by a new round of popularity of iconic elements of the style of the 90s. It is curious that some accessories have not changed their appearance in 30 years, but there are also novelties – with recognizable features of today’s fashion. Be the first to know about trends!

  • The laconic design of the accessory is a sure indicator not only of its practicality, but also of relevance. As trends suggest, simple one-color hairpins with an accent of pearls are in demand now. Such a detail brings femininity and elegance to the image.

  • A plastic crab, which is easy to find in the nearest cosmetics store, is suitable for owners of short hair – such an accessory cannot curb long thick strands. The trend is translucent plastic hairpins in pastel colors and models with animal prints.

  • Hi minimalism, metal clips are also on the trend list. Slim lines and unobtrusive design fit into an elegant, classic look.

  • Hairpins with prints also won the hearts of fashionistas. When choosing a picture, we advise you to focus on general trends from shows. So, Moddam readers know that houndstooth, flowers, abstraction and animal motifs are in the top right now.

  • Retro style this season is expressed in the relevance of small crabs with greetings from childhood. Previously, such hairpins fixed tight braids at the disco, but today they are used in bright images for parties.

To add extra points to the look, follow the combination of accessories and clothes. Ideally, if the color of the hairpin will repeat one of the shades in the image.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber have become influencers of relaxed crab hairstyles. Stars prefer buns, a little casually collected with crabs – a stylish addition to everyday looks.

hairstyles with crab on long hair

Elongated strands provide the opportunity to create a variety of hairstyles, both simple and incredibly complex. Among the most common stylingwhich we will describe step by step, can be identified as follows.

tourniquet-beam. To create it, you need to completely collect the hair at the back, as for the tail, and then twist it in one direction, making a tight tourniquet. A bundle is formed from it, which is fixed with a volumetric crab.

A tourniquet at the top of the head. In this case, the hair is also twisted, but at the same time crab placed in the middle of the head, releasing the lower part in the form of a tail.

Bouffant. To create this version of the hairstyle, the upper part of the hair is separated, which is given volume with the help of a pile. The strands are fixed at the back of the head with crab.

Shell. For this styling, the hair must be combed on one side so that it does not fall, additional fixation can be provided with hairpins. Then the strands are twisted inward, creating a semblance of a shell. The hairstyle is fixed crablocated on the side.

hairstyle with half-dissolute hair. With this styling option, the main part of the strands is left free. You can only stab a thin strand on the side or on the back of the head.

Bundle from below. To create such a styling, the strands must be collected at the very bottom of the back of the head and twisted up. The hairstyle looks especially impressive on heavy thick hair, in this case the bun looks very voluminous and beautiful.

Other bundles

Creating a hairstyle with a crab does not require complex tricks – a couple of movements and a successful styling with bunches is ready.

An excellent move is a bundle based on a tourniquet. In order for the hairstyle to be fixed, you must first make a high tail, and only then a tourniquet and a bunch from it. In a casual look, the ends of the hair left above the clip look provocatively.

For young girls, a hairstyle with two bunches is suitable, which are fixed with medium-sized crabs. Relaxedly twisted harnesses are placed in the back of the head or closer to the top of the head.

Chaotic sloppy buns are another hit in the trend of the season. There are no clear rules when creating hairstyles – the main thing is to avoid unnecessary rigor. Adding volume to the styling is easy with the help of a light weave that forms the basis of the beam.

A secret life hack for advanced fashionistas: if there is absolutely not enough time to wash your hair, this is not a reason for frustration – try to decorate the image …

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