Beautiful hairstyles with a headscarf: fashion ideas for inspiration

Today, in order to diversify your image and bring something unusual to it, it is not necessary to buy new clothes, you just need to pay attention to accessories. For example, now silk scarves are not only worn around the neck, but also on the head. So, they are often used instead of bandages, elastic bands or ribbons.

This season, hairstyles with a scarf have won the hearts of all modern fashionistas. This accessory is increasingly found on the pages of gloss, in films, TV shows and on the street. A silk scarf can be tied into a ponytail, braid, bun, or simply combined with loose hair. In any case, it will look gentle and romantic. The main thing is to be able to choose the right color and fit it beautifully into the image. Below you can see a few examples of the combination of this unusual accessory.

The most popular option this summer is a tail tied with a small multi-colored or plain scarf. This hairstyle goes well with both light curls and straight hair. The ponytail option will look great with a light sundress, shirt or off-the-shoulder top.

Also, the owners of long hair liked the idea of ​​weaving a scarf into a pigtail: a spikelet, a fishtail or a regular braid. This look is feminine and sophisticated. For example, it can be combined with summer plain dresses, blouses.

During hot days, you can use a scarf with a bun. It is enough to collect the hair and then tie the result with a scarf, or twist the ribbon with strands. It is possible to tie this trendy accessory in various ways: a bow, a knot. Pairs perfectly with a T-shirt and jeans, as well as with sundresses and dresses.

An alternative and thoughtful option is to make a turban out of a scarf or tie it like a headband. This option looks wonderful both with loose hair and with collected hair. Under this image, you can also add bright lipstick or interesting earrings in the color of the scarf.

Those who are crazy about retro times will definitely like to wear a scarf in the form of a scarf. And to add a touch of vintage to the hairstyle, you need to remove the knot over the forehead, straighten the ends or tie them in a bow, and, to complete the look, add sunglasses to the image. Scarves look not only stylish, but also comfortable, because with their help you can save yourself from the sun.

A scarf with loose hair and a bun or ponytail looks beautiful. Walking with such a hairstyle will be insanely comfortable and very feminine. It can be combined with a top and shorts, as well as with light sundresses. And to make the image look more stylish, you need to add spectacular, unusual earrings.

In general, it is safe to say that this season, hairstyles with scarves will flicker everywhere. After all, such images are suitable for both girls with long hair and short ones, they can also be combined with any clothes, for example: with evening wear or everyday. And most importantly – today there is a chance to find a scarf for every taste: every color and different material.

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