Beautiful hairstyles with bangs

Hairstyles for any length of hair, coupled with bangs, is a huge scope for imagination and experimentation on your image. If you want to know how stylishly you can diversify your everyday or formal look, read our article!


Short length = variety of hairstyles

Surprised? But in fact, short haircuts are not at all a reason to let your hair down all the time. We suggest you add variety to your bow in the form of a fashionable hairstyle with bangs. No doubt you will find what you need in our selection.

Idea #1

Short hair length combined with bangs is often not enough to create a full-fledged pigtail. But you can start weaving from the very top of the head and finish it with a mischievous bun. The result of such actions is a versatile and fashionable hairstyle for every day!

  • Divide your hair into two sections with a vertical parting.
  • Temporarily secure the top half with a clip.
  • Curl the second part with a curling iron. Of course, you can skip this step, but this hairstyle will look better with romantic curls.
  • Select a rectangular section of hair in front along with bangs.
  • Comb the root zone of these strands.
  • Fix the created volume with hairspray.
  • Starting from the bangs, weave a reverse braid, which means that the weaves are done under each other, and not over, as in a classic pigtail.
  • Create several weaves and braid the tail.
  • Stretch the links of the braid in different directions.
  • Comb the tail and form it into a careless bun, not completely pulling it through the elastic.

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Interesting! If you do not weave a braid, but simply pin up the upper part of the hair at the back, you will get a great hairstyle for every day.


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Idea #2

Using additional accessories is always a great solution for a short length. This time we will use a bright scarf that will add a twist to your look.

  • Guide the handkerchief through the back of the head around the circumference of the head and cross its edges at the level of the top of the head.
  • Point the edges of the scarf down and braid the 2 lower side ponytails with them.
  • Turn the ponytails into pigtails, not forgetting the use of a scarf in weaving.
  • Position the braids in the opposite direction to each other at the level of the back of the head.

Idea #3

A high ponytail can hardly turn out on a short head of hair, because individual strands will treacherously stick out. But you can always make a low side ponytail and release a couple of curls in front in addition to the bangs – this will look very elegant.

Idea #4

This master class proves that short hair length is not at all an obstacle to creating luxurious voluminous hairstyles with bangs on the side.

  • Divide your hair into 2 halves with a vertical parting. The ideal result will be obtained if you draw this border with the thin tip of the comb.
  • Brush the top well. To make the volume really stunning, work through the strands from all sides.
  • Gather the entire top half of your hair and secure it with bobby pins in the center of the back of your head.
  • With the bottom strands, you can do whatever you want – the main thing is to take them up. For example, this is easy to do by twisting the flagella and fixing them with invisibility.
  • Run a scarf down the back of your head and tie its ends at the crown.
  • Spread the scarf at the back of your head and hide its ends.

Idea #5

This idea is also possible with shoulder length hair. It looks amazing on curly hair, but if nature has not rewarded you with such wealth, you can pre-curl curls with a curling iron.

  • Gather the top part of your hair into a ponytail at the back in the center.
  • Twist the ponytail over its base.
  • Gather the lower hair together and tie with a ribbon.
  • Twist the tape along with the hair in an upward direction.
  • Wrap the ends of the ribbon around your head and tie a flirty bow at the crown.

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Idea #6

This elegant option is amazing to fit into any look, but in addition to its versatility, it boasts its ease of execution. You can see for yourself!

  • Select 3 strands at the top of the head and start braiding. If you have a long enough bang, you can also connect it to the weave.
  • Tie the end of the braid with an elastic band and hide it in your hair.
  • At the back of the head, gather all the hair with your hands and wrap it around 2 fingers.
  • Remove your fingers, and secure the resulting shell.

Idea #7

This luxurious hairstyle is inconceivable without a beautiful ribbon. If you have one in your beauty arsenal, be sure to try styling your hair in this chic way for a special occasion.

  • Lay the bangs on one side.
  • Comb the upper part of the hair from the heart, and smooth it on top for accuracy. Fix the position of the pile with invisibility.
  • Twist the occipital strands into bundles and lay them up.
  • Run the ribbon over your head and tie at the back of your head.

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Note! This photo can be your cheat sheet on what accessories to use to make bangs more interesting.


Beautiful options for medium length

We offer to consider hairstyles with bangs for medium hair from the category “both in a feast and in the world”, which can help you out in any situation.

Idea #1

A stylish hairstyle today looks like the girl spent just a couple of minutes getting ready. Light negligence personifies romance and freedom, which is why girls like it so much. And the opposite sex appreciates such simple and deliberately messy hairstyles for a great look. We suggest you make a free beam, but not a simple one, but with a little trick to create volume.

  • Select the upper area of ​​the hair in the form of a rectangle, tease at the roots and braid into a ponytail at the site of the intended base of the bun. This trick will allow you to keep the volume throughout the day.
  • Now collect the tail from all the hair, including the first elastic band.
  • Twist your hair into a bundle and style it into a bun. You should not try hard at this stage – the trend is charming disheveledness and negligence.

Idea #2

And this bundle is complemented by a scarf – a fashion accessory for the coming season. Take note of this idea, how to make your usual hairstyle more stylish and original!

Idea #3

A hair bow looks most charming on the owners of bangs.

  • Tilt your head down and weave a spikelet from the back of your head to the top of your head.
  • Braid the ponytail.
  • Pull the ponytail through the elastic all the way.
  • Divide this bundle into 2 halves.
  • Divide the free tip of the tail as well – form the center of the bow with one strand, and scroll the other around the elastic band.

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What can you think of with long hair

Hairstyles with bangs for long hair can also be very diverse. We have collected the best master classes for you!

Idea #1

If you need to create a spectacular and sexy image as quickly as possible, follow the example of the recognized beauty Angelina Jolie. Hairstyle…

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