beautiful hips

How often in classical literature you can find admiration for beautiful hips – lush, rounded. Renaissance artists painted and sculpted burly ladies, singing the praises of a woman who could continue the human race.

But how to combine these concepts of beauty with the modern canons of an excellent figure, which idealize asthenics more – women with an absolute absence of fat and muscle mass. Modern girls and women strive for more elegant forms, thinness has become the norm and elevated to a cult.

The lack of fullness can be achieved by various diets and physical activity, but the figure does not always turn out to be beautiful, especially for young women who are passionate about modern fashion for miniskirts and low waists at any time of the year. After all, it is known that fat is deposited precisely in the most cooled parts of the body – in this way the body tries to protect itself.

Beautiful rounded hips are not necessarily lush, it is enough to perform a set of simple exercises once a day, which does not take much time and does not require additional equipment. There are only three exercises.

First exercise. Standing on one leg, swing the other leg to the side. Aim to achieve a swing angle of 90 degrees or more, but don’t overdo it.

The second exercise is very similar to the first. Standing on one leg, bend the other leg at the knee in front of you, trying to press the knee to the chest, then sharply take the leg back – to the “swallow”.

The first and second exercises are best performed using a support (near a wall or closet). Each exercise is performed ten times on one leg, then you need to stand on the other leg and repeat the exercise. If it is not possible to increase the angle of the swing, you can perform a preliminary “stretch”. It is easy to combine it with applying makeup or reading a newspaper: standing on one leg, put the other, stretching out the sock, on the bedside table, back of a chair or piano; stay like this for 5-7 minutes.

The third exercise is performed while sitting on the floor. Get on your knees and sit on your heels. Alternately change to the right and left sides. If for stability you use your hands vertically connected with your palms in front of you and spread your elbows in different directions, then you will “pump up” the muscles of the mammary glands at the same time.

After two weeks, you can notice the result: the muscles of the pelvis, abdomen and buttocks smoothly pass into the muscles of the thighs without potholes and bulges. You can safely wear tight trousers, leggings or shorts.

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