Beautiful lace dresses 2018-2019

Dresses with lace are a great way to show off your femininity and romantic nature. In this article, we debunk the myth that such an outfit is the privilege of only an evening look. You will see, a dress with lace motifs looks harmonious even on weekdays and creates incredibly stylish looks.

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What styles are in fashion

  • The model with a lace collar looks so cute and charming that over the years of its popularity it has conquered many fashionistas. Girls just love to create a deliberately school look with such a dress in classic black and white. And they do everything right!

  • The style of the case is always out of competition, because it represents the female figure in the best light. Depending on how much lace is on the model, such a model will come in handy in drawing up a business look or a stylish bow for a party.

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The fashion for asymmetry has not bypassed lace dresses. Choosing such an actual style, you will definitely be in trend. The most squeaky is a one-shoulder dress or with a complex neckline.


  • A bustier dress with lace trim looks incredibly sexy.

Sexy bustier dresses

  • The most trendy length of models for every day is midi. In this design, styles with a sun skirt, a-line and a case are presented.

  • Among the fashion trends, there was also a place for a shirt cut in combination with this material.
  • An evening dress with a lace insert on the back is a win-win option for the most spectacular exit. This style is extremely exciting for the strong half of humanity, so if you have plans to conquer a man, you know what to do.

A win-win option for any celebration

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What color to choose

Current models of dresses with lace can be of various shades.

  • The classic of a romantic look is a white dress. However, many girls have a stable association with a wedding dress. In this case, we advise you to prefer pastel and milky colors.
  • Red lace will be appropriate only in the image where the emphasis is on sexuality. But in this case, we advise you to be careful with this provocative color.

  • Beige lace is considered the most modest. With a competent approach, it will be appropriate even in a working outfit.

  • A black lace dress will look beautiful only if it is not full of lace.
  • Trends 2018-2019 make the palette of current shades richer and add burgundy, blue and emerald to the usual colors.

  • Bright colors that girls usually choose for a party turned out to be fashionable. You will definitely be a star in a dress of yellow, blue or pink.

Secrets of choosing the perfect dress

  • Lace has the insidious property of visually increasing proportions. Therefore, for full girls, stylists recommend a dress where this dangerous material is presented in the form of separate inserts. But for thin girls, a lace outfit will be a great move to enlarge the chest or hips.
  • A lace peplum is the best choice for fashionistas who want to hide their rounded tummy and hips while accentuating a feminine waist.

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  • Sheath dress is the most versatile model for a lace outfit. It will favorably emphasize the figure, and at the same time will look chaste.

We create a business image

  • Modern ladies for their discreet images choose a long dress, which at the same time can emphasize an impeccable figure. Look at the photo, how laconic dresses with lace on the bottom look. This is a great option for a business look without frills.
  • With a lace dress in a strict look, jackets, blazers and cardigans look best. Today, elongated models are in fashion, and this is in your favor – with them, lace will look even more modest and solid.

  • Minimalism should be your motto when drawing up a business bow. Do not build high hairstyles and choose catchy noticeable accessories. It is better to prefer an elegant tail and bun, and from jewelry, opt for a laconic bracelet or studs.

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Knitted dresses with lace are the best option for the office in combination with pumps and a plain jacket.


Ideas for everyday life

A short dress with lace goes well with a cardigan. If you plan to be in trend, choose a large knit model – it is now at the peak of popularity.

We have prepared this idea for the most daring fashionistas. The Stradivarius brand suggests mixing a lace dress with a denim shirt. This is a fresh and stylish combination that will definitely not leave you without attention.

An image that combines a guipure dress, leather jackets and rough boots looks very cool. Do not be afraid to play on contrasts – this is how the most stylish and memorable outfits are created.

When creating a bow for every day, a denim jacket will help you. Models that seem to be taken from a man’s shoulder look especially stylish.

A strappy dress with lace will be a stylish base for a boho style look. Match it with a bag with fringe and ethnic-inspired jewelry.

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Gorgeous evening dress

  • If you have not dared to wear lace in everyday looks, an evening out will be a great chance for you to put on this luxurious material. When choosing a dress for a special occasion, you can not limit yourself and choose the most chic floor-length models or with lace inserts.
  • Dresses with lace look great with a neckline if it is covered with guipure or made on a cover. In our photo selection, you can see that such models look luxurious and at the same time quite restrained.

  • Designers love to complement evening dresses this season with other materials. For example, velvet, silk, chiffon and satin models look elegant.
  • For a more understated evening look, look no further than Duchess Kate Middleton. She can definitely teach modern fashionistas lessons in elegance and elegance. The secret of her impeccable evening look is a lace dress below the knee with a laconic silhouette and discreet jewelry in addition.
  • For girls who prefer styles with a fluffy skirt, we recommend that you look at the year, crop top or empire style.

The standard of femininity and luxury is a mermaid-style lace dress. It is chosen for a special occasion when you need to produce a “wow effect”.

  • If you are looking for a stylish dress for the New Year 2019, we advise you to take a closer look at the “combination” style with lace trim. This outfit can be balanced with a cape or jacket, as well as classic shoes.

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