Beautiful lavender manicure 2022

Lavender is recognized as one of the best shades for manicure in 2022. This gentle calm color will cheer up, give peace and emphasize femininity. Since lavender belongs to the pastel palette, you can wear it on your nails all year round. Including in the current autumn-winter season. This color scheme will not lose popularity next spring. What is it, lavender manicure-2022 with a design? Let’s talk about the main trends in this segment of nail art.



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What shades in manicure are best combined with lavender?

By tradition, let’s start the analysis with popular color duets. Below we list the shades with which lavender blends best.

  • With pink. A tandem, looking at which you want to say: “more tender than tender.” Be sure to keep this duet in pastel colors, it will turn out harmoniously and romantically. This manicure is the perfect choice for a party with girlfriends or a date with your loved one.


  • With white. Universal nail tandem, which is suitable for any environment and any time of the year. Do not burden the design with eye-catching decorative elements, they are useless here. The more concise, the better. White and lavender manicure will fit perfectly into everyday and office looks.


  • with green. If you want spring tenderness on your nails in the dead of winter, take a closer look at the combination of lavender and green. The simplest thing is to turn to floral motifs by drawing leaves and stems on the nail plate. A colored jacket with a green smile line will also look beautiful.


  • With silver. Beautiful nail art, which can be quite successfully entered into festive images. For example, for the New Year-2023. The radiance of silver glitter will add charm to a modest pastel shade. Also, as in the case of white, no extra decor is needed here.


  • With black. Expressive, noble, pleasing with its deep beauty nail duet. It will look especially luxurious on long nails. What can be done here? Make a spectacular stretch of color from black to lavender along the entire length of the nail. Or draw minimalist drawings.


  • with gold. Lavender manicure-2022 with gold decor is a nail art that you want to admire endlessly. Foil will show itself perfectly in this design. Elegant and aesthetically attractive, it will add the missing nobility to delicate lavender, especially in evening outfits.


  • with purple. A color combination for true fans of the purple palette. To make the design not boring, use different textures. For example, the usual gel polish in lavender color and purple in the form of sparkles or crystal chips. It will be very beautiful.


Among the fashion trends is also a combination of lavender with yellow, orange, light green, burgundy, mint. Experiment to your heart’s content!

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Lavender Nail Art Design Ideas

Lavender can be a great alternative to milky white, beige and pink finishes. This shade has not yet had time to get bored, so with any kind of design it looks original and fresh. We list the most relevant nail ideas for the current season.


Matte manicure is a real must-have for the entire nail segment. Fashionistas love him for deliberate elegance, style, nobility. Lavender gel polish covered with a matte top is gorgeous even in monochrome. This is an excellent choice for business, casual, cocktail, evening bows. Even without additional decor, matte will look self-sufficient.


with foil

Lavender manicure, complemented by foil – silver, gold or multi-colored – is a design for all occasions. Today it can be called one of the most trendy. The foil can decorate one or two fingers on each hand, as is now fashionable, or be distributed over all the nails. However, here it is important to feel the measure. You can also use foil in several different shades.


With kamifubiki

Lavender manicure-2022 on short nails will not be boring either. Kamifubiki will help to diversify the design. These are multi-colored or one-color shiny circles that are very reminiscent of confetti. They can also be shaped like stars or hearts. The latter will fit well into the design of nails for Valentine’s Day. However, it is better to place kamifubiki on all fingers at once.


With drawing

A delicate lavender manicure will only benefit if you decide to complement it with a pattern. The simplest and most logical is floral patterns. And first of all – lavender inflorescences. Even in winter, this design will look great on the nails. In the midst of frost, it will remind you of the sunny coast of France, and, of course, that spring will definitely come soon.


with geometry

The charismatic and concise geometry will look especially impressive on almond or square-shaped nails covered with a plain lavender gel polish. Geometric shapes and stripes can be drawn in plain black or be embossed. They can also be made using silver and gold thin self-adhesive strips. Get interesting and stylish.


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Also in the trend will be a design with a rub, with acrylic sand, marble, with a cobweb, ombre and gradient, with dots and, of course, with sparkles.



Lavender manicure-2022 looks equally great both in real life and in the photo. We shared the latest and popular design ideas. Choose what you like.

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