Beautiful manicure every day

Every woman tries to have beautiful and well-groomed hands, because they say a lot. And it just seems like a small thing. But such, at first glance, a trifle, can pretty spoil the mood if the hands do not look so good.

Some people think that in order to get a good manicure, you must definitely go to the salon. This is not necessary at all. Moreover, there is never enough time to visit it. A beautiful and correct manicure can be done by yourself, not worse than professionals.

We must not forget that manicure is not done often, only once a week. You will need nail scissors, a brush, hand cream, nail polish remover, a nail file, and of course nail polish.

First of all, you need to prepare your hands. First clean, then remove dirt and traces of the old varnish. To do this, it is better to use products that do not contain alcohol or acetone. The ideal option is to make a mask for hands, or a bath for nails. For example, in water with the addition of sea salt or glycerin and aromatic oils.

Then, with a stick, you need to carefully move the cuticle and cut it with special tweezers. Then file the nail itself with a nail file and give it the correct and beautiful shape. By the way, it can be very different, but still the classic version is an oval-shaped nail. Although they are rectangular or pointed. This is individual, but it is important that the length of the nails does not interfere with doing household chores, and is comfortable. Somewhere 0.5 cm, and too long nails can be saved for special occasions.

Then you can polish your nails with a nail file, and this will give them a unique shine. But we must not forget that polishing can only be used once a week, as it removes the protective layer of nails and makes them thin and brittle.

Before applying varnish to the nails, it is desirable to treat them with a cream. Before applying the main polish, it is better to first cover the nails with a base, most often colorless. Thanks to this, the varnish will last longer on the nails and will not leave yellow spots.

For a simple daily manicure, you can use a colorless strengthening varnish. And if you like brighter colors or have a reason to celebrate, then the staining process will take longer. It is better to start with the smallest finger.

With the help of varnish, you can correct the shape of the nails. If, for example, they are wide, then the varnish must be applied so that there is little space around the edges. And only then you need to cover the nails with a fixative for varnish. This will add shine and keep the color of the varnish. If you have artistic talent, you can design nails, or use ready-made stickers and rhinestones.

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