Beautiful manicure for every day 2020

This article will tell and show what can be trendy manicure for every day in 2020 season. Get inspired by stylish ideas and choose your favorite!



A stylish nude palette can be advantageously beaten with the help of various topical techniques. This is a universal color scheme that looks perfect not only on long, but also on short nails. Among the undoubted advantages of such design you can also distinguish compatibility with any image, the absence of age restrictions, grooming and aesthetic appearance even as the plates grow.

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It is easy to diversify the nude coating with the help of trendy patterns. Flowers, twigs, inscriptions, abstractions and animalistic motifs can be used. It is advisable to highlight just a few nails as an accent.

Fashion manicure easy to create if you connect a brilliant decor to its creation. In 2020, foil, glitter and stones are most preferred. Just keep in mind that everyday design does not accept an abundance of brilliant decor – a sense of proportion is above all.


Nail design for every day in 2020 season is not at all against the addition of rubbing. Such a decorative technique looks most restrained and stylish with a cream and nude palette. Even without additional decor, this coating with the use of rubbing will delight with a self-sufficient and sophisticated design.


In the 2020 season, fashionistas deserve the attention of any embodiment of a checkered motif in manicure. For short plates, the minimalistic expression of this print with a simple intersection of thin lines is optimal. Average nail length can already inspire a more complex composition using several shades.


If you want to create an elegant manicure that will harmoniously fit into any everyday look and, if necessary, adjust to the evening set, you can pay attention to the good old jacket. It is worth noting that the classic French design in the 2020 season can change beyond recognition, because today any experiments with a smile are welcome, as well as combinations with other techniques and patterns.

[tds_warning]An interesting version of the jacket was seen at many fashion shows – it meant a classic beige or transparent base, combined with a bright smile. For example, in the trend there are variations with orange, yellow, blue and red frames.[/tds_warning]


Foil can take a worthy position in the design of everyday nail design. It is worth noting that this decor has turned into an unconditional trend 2020 season. Moreover, not only foil lines are in demand, but also abstract additions to the metallized decor. Looks great with these inserts. gentle nude manicure for every day in 2020 season.

With the approach of the warm season, many girls prefer to decorate marine motifs in an abstract or watercolor style in their manicure. In the 2020 season, this technique does not lose its relevance, but it is usually complemented by laconic foil accents.

Simply space

The space theme is not losing momentum in popularity in 2020, but now it is characterized by increased graphics and a desire for minimalism. Glitter scattering and the “cat’s eye” effect in characteristic shades faded into the background. They were replaced by laconic constellations and other thematic drawings in white on a dark plain background.


For everyday life, minimalist accents in manicure can be the best fit. They can be simple dots, lines, or geometric shapes. Such a design looks restrained, but at the same time it is not at all boring – the creative approach of fashionistas to creating minimalistic nail art is responsible for the latter. They are not afraid to experiment with the color and size of the drawings, and only benefit from it!


Modern trends in the world of nail art are actively calling for abandoning the total inlay with rhinestones and overall shine. But miniature stones with dosed use are only welcome. A win-win move is the placement of this decor on the basis of each nail in combination with a plain coating.

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Paint strokes

A stylish highlight of everyday manicure can be multi-colored strokes of paint, which are incredibly in demand in 2020. Such a decorative element is easy to implement even at home – for this you need to choose harmoniously combined shades of varnishes and imitate strokes with a flat dry brush. For the desired effect, you should make quick and confident movements.

If you appreciate the modern minimalist fashion trend, you can limit yourself to a few touches on a transparent background. A similar design will look advantageous even on nails of natural length.


The fashion trend for inscriptions in manicure is a great opportunity for a girl to express herself. In nail art, you can place words with a neutral meaning, or you can connect your imagination and place a motivational phrase or some kind of slogan on your nails. Moreover, it is not necessary to have artistic talent to implement this trend – most of the inscriptions in manicure today are only high-quality applied stickers.


If you want any of your everyday looks to look especially feminine and elegant, you should take care of the appropriate nail art. Any floral motifs in the 2020 season often take on a minimalist form. Flowers, twigs or buds, embodied in a translucent watercolor technique, will also look stylish.


Geometry – this is another stylish idea when decorating manicure for every day in 2020 season. The simplest expression of this style is concise dots and lines. Also, various geometric shapes and whole compositions can appear in fashionable design, which often involve brilliant accents.


A classic technique in manicure that has not lost its relevance for many years is the gradient transitions of shades. As part of everyday design, it is recommended to use smooth and soft color combinations. On long nails you can embody a harmonious tandem of 3 or more shades. For example, with the advent of spring, more and more fashionistas decide to create an ombre effect in a sunset or dawn palette. This design is the best suited not only for everyday life, but also for holidays.

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Transparent elements

Transparent inserts using the “negative space” technique can make any design stunningly fashionable. Such adjustments can be combined with almost any manicure – from strict abstraction or geometry to delicate floral motifs.

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