Beautiful manicure for every day 2022

Have you ever thought about how everyday manicure should be? Our today’s review will tell you what trends are characteristic of this nail segment in 2022-2023. Be sure to check them out if you want your nails to always look neat, in accordance with the environment. We will also list the most fashionable shades of the season that will be relevant for manicure for every day.



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Trendy colors for everyday nail art

The very concept of everyday manicure implies that the nails should not look too catchy. Therefore, a nude palette, along with a pastel one, will be an excellent choice. However, no one bothers to add a little color to the nail design. But the brightness should be subdued, noble, pleasing to the eye. Next, we list a few shades that fit these criteria.

  • Cream. Very delicate and beautiful color that will add softness to your image. Cream is not as cold as white and not as eye-catching, making it the perfect choice to complement everyday work looks.

  • Lavender. Super trendy color of the season 2022-2023. Moreover, it is so in demand at the present time that it can be used even in the cold season. Lavender manicure for every day is the standard of sophistication.


  • Peach. And again, an unobtrusive shade that will fit well into most modern looks. For everyday wear, especially in winter, choose a tone of peach that is closer to beige than orange.


  • Pale pink. Ideally, it can be a shade from the nude palette, or a little brighter. Even the most uncomplicated manicure in a pale pink color will help emphasize femininity, sophistication, and a slight charm of a fashionista.

  • pale blue. A color that has long been considered universal. It will successfully complement daily outfits, in which there is denim, a blue shirt, a blue tracksuit. It is very difficult to get tired of pale blue on nails.

  • Coffee. Manicure for every day-2022 in an appetizing coffee color is another nail hit of the current season. It will be especially relevant in the cold season. The shade of coffee is easy to perceive, appropriate in everyday looks.


  • Burgundy. Why not? After all, the shade of burgundy is also different. For everyday nail art, give preference to a lighter tone, for example, close to cherry. And no shiny decor in the design!

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Pale yellow, popular in 2022 milky, light gray, brick and amber, gray-blue will also be a good choice for a manicure for every day.

Design Ideas for Everyday Manicure 2022-2023

As you might guess, flashiness is out of place in everyday nail art. Therefore, try to curb your love for rhinestones, glitter, holographic foil, pixie crystals and other types of shiny decor. Conciseness should be the leitmotif of design for every day. Below are some examples.

  • plain. It is difficult to imagine something simpler. Monochrome manicure looks equally attractive in both light and dark colors. Choose a fashionable, saturated shade, cover your nails with it, if desired, fix everything on top with a matte top, and the design will already turn out to be self-sufficient.


  • Ombre and Gradient. We are all used to the fact that when applying an ombre design on nails, bright shades are used. Yes, it looks impressive, but they are completely optional. Color transitions made within the nude palette are very gentle and beautiful. What you need for every day!


  • Patterns and drawings in the style of minimalism. Manicure with this design looks good even on short nails. Perfectly it will fit into business everyday images. It is enough to depict a couple of lines on the nails, a small flower, a dot or a geometric figure. This is not flashy, and relevant in 2022.

  • Quail egg. A manicure for every day with small black dots imitating a quail shell, this is one of the most uncomplicated types of design. Small black dots are enough to “splash” on a solid color coating to get the desired result.

  • stamping. If you want to see a manicure with a pattern on your hands every day, but you don’t have time to display something interesting, turn to stamping. You can choose any pattern, depending on personal preferences and the environment. It is best to apply drawings in white or silver.


  • With thin metal stripes. Of the novelties for everyday manicure, we can offer thin strips that imitate wire. Nail art with this design looks especially expensive and sophisticated on long nails. And it is also one of the most popular and simple techniques for winter manicure 2022-2023.

  • Classic and unusual french. You can’t do without classics in our selection. Casual French designs can be done traditionally, with a straight white stripe highlighting the smile line, or more intricate. For example, you can depict smudges of paint on the nails, which is also fashionable this winter.


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If you are more interested in a festive manicure, for example, for the New Year 2023, then you can learn about it from this review.

Fashionable everyday manicure-2022 is stylish, modern and elegant. We hope that the photos presented in our review will help you choose the right design for yourself.

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