Beautiful manicure for oval nails 2023

Nails that are smoothly rounded from the points of growth are one of the most popular forms this season. The oval lends itself to the most daring design options, perfectly harmonizes with monochrome and multi-color combinations, ideal for matte monochrome. We show ideas of winter and summer stylish manicure for oval nails-2023.



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Fashion manicure trends in 2023

Neat oval nails one hundred percent fit into the concept of naturalness, femininity, elegance, which occupies a strong position in fashion design and other fashion segments. The oval is as close as possible to natural outlines. It is universal, therefore it suits everyone, it can be easily corrected, and with proper processing it eliminates unpleasant force majeure situations in case of touching thin tights and other wardrobe items.



We talk about win-win combinations in oval nail art.

  • With an image. A monochromatic coating of delicate, soothing shades is decorated with floral patterns made with gel polish. Flowers are most appropriate in spring and summer. In the top watercolor technique. Saturation can be achieved by adding black. On long nails, roses made with the help of rubbing and foil are relevant. Manicure for short oval nails-2023 also does not cancel floristry. Refined twigs, leaves, buds are suitable for this image. In a word, something concise and neat.


  • Matte blue. A stunning duo occurs when matte is combined with shine. To do this, use silver or golden stripes. Streamlined chaotic lines are in fashion. Manicure is perfect for winter time. The monochrome design looks stylish and concise, without disturbing the beauty with unnecessary decorative elements. When choosing a calm blue, nail art can be worn everyday without fear of breaking the office dress code. If there is no desire to make all nails the same type, add gloss as an accent. It looks great in tandem with a matte texture.


  • Red with rhinestones. A chic finish needs a radiant addition. There is some mystery in a manicure with rhinestones and stones. Decoration is placed at the base of the nail plate or diagonally – this is the trend. However, remember that with the red color you need to be extremely careful. Incorrectly selected colors lead to the effect of aging. Dark burgundy shades are more suitable for brunettes, light blonds and blondes should focus on red with a pink tint.


  • Elegant classic. The classic style in 2023 is also not complete without sparkles, this is its main “highlight”. A novelty is French-style nail art with a smile line highlighted with sparkles. The gradient rubbing, made in milky tones, is not inferior to it in popularity. Creative design options help to create a metal thread located along the inner edge or horizontally in the middle of the nail plate.

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  • Color french. Suitable for oval on short, medium and long nails. A beautiful multi-colored French manicure is done both with decor and without. An unusual result is obtained when a jacket is combined with an ombre in one design. Color transitions can go, including along the edge of the nail. Among the additional nail ideas for a colored jacket are rubbing, foil, acrylic powder. Design elements of the painting – floristry, abstraction, geometry.

  • Nude. The main condition is the maximum proximity to flesh tones. Nude manicure for oval nails-2023 involves mixing pink and brown in unequal proportions. In this case, the degree of skin tanning must be taken into account. Nail experts recommend not to stop at monodesign. The trend is to mix several techniques in one performance. The velvet matte canvas is refreshed with rhinestones, foil and sparkles. On a gray, beige and cream background, leopard stripes look creative. “Predatory” prints are created not only with the help of drawings, but also with special adhesive tapes.


  • Various pens. This option makes it possible to emphasize individuality. Universal nail art with a plain coating. It fits perfectly into many images – from business to evening. Restrained shades are in trend – gray with yellow, milky with pink. For those who prefer bolder options, neon blue, deep blue, red and burgundy are available. “Different handles” with French elements are in fashion. A combined, unfinished “smile” or a moon line, made in a variety of color combinations, is what you need for a fun youth nail art.

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A classic jacket will also help to focus on the oval shape. Other trendy design options: – ombre with sequins, typography with inscriptions and letters, berry and fruit themes, geometric patterns.

Types of manicure for oval nails-2023 are shown in the photo. Photos will help you orient yourself and focus on a specific painting, adding a touch of individuality to nail trends. If in doubt about the choice, contact an experienced master. Your imagination, combined with the practical knowledge of a specialist, will make your nails fashionable, the skin of your hands will be chic, and your mood will be wonderful.

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