Beautiful manicure for the New Year 2019

A beautiful manicure for the New Year 2019 will allow you to look flawless to the tips of your nails on the most magical night of the year. Our photo selection of current designs announces the marathon of preparation for your favorite holiday open! Choose the most magnificent nail art, charge yourself with the New Year’s atmosphere and look forward to the festive props!

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Length and shape

Fashion trends solemnly announce the most relevant average length of nails. This is not only beautiful, but also a very practical solution. An unimaginable length will not cling to a festive outfit and spoil the mood.

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As for the most trendy form, the leadership position belongs to smooth rounded outlines – almond and oval.


If you are a fan of spectacular sharp nails, you can deviate a little from fashion rules. Everything is possible this New Year!Interesting: Fashion watches 2019

Current palette

From year to year, the palette of fashionable shades for festive design remains almost unchanged. Success was won by such exclusively New Year’s colors as:

  • red;

  • blue;

  • burgundy;

    Burgundy color is suitable for girls of all ages

  • gold and silver;

Silver will help create a truly festive manicure.

  • emerald;

  • purple.

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A classic black or white color can be a wonderful background for your creativity.


If you want to appease the symbol of the coming year and win his favor for the whole of 2019, get a manicure in his favorite palette. The Yellow Earth Pig has a yellow mood color this time. It is noteworthy that the whole range of yellow shades will be relevant: from lemon to gold and pear. Also, any natural tones are held in high esteem: brown, dark green and orange.

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cheerful yellow

Manicure in yellow tones is a fresh and extraordinary solution that diversifies the usual New Year’s designs. Thanks to the pig for such a non-trivial idea!

The family of yellow shades will look appropriate in a variety of manicure techniques, and our photo selection is an excellent proof of this.

Particular attention should be paid to choosing the right shade, because yellow is a rather insidious and controversial color. So, if you have fair skin, you’d better choose cold tones. For swarthy beauties, on the contrary, we recommend rich warm shades of yellow.

Ode to the symbol of the year

You can conquer a cute pig with a manicure with her own image. Such a sign of attention will definitely not leave her indifferent, and she will thank you with happiness and good luck for the whole next year.

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However, it does not consist of covering every nail with an artistic illustration with a piglet at its head. 1-2 accents will be enough.


Cute option for New Year’s manicure

cute snowflakes

Adorable snowflakes will always be a great idea for a Christmas-inspired design. Their main feature is that even a beginner in manicure can handle drawing.

The most elementary technique will require you to only take a few seconds to design each nail. You just need to drop a little varnish in the selected center of the snowflake and draw beautiful rays in different directions. Well, isn’t it lovely?

Velvet sand

Another idea for a memorable manicure for the New Year 2019 is the use of velvet sand.

How about full coverage of folk nails? Or do you prefer drawings and monograms with a velvety texture on a matte or glossy finish?

Drawing competition

New Year’s nail design is simply obliged to cheer you up and have you ready for the holiday. With such a responsible task, thematic drawings will do the best:

  • Christmas trees;
  • Santa Claus;
  • snowdrifts;
  • deer;
  • chimes;
  • snowmen;
  • fireworks;
  • glasses of champagne;
  • Christmas decorations.

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Interesting! You can burst into 2019 with a wish or motto on one of your nails. Firstly, any inscriptions are an absolute must-have in the world of nail art trends. And secondly, such a serious attitude doubles your chances of fulfilling your cherished dream or a happy next year.


We have collected for you a photo selection of the most atmospheric and fashionable designs with drawings. You just have to choose the best idea, arm yourself with brushes and nail polishes and start creating real New Year’s masterpieces.

French lessons

The modern rhythm of life encourages many ladies to start their work duties in the first days of January. This circumstance should definitely not become an obstacle to beautiful nail art. On the contrary, this will be the best reason to make an elegant and discreet jacket in its festive version.

A strict dress code will not be against a laconic decor, a brilliant smile, artistic painting or stamping in addition to the classic version of the French manicure. In our opinion, this is the best combination of elegance and practicality!

Chic and shine

If you have plans to strike everyone on the spot this New Year’s Eve, connect a brilliant decor for your festive manicure. For the most dramatic designs, there is nothing better than glitter, shimmer, kafifubuki and yuca flakes. It’s fashionable, festive and flawless!

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Luxury rhinestones

The most beautiful manicure for the New Year should be a priori luxurious. And rhinestones are the best solution to achieve this effect. Only festive design allows full inlay, and fashionistas actively use this. However, it is better to make a similar emphasis on 1-2 nails so that the manicure does not overload the image as a whole.

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A win-win option is rhinestones in the form of an ornament or pattern. For short nails, small stones are preferred, and the longer than average length literally offers a large field for experimentation.


Rhinestones in all their splendor will be appropriate even in a concise and conservative manicure. They have a super ability to set festive accents and not go beyond restraint. Even a monochromatic coating looks like a New Year, you just need to add shiny stones on the nails to it.

metal accents

The trend for decorating with gold and silver in manicure confidently holds its positions from season to season and definitely does not intend to give them up in the coming 2019.

The effect of a scattering of precious metals is created using small glitter or larger sparkles. If you have a silver or gold lacquer, its finest hour has definitely come! Use it as a great top coat or as a finishing touch.

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Also a good solution would be to create bewitching patterns using shiny powder. Beauty, and more!


Any experiments on contrasts are welcome. For example, metallic motifs look chic on a black or transparent background.

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Note! Golden elements are perfectly combined with a warm and rich base, and…

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