Beautiful manicure for Valentine’s Day 2023

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day came to us from Western culture, many people fell in love with it. Especially for the youth. To please their loved ones, girls think over a romantic evening look for a date. And, of course, every fashionista wants it to be perfect. Particular attention should be paid to the nails. Nail art, made in the recognizable style of the holiday, will cheer you up and help you get in the right mood. What manicure can be done for Valentine’s Day 2023? The editors of the “Fashionable Lady” prepared ideas for an interesting design.


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Matching nail polish colors for Valentine’s Day

Beautifully decorated nails before a festive date will add extra charm to your look. And on this day, you can safely turn to the brightest shades of red and pink. If you eschew excessive flashiness, choose other, more restrained tones from the palettes, because they are very extensive. As an example, below are a few suitable color options for nail design.


  • crimson;
  • purple;
  • Red Rose;
  • pomegranate;
  • carmine;
  • fuchsia;
  • scarlet;
  • ruby.



  • cherry buds;
  • salmon;
  • blush;
  • beige red;
  • dusty pink;
  • pale lilac;
  • lavender pink;
  • white.


Nail art for Valentine’s Day, made in any of the above shades, will perfectly complement the festive look and help you attract the attention of the chosen one. The main thing is not to be afraid of either pink or red. Even the most catchy colors with the skillful presentation of the master on the nails will look gentle and elegant.


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You can safely make a festive design on short nails. To do this, pick up gentle or vice versa deep shades of varnishes. Complete them with unobtrusive decor.


Valentine’s Day Nail Art Design Ideas

It is quite difficult to make a completely new, most unusual manicure for February 14, 2023, because the topic is somewhat limited. Here we need specific drawings and design, sustained in a recognizable style. And yet we will try to offer you as many interesting, although perhaps a little banal ideas as possible.


  • With hearts. Well, where without them on the most romantic day of the year? Hearts are the symbol of this beautiful holiday. They mean affection and without words help to talk about love. Little “valentines” painted on nails are the simplest and at the same time the most logical design that you can think of. You can limit yourself to one heart, displayed on a nude background, or a scattering of miniature hearts on all fingers.


  • With inscriptions. Another suitable nail design that will suit absolutely all fashionistas. On the nails, you can write a declaration of love in Russian, English or any other language. Or, to please the chosen one, print his name. You can limit yourself to just the initials of your names, if you want to keep the intrigue for others. The inscriptions can be combined with drawings in one design, or be the only manicure decoration.


  • With cartoon drawings. Festive nail art may well be made with drawings. This is where you should let your imagination run wild. Angels, bear cubs, painted boy and girl, flowers, kittens and puppies, birds, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, as well as other animals and characters drawn in a cartoon style, will add a little mischief to the image and will cheer up not only you, but also the man near. On long nails, you can also depict the heroes of the chewing gum “Love Is”.


  • With rhinestones. A fashionable manicure with rhinestones is what you need if you are waiting for a gala romantic dinner for two in an expensive restaurant or in a country villa. The sparkle of crystals will add charm and mystery to your evening bow. Choose white rhinestones to match a diamond ring you might be given, or ruby ​​rhinestones to highlight your passion. Manicure for Valentine’s Day with rhinestones is a real chic.


  • With kisses. Another uncomplicated and beautiful design that will successfully fit into the romantic atmosphere of the holiday. For example, on nails covered with pink or white varnish, you can apply images of kissing lips using stamping. Or use regular stickers – this will further simplify the process of creating a design. Also, lips can be laid out with multi-colored kamifubuki, pixie crystals or miniature rhinestones.


  • with sequins. This nail design is suitable for any occasion, whether it’s an ordinary date at the cinema or gatherings in a cozy cafe. Sequins look less solemn and pretentious than rhinestones, so girls can safely decorate their nails with them on Valentine’s Day. Silver glitter will be combined very beautifully with red and pink. It can be applied to one or two nails in addition to the main design.


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Owners of long nails in the form of almonds, ovals or squares generally can not limit their imagination in any way, because they have a huge scope for creativity.

manikjur-na-14-fevralja-na-long nails


In today’s review, we shared photos and design ideas for manicure for February 14, 2023. We hope that the presented options for festive nail art will appeal to you. And, of course, we wish each of our readers boundless and bright love!

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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